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Southend's Biggest Judas

Southend's Biggest Judas -

  • Barry Fry

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  • Nathan Jones

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  • Carl Hutchings

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  • Leon Constantine

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  • Mark "Premiership soon" Rawle

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  • Justin Edinburgh

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  • No such things as a Judas

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  • Other - Please state

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The Business
Oct 25, 2003
In a world of my own.
Many of the more educated people on this board will tell you there is no such thing as a "Judas" in football. After all its a short career and they have got to make as much as they can in a short space of time.

I however am far more childish than that and I expect all the players to love the club and feel they have reached the peak of their careers.

I would like to clarify my definition of a "Judas". I have no issues with anyone moving upwards to better themselves (Austin, Angell, Cort etc). Also no problems with players that take a sideways move to a much bigger club (Collymore, Prior, Powell) - Good luck to em I say. I would do the same.

My real issue is with people that make sound bites about how much they love SUFC only to clear off at the first chance for no better prospects other than a few £.

All the above have been classed as a Judas by some sections at some point in their career. Brief outlines below.

FRY - Total sell out despite claiming to love SUFC. Also robbed us of Constantine. No claims with moving to sleeping giants that are Brum just way he did it that hurt. Playing devils advocate he is the one "Judas" who went to a much bigger club. Still hate him now personally. So much so I spat on his car windscreen at Roots Hall last season.

JONES - Player of season sold out for a few £ more for a sideways move to Brighton.

HUTCHINGS - Left for downwards move to poxy Orient. Slagged club off in press and then got mouthy when in safety of Birdbrain road.

CONSTANTINE - Claimed he was desperate to sign a new deal with us in May, left in June and Tilly revealed he had been hoaring himself about since Xmas to the highest bidder.

RAWLE - On A127 to sign a new deal with SUFC only to turn around and go to Oxford. In fairness to him he never slagged of the club or over celebrated when he scored at the Hall.

EDINBURGH - No problems with him going to Spurs as a cracking move. My issue is he slatted the club in the press after leaving calling us "amatuers".

Your thought on this one please.