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Jul 13, 2008
Little Oakley
Prudhoe - Fat, useless
RB Beard - ****
LB Malone - pony
CB Morley - utter gash
CB Coleman - slow, crap, bald
RM JCR - pointless
CM Sawyer - knob
CM Bailey - ginger ****
LM Houghton - loads of ability but stuck in pub/chip shop
CF Paynter - awful
CF Harrold - ginger **** always scores against us. ****
Jun 22, 2009
Loughton - the only way is Orange!
Prudhoe - Fat, useless
RB Beard - ****
LB Malone - pony
CB Morley - utter gash
CB Coleman - slow, crap, bald
RM JCR - pointless
CM Sawyer - knob
CM Bailey - ginger ****
LM Houghton - loads of ability but stuck in pub/chip shop
CF Paynter - awful
CF Harrold - ginger **** always scores against us. ****

some on this may have been pony in our shirt but JCR, Bailey and Paynter play at higher level and Harrold has a decent record.

Rob Noxious

Retro Supremo⭐
Oct 23, 2008
GK - Southall - a legend in his early days but by the time he reached us was fat, old, useless and kept Royce out of the team. Total waste of time and money having him on loan.

DEF - Ramsey - one of my first memories of watching in the 80's was how utter sh*te he was. Amazingly enough, my O's supporting Uncle (family so we will let him off) absolutely rated him!
DEF - Peter Gilbert - absolute toilet as many people on hear already know
DEF - Kerrea Gilbert - must be that surname - hyped up as he played for Arsenal and was absolute pony. I would rate Mark Hone above him he was that bad
DEF - Malone - weighed about 5 stone and nicknamed piggy by the people around me - was the worst in long line of cr*p loan left backs we had for a few seasons, most annoying thing was he looked pretty useful when he returned last season (can't remember with which club though)

MID - Connelly - had one great half against Brighton i think in a whole season that he managed to stay in the side, rest of it absolute gash. Always seemed to be pointing at the ball without ever going near it.
MID - Bailey - any admiration or respect i had for him was lost when he got JFC sent off in his first return to the Hall after leaving.
MID - Soares - another one who managed to have a run in the side without ever producing anything. Waste of time, I even preferred Zaboub

FOR - N'Diaye - worst player I have seen put on the Blues shirt and showed the naivety of Alvin for taking him on when he hadn't even looked at him (although to be fair Coubault who he signed at the same time was decent). Zero control and couldn't trap a bag of cement. Played about six games and then "Pepe" was off.
FOR - Tony (Pony) Richards - nickname says it all
FOR - Graeme Jones - massively overhyped by Newman - couldn't hit a barn door, only lasted a season.
This was what shocked me - he had been a good player, but he was truly woeful for us. I can hear H groaning about the dark days of Dick Bate's debacular reign.


Aug 6, 2010
Paul Roberts
O Callaghan
Richard Young

Subs Lampard

Manager Bate

Many an afternoon spent on the Northbank mocking one or more of the first XI with dear old Harry and others. several of the subs were a bit later

Good shout that Gary, so lets add a few more from those days just for Harry, unbelievably gone for almost a year:

Can't beat Keeley (well that's a huge contradiction but you know what I mean):
Steve Collins (suffered a nervous breakdown, but so did we watching him)
Mark Hone (kept Southampton quiet for nearly 18 seconds)
Chris Turner (Harry: "milk beat him to that turn")
John Walker (best career change ever, he left football early)
Phil Dudley ("no I said that was **** Dudley, not **** ugly")
Brian Ferguson (such a shame Bobby Moore signed him, why Bobby, why?)
Glen Skivington (as above and even worse)
Peter Abbott (Chase that Peter, oh never mind...)
Micky Tuohy (came from non-league and was lucky to return to such a high level soon after)
...and does anyone remember this guy, Mickey Angus. He played all of one game I think and Harry and I were unlucky enough to witness it, a 6-4 defeat in the league/milk/rumbelows/ whatever cup at Plough Lane to the real Wimbledon. Angus trod on the ball trying to clear a corner and it squirted in off the post past Roy McDonough, in goal as Merv had gone off injured. Cue the customary bad language all around, but Harry just looked over his bins and said "Bloody clever that".

Manager: Yeah, got to be Bate hasn't it. 8-1 at Gillingham. Enough said. They even got our one.

Its just clouded over here, Harry must have been watching me type.

C C Csiders

Life President
Apr 27, 2005
On the journey to spiritual enlightenment (via the
John Keeley - always looked too fat, with dodgy blond highlights and not the greatest 'keeper ever

Chris Ramsey - absolutely useless. Probably a nice bloke and done well for himself coaching, but still absolutely useless
Steve Hatter - quite possibly the worst defender toi ever play for the club. Fat, lumbering and a Village People 'tache
Simon Coleman - bald and northern
Peter Gilbert - poor excuse of a man

Michael Timlin - got zero ability and yet so many think he is Glenn Hoddle in disguise
Peter Butler - most overrated player ever. A midfielder with no ball control, passing ability, tackling ability, shooting ability, crossing ability or any ability whatsoever
Mark Tinkler - slow and northern
Les Cartwright - sounds like a French wagon repair-woman, and played like one. Add to that bald and Welsh

Barry Conlon - looked like Robbie Williams, and played like Andy Williams
Alex Burns - fat, Scottish member of the Lollipop Guild


May 15, 2010
just can't say i have ever hated a player in a blues shirt , other then Moshni when he returned , obviously there are some ex players that have ****ed me off ... but ... i just can't think of any ...