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  1. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's SUFC Hall of Fame - Steve Tilson

    The SZ SUFC Hall of Fame has high standards. It's exclusivity can be judged by the high calibre of those individuals who fell just short: the likes of Paul Sansome, David Crown, Ricky Otto and Ian Benjamin were great but not quite great enough. Indeed even Paul Clark and Ron Pountney only made...
  2. Tommy2holes

    Anyone else have that feeling again?

    I said to a couple of mates yesterday that this feels very similar to the feeling I had when Tilly came in. CP loves this club. The fans love CP and all in all i think we may be in for another fairytale adventure. Of course this could amount to nothing, but i don't think so. Let's see where...
  3. Mr Chris Phillips and SUFC

    Now, before today i thought give him the benefit of the doubt, is he just an excited writer blah blah blah. But after reading todays echo i think the bloke is just really trying to stir the **** up between club and supporters. Most of you who have read his article will understand this point of...
  4. sufc_tom


    Tilly is currently at the Cliffs Pavillion tonight for the King Edmunds awards evening. Handing out the awards etc. I haven't been told much about what mum, dad and sister asked him, but apparently Huddersfield might be signing another player soon for around £1million! Not SUFC I gathered from...
  5. weststander

    Why do we have to spend money to be successful ???

    I am getting a little concerned about all these people that want us to 'splash the cash' this summer. I'm not really bothered that we havent and have just taken a look at the last successful squad we had and what they cost us....... Flahaven - Free Jupp - Free Wilson - Free Prior...
  6. Meet the blues update

    Pretty poor really, meet tilly at 10 and meet players from 12 noon, whilst you are waiting bounce on a bouncy castle and have your face painted. None of the usual stuff then watching players training session then watch a charity game etc. Not sure the youth tournament is that exicting to...
  7. overseas shrimper

    Tilly could be off

    Heard from Joey (the golfer in Malta) that Tilly / Ron have been approached regarding the vacant SZFC second team managers job. It seems that they have more to spend in the transfer market and they are not going into administration. Thanks for all the work, Tilly. :(
  8. sufc_tom


    I just told my dad about Theo joing 'Udders. And he told me that one of his mates was talking Tilly and told him that we have no money, so it will be either loans (long or short) or players on frees.
  9. CC51DAS

    Do we expect too much from Tilly and Brush ?

    Some say that they got lucky with Freddy and without his goals we would have acheived nothing. Clearly an over-simplification as without the influence of Spinner and the Goat , plus King Kev and Flavs at the top of their game, we could still be languishing in League Two. Instead, T+B have...
  10. leeblue


    We currently have two trialists at the club, lets just say tilly likes the look of them and signs the pair of em, that would be left back and centre back sorted just a winger away from a decent squad IMO, you see the glass can be half full too peeps
  11. fbm

    Imaginary conversations... or are they?

    Date - 1st July. Venue - Tilly's bedroom. The alarm goes off at 7 am. ST: <yawn> Ah well, another day another dollar. To be fair, it is the start of a new contract year. I wonder if Brushy has sorted out our new players. Better ring and find out. <Dials Brushies number. Phone rings for...
  12. DTS

    Today is the day.....1 July

    As all the contracts end 30th June then techically I guess we can now actually sign anyone on a bosman that we wanted. Maybe Tilly has a few up his sleeve. I was told that we had signed a winger from Yeovil on a bosman and it would be announced today but wether that is true or not I dont...
  13. maninasuitcase

    Southend's next manager?

    If Tilly were to leave, and I don't think he will, and I don't want him to, who will Martin appoint as our new manager? It's not who you want, but who you think RM will appoint. I reckon he'll go for a manager out of work, and I'd guess it will be Martin Ling.
  14. Tilly = MK Dons

    With di matteo expected to go to WBA, will MK Dons once again renew their interest in Mr T and the brush. We do know they enquired when Ince left but Ron shut that door rather quickly. But with no money and constantly scrapping around for players will Tilly want a chat with Winkleman this...
  15. hindle_666

    list of 8 released arsenal reserves.

    maybe tilly and brush will be taken a look at these? http://www.arsenal.com/news/reserves-news/four-youngsters-turn-pro-while-eight-depart a couple looked good in carling cup last season
  16. Calvin Candie

    Tilson is after Paul huntingdon

    Paul Huntingdon Leeds defender.Tilly is after him
  17. Rusty Shackleford

    Isn't it a little disappointing?

    I know there's still six weeks or so until the start of the season, but isn't it a little disappointing that there is only one thread on the front page of the Chit-Chat forum relating to a possible new player (Lee Sawyer)? At this stage of the off-season shouldn't we have a few possibilities and...
  18. Question Moussa LW or CM?

    According to the OS, Tilly isn't sure what to do with him. He doesn't know whether to keep him on the LW or push him back to CM. Clearly not a winger, and doesn't have the same impact playing out wide IMO. The midfield would probably benefit having Moussa playing CM and trying to adopt the...
  19. BoyWonder2

    No Money? No need...

    I keep reading on here people talking about making money available for Tilson's transfer fund, and people arguing there is no money available but do we really need to spend any money on transfer fees during this transfer window? The reason I ask this is when you look at each individual position...
  20. Breaking News Theo is not signing!

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~1698538,00.html Shame, but at least Tilly is concentrating on a defender