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When are most Shrimperzones going to wake up and smell the coffee

Somerset Ex-TTB

Oct 30, 2003
Before I start this is not an anti Tilly thread, nor a sack the manager / board rant either. What I want to do is to open a discussion regarding the current state of the club and the direction it is going in.

I have been supporting the club since 1986, so I am not one of the new fan's that is spoilt by success, and I am not just writing this due to last night or our recent poor run of results.

I remember a time when John Main was in charge, and someone came out of the club with a comment of "eight through the gate".

This was the magical attendance figure required for the club to break even in those days. Everybody laughed and said we would never get that many, as attendances were probably only 4500 on a good day.

Then we were a small club, with attendances around the average for a mid-table / top half League two club, and probably under achieving a little, but a flirt with the play-offs in League 2 would probably have been acceptable.

Then along came Tilly, Ron Martin etc. and they performed miracles, and within five years changed the size and stature of the club, overtaking around 25 clubs and rising up the football league ladder, and everything was rosy.

Our attendance have been over that 8000 mark for the past 4 years, and are currently the 50th highest in the country. That means there are also 41 clubs with in theory less resources than us.

A lot of people on this forum are still stuck in the John Main days, and likewise a lot of people want Tilly to be sacked every time we conceed a goal.

I am getting sick and tired of the debate between the two sets of fans on the board, like a epic battle between good and evil, with anyone who dares say something bad about the club and the team immediately get shot down in flames by the we are still a small little League two club brigade.

I do not think that we have a divine right to be successful, and we all know that football goes in cycles. We have had a good spell, and are probably at the start of a poor one, the trick is to make the good ones a lot longer than the bad. After a spell of success it does take a while to adjust and to accept defeat in a better manner than many show on here, or at the ground when abusing players.

Probably the only thing that people on this forum can agree on is that the defence does not work. Barrett and Clarke are not an ideal partnership, and have not been for 2 and a half seasons. Yet it was a decison by the clubs management to not purchase a commanding central defender in the summer.

How many other clubs in the football league, and probably even the top of the non league pyramid, only have 4 defenders in a squad by choice?

Francis, Clarke, Barrett and Sankofa..........thats it.

One of those is an untried youngster, and we have one other youngster coming through in Herd.

OK, so one defender on loan is OK, but that still leaves us short, as 6 is no where near enough when 2 of them are youngsters.

We all know that midfield is also a problem, and its the same one as the defence. Too few players, by the choice of the management at the start of the season.

Betsy, Moussa, McCorrmack and Grant............

Again this is a choice of the management of the club, and I know that we lost Bailey and Gower, but neither of those were unexpected.

We have had a sucession of loan players in midfield, some successful, some not, yet none of this has helped the balance of the side.

Yet all these decisions have been made by the management. Why oh why have we only done short term loans, and not season long ones?

Now I dont advocate sacking Tilly at all, however I am concerned by these decisions regarding the team that have been taken in the past year.

Either what players we have a being paid far too much, or we are really really really short of cash.

I just want to raise the point, why a lot of people on here seem to have their head stuck in the sand regarding the club at the moment, but I guess I am going to get some bad rep for criticising our beloved management team.

We all know that this season is as good as over, and we are more likely to end up in a relegation battle than a push for the play-offs, but hey thats football.

Its the reasons behind everything that I am concerned about.