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  1. Tommy2holes

    Next season

    What needs to happen next season to move the club on again? I know we could still have a shot at the play offs but we don't deserve to and frankly we haven't beaten average opposition the last few games. Any teams in the play offs would destroy us on present form. I think the following need...
  2. callan

    The EU Referendum

    Despite being a keen advocate of leaving the EU, I have yet to see from either in or out Camps a firm vision of what the UK will look like further down the road, if we stay or go. What are our political parties plans should exit go ahead?....or indeed if we stay (more political integration...
  3. TrueBlue

    Classic scam emails

    My honorable friend, Sorry for intruding your privacy, I am Barrister Coetzee Viljoen from S.C.P.M.A law firm in Lome, Republic of Togo and an Attorney at Law and acted as a personal advocate to (late) Engr. Daubert, a citizen of your country who lived and worked here in Togo, for many years...
  4. Tommy2holes

    playing devils advocate

    Playing devils advocate about our current goal drought. Maybe we have a management team which hasnt got the nous to give the team creativity in the final 3rd. Is it possible that we we need is a striker coach to come in and start working on improving our play in the final third and in...
  5. Question Essex Senior Cup - Team Choices

    Essex Senior Cup tomorrow evening, just a thought, what would you prefer, to use this as yet another confidence boosting exercise for the 'first team', or give some of the youngsters a run out to see if they may be anywhere near ready? As you may be able to tell by this - and my other posts - I...
  6. Question When is the act of killing children 'evil' and when is it not?

    Do you think that it is interesting how certain events result in a violent public reaction compared to others? For instance when you break it down Philpott killed 6 children by accident in an attempt to achieve his goals. He is rightly found guilty of manslaughter. There is public outrage...
  7. Kevin Hogg

    Devils Advocate..

    Whilst confident in Luggy and the lads...what if?? We draw or, god forbid, lose the re-arranged game at that park with a pitch. Miss out on promotion by...say 1 point? Having been 1-0 up, Shots down to 10 and struggling?? Yet Aldershot Town were unable to complete a football match on the due...
  8. CocklesShrimps&Whiteweed

    Why I loved tonight.

    Well..., apart from the solid team performance and one or two great individual displays it was the first time in (my) living memory when West Ham fans didn't clearly outnumber Shrimpers fans at Roots Hall. They were outnumbered and outsung. Those who know me will know that I'm not an advocate of...
  9. Sherif H

    Speedway - Get Stephen Fry to a Speedway meeting! (please humour me and read :D)

    This weekend, the biggest Speedway event in the World - the British GP, took place at the Millennium Stadium without so much as a whisper in the National Press, such is the status of the sport these days in Britain. Speedway's promotion is dull, misguided and ineffective - Have a bit of fun...
  10. J

    Ron Martin should be heckled...

    for the whole 90 minutes tomorrow. Why's that? Firstly, the man's a pratt. Secondly, he is solely responsible for this season, and he should know how the players / fans feel. I advocate and condone any person who wishes to give Martin a piece of their mind, and i urge everyone to do so, in...
  11. pickledseal

    Sacked for helping 'the poor'

    The Bank of America fired 23 year-old Jackie Ramos of Fairburn, Georgia for breaking with bank policy to help desperate customers find a way to pay back their debts and avoid penalty fines. Listening to her explanation for her actions, I want to say that I would join a bank employing people like...
  12. Somerset Ex-TTB

    When are most Shrimperzones going to wake up and smell the coffee

    Before I start this is not an anti Tilly thread, nor a sack the manager / board rant either. What I want to do is to open a discussion regarding the current state of the club and the direction it is going in. I have been supporting the club since 1986, so I am not one of the new fan's that is...
  13. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Chris Powell

    Fighting Talk on Radio 5 Live has a segment called Defending the Indefensible where pundits or comedians (note Mark Lawrensen the two are separate) are given an outrageous statement that they have to somehow justify for 30 seconds of airtime. Now I've always fancied my chances of playing devil's...
  14. No Platform Policy

    My Uni union is currently debating whether or not to renew its ' No Platform Policy' and just wondered what other people's views were on the topic A quick wiki search will fill in any gaps for those who haven't heard of it before, but basically it is a piece of legislation that prevents...
  15. Clinton Baptiste

    Maher- would you consider selling him??

    I am not necessarily saying I would advocate this but Mahers recent performances have been woeful, to me he looks like his heart is no longer in it. Accomodating him in the team and pushing Macca out wide has been a failed tactic and Tilly must realise our best performances this season have been...
  16. Pitch Invasion On Saturday

    I notice that in todays echo, there is a small piece tucked awya regarding saturday after the game, now as you all know I am a advocate of pitch invasions, but as for this saturday, I dont see the point, unless of course its to try and get to some of the players that have underperformed!! and...
  17. fbm

    What's the real reason?

    Todays defeat hurt. Not because it was against Col U, although there are no doubt some on here that think that if we only won 2 games all season as long as they were against Col U then that would be ok. It hurt because of the stage of the season we are at and the importance of those three...
  18. The Flying Scotsman

    Man U fans in home end

    Some valid points from locked threads for continued discussion: TFS Smiffy Stickyboy Smiffy Joolz Spanish Numpty Spanish Numpty HKB Joolz TFS
  19. DTS

    Southend's Biggest Judas

    Many of the more educated people on this board will tell you there is no such thing as a "Judas" in football. After all its a short career and they have got to make as much as they can in a short space of time. I however am far more childish than that and I expect all the players to love the...
  20. DTS

    Football on a Sunday

    )Just in the process of doing a mortgage for an Italian bloke at the moment. Mad Inter fan. Anyway was talking about football and I was demostrating my complete lack of interest in Italian football when a good point cropped up. He said he is annoyed as he has to work on a Saturday and doesn't...