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  1. wildheart

    My friendly invasion - Its was all big Bill Garners fault!

    My friendly invasion Many years ago, in fact it was 23rd July 1985 I was lounging in the sunshine in Southchurch Park in Southend it was a Sunday. The reason for me being prostrate on this beautiful Sunday was I was watching a one day match between Essex and it could have been Warwickshire or...
  2. How long does Brown get...?

    For all his faults, Ron has been a pretty good judge of when to get rid of his managers. He doesn't panic and tends to give them time to turn things around. That said, he's invested heavily this year and so far it's looking unlikely he'll get any reward. If results don't improve at what point...
  3. RHB

    10th annual Dave's Joke of the Edinburgh Fringe competition

    The full list of shortlisted jokes: I’m not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change. Ken Cheng (Winner) Trump’s nothing like Hitler. There’s no way he could write a book. Frankie Boyle I’ve given up asking rhetorical questions. What’s the...
  4. Kevin Hogg

    2-0 away from home...they had to search to moan..but they found a reason.

    Reading through the match thread for our WIN at Coventry City - I see that the moaners still found scope to whinge. This time our manager (who is doing a great job!!) was called an ARSE. Was this because we were losing? No. We were winning 2-0. The reason PB is an "arse"?? Because he decided to...
  5. Oxley

    Never really one to criticise players but this guy concerns me. Felt he was at fault for both goals yesterday and doesn't command the box at all. Time for Ted? Thoughts?
  6. steveo

    Long story, power cuts and a water dowser.

    If I had posted this when it started, it may have had the legs to match MK's fridge post. So i'll keep it short but you may get bored. Earlier this year, probably February time, I saw some damp patches on the left side outside wall of my house. Thought they would dry up but they didn't. We...
  7. amsemp

    I seem to have unintentionally acquired a cat...

    Slightly random, I know. But about 3 months ago, a cat started appearing in our back garden on a pretty consistent basis. He then started noticing when we were getting home from work and waiting for the back gate to open before darting in and sitting in/rolling around in the garden wanting us to...
  8. Sky Broadband and Talk Outage in Southend and Surrounding areas

    Sky Broadband and Talk Back on in Southend and Surrounding areas Working again :)
  9. RobM

    If the new stadium ever happens, what would you like it to be called?

    Not what do you think it'll be, what would you like it to be? I'd choose Oliver Trigg Stadium. Our obsession is, after all, his fault! 2-0 to us today!
  10. Straw and Rifkind

    Surprise surprise they have been found not guilty of any wrong doings. It's all Channel 4 and the Telegraph's fault for exposing them
  11. Floval Flyer

    Car Insurance - total rip off

    Just got my insurance renewal on our people carrier... Endsleigh have increased our premium by 43% !! Yes, 43 PERCENT - due to a claim made last year, when my wife was victim to a hit and run after another car rammed our car. Subsequently we paid the £300 excess as the po-lice were unable to...
  12. The i am not going to fecking Wembley thread.

    Any one else not able to make it to the biggest game of the season? The main thing i will miss is meeting up with sir john of the ottley(smurf) even though we only got together 18 days ago where he helped us out at the snail festival,bless him. My only reason for not going is finance,my own...
  13. southchurch

    Tranmere shows what could happen

    Despite the fact that Ron gets abused on this site on a regular basis, Tranmere Rovers proofs just how hard it is to make a club of this size pay for itself and flourish. Lets look at Southend and Tranmere. Both have spent the majority of their life's kicking around the bottom 2 levels of the...
  14. TrueBlue

    Brown this is your fault

    I am sorry but that game tonight we lost because of you brown your tactics and subs are deranged and stupid 1-0 up with a man advantage NO EXCUSE
  15. Who's confident of a win on Saturday?!!!

    Come on everyone lets have all your honest opinions............. On a personal note I would love us to get a win but I'm not sure PB has the balls or tactical nouse to get us to the finnish line!! Regardless that we have lost the last two games the football has been poor for the majority of...
  16. wiggy

    Bentley at fault again for there first....

    ...dolly drop comes across him....totally wrong footed and does yet another spectacular dive after the ball is already in the net. As he can't take criticism expect a new poster turn up later, username Sulky Dan. Brown bigged him up to be far better than he really is and now his acrobatic...
  17. Cricko

    Daniel Bentley

    I am quiet surprised he hasn't move on in the transfer window..A great young goalkeeper with few faults, if any his kicking can be a bit wayward at times and maybe he could be a bit more commanding at corners. Apart from that,is it a bit bizarre.. Apparently we had no offers, but I for one am of...
  18. Dan Bentley.

    As of late,I feel Mr Bentley has been at fault for some of the goals conceded !! I know I will be criticised by some,but I think his performances have not been too snappy. If Paul Smith had been playing,he would have been crucified. I personally think Bentley should be given a rest,or,even sold...
  19. RHB

    Prime Ministers again

    I tend to remember Prime Ministers by stuff that happens/happened on their shift. I also think that they are defined as successful if not too much bad stuff happens. Although not everything that has occurred news-wise whilst Cameron has been captain has been his fault directly, he has...
  20. DTS

    I think so far its been a good pre-season transfer wise

    I was talking with DoDtS last night and I think PB has made some pretty decent moves so far. I love Freddy but I think his best days were behind him. Phillips and Lairdy were players I really liked too but I think time had caught up with Phillips and Lairdy was going to struggle to get ahead of...