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  1. Some bitter Daggers fans.

    http://www.daggersforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4373&start=0 Funny really, most of what they're saying about us could be said about them and their poxy ground...
  2. londonblue

    Chicken Pox

    My eldest (he's 3) has chicken pox and is in a lot of discomfort. Anyone got any tips to stop him itching? Whilst you're at it, anyone got any tips to prevent my little one (2) catching it? (We go on holiday in a couple of weeks and it's now touch and go. We had to cancel last year's holiday...
  3. OldBlueLady

    Poxy Equality and Human Rights rubbish!

    A report that has this as its opening sentence The human rights of terrorists, illegal immigrants and gypsies should all be given better protection in the UK is always going to get reactions from those of us with more right wing tendencies. What about the human rights of the rest of us? Are...
  4. Benfleet A1

    References, Wages and P45s

    Due to this poxy ressesion and a few other bits and bobs I have had to put the Motorcycle Recovery on hold and attempt to get out of this hellhole that is work. Now I have an interview coming up in the very near future and I am quietly convident of landing the post. Vastly better money, hours...
  5. Yorkshire Blue


    We're third in the league and I've never felt so disenfranchised with Southend United. I just can't connect with the air of entitlement and expectation that surrounds the place. Maybe I'm stuck in the past - whilst I still attend every home game I've been exiled for a decade and a half - but...
  6. pickledseal


    Says I need to tell my admin their plugin is old.... ;) --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.552318,0.804561
  7. TrueBlue

    Personal Add

    Right getting bored of being single now so with that in mind any woman fancy a go on a man with a stomach that's a petrol tank for a love machine and 17 stone to ram it home with - message me!!!!! I like football and cheese on toast I dislike socialism Need to find a good woman before I have...
  8. ldnfatso

    Facebook likes link

    Was that on each page of each thread before the last upgrade? Every time i click on a new page now this poxy thing does strange things to my page for about 5 seconds moving it up and down quite rapidly. Most strange and annoying, is anybody else getting this? I'm on Google Chrome before you ask.
  9. leeblue

    Is it time for mass protests

    with RM blatanly running the club into oblivion is it time to act? I have up until very recently been of the belief that things were going to be ok, but the truth is we are up the creek, we are not even allowed to sign a single player, we are going to watch the yoof team running about getting...
  10. southend4ever

    Poxy Tripadvisor!

    I've been searching for weeks on end for a holiday. The Mrs and I are after a relaxing beach holiday. She is a student and is on a tight budget. The exchange rate of the Euro is still bad. Therefore, we have gone down the route of All Inclusive holidays. I have been on these before and I am...
  11. Benfleet A1

    A Pig 36 Hours

    We all get them, we all have those days when you wish you could turn back the clock and stay in bed but where would be the fun in that. I knew it was coming because I had prior warning that there was no cover for sunday night and I had already been asked to help out. Not a major problem, I...
  12. southend4ever


    Has anyone else got an addiction to roulette? I have no doubt lost lots of money on the poxy wheel over the years! Yet the buzz you get from hitting your number still attracts me back. I don't have a particular strategy and my favourite numbers have changed over the years. Yet I persist in...
  13. TrueBlue

    I got the balls

    Move on Tilson just because everybody else is blinded by the gormless muddling through every season I poxy well ain't this club needs changes from top to bottom some of you on here need the balls to stand up and say shen things ain't right and now is that time I would rather stab myself in the...
  14. Interpol Shrimper

    Poor quality Christmas Lights

    Right that's IT!!! After buying 3 sets of Xmas lights for outside last year and taking them all back to Tesco as they didn't even survive being put up (that's quite a HIGH quality Made in China product, not!!!) I thought this year I would both be prepared by buying a set now while there are...
  15. Smiffy

    Block W next season - Please join us!

    It has been confirmed, that Block W in the West Stand, will be the official Blue Voice section next season. As most of you know, this has been our adopted home since formation a little over a year ago now. Now, this isn't our preferred base, we all know where that is! But it is the best...
  16. OldBlueLady

    Blackberry alarm call

    Anyone know how to turn off a poxy wake up alarm on a Blackberry PLEASE? Guess who forgot to turn it off yesterday and it's now driving me mad!!!! :madman: I can stop it mid tone, but don't know how to "dismiss" it and it's going off every minute or so!
  17. your worst jobs !!

    in terms of since you left school. back in the 70s most people could qiut their job walk up the road and find another. at 16 worked in a glue factory the stench was hideous and i managed to stay in this job for...........35 minutes!!! at 16 worked in the local shoe factory,so boring it...
  18. Davros

    Question The Flight debate..

    Away from the issue of the credit crunch, there is another burning debate that i feel can be ignited on the SZ front... With airline charging more and more for add on's, is it about time a persons weight should be considered when booking a flight? I understand this is an area, which in todays...

    Battle of the Sitcoms - Round Two (Heat 3)

    After yesterdays rather one sided affairs we have a couple PAUSE FOR POXY FIRE ALARM - STANDING OUTSIDE IN THE P!SSING RAIN FOR HALF AN HOUR !!!!!! - a couple of closely matched shows today First up I'm Alan Partridge (seany t) vs Steptoe and Son (canveyshrimper) Both favourites of mine...
  20. GIBBO

    It gets really under my skin!

    Last fridays game I couldnt go as I finished at 7... anyway Went down to my local inn on the green in Stanford to watch the game... Fair play they had it on however they wouldnt allow the sound on instead they played the jukebox thumping 'RnB' which I cant stand this lasted for about 10 mins...