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  1. Office-worker conference call

    So I think that's everyone on the line. Let me share my screen with the agenda "Chris Powell has joined the meeting" Oh hi Chris, wasn't sure if you were joining. Just in time, we're getting the meeting started "Chris Powell has left the meeting"
  2. Ref Watch .... Oxford H Checkatrade

    Tomorrow's man in charge is the loose cannon that is Trevor Kettle. Or, rather, ex Wing Commander Trevor Kettle who used to work for the RAF and Ministry of Defence. His Armed Forces days are behind him and he now works as the Sales Director for a firm of precision engineers in Melton Mowbray...
  3. Stephen Broad

    Was a contestant on Countdown Monday which he lost. Apparently he's stopped being a taxi driver though and now works as a support worker for autistic children.
  4. DTS

    Question Your least favourite Southend XI (not based on ability)

    Same as the other thread but a side you hated. Had to go 4-3-3 as hated so many attackers GK - Mark Prudhoe - Northern, fat, useless - what was to like DF - Martyn Booty - Long ball merchant, useless, slow....ugh DF - Dave Morley - Committed but tolilet. As bad upfront as he was at the back DF...
  5. Napster

    Nigel Pepper

    is a social worker in York.
  6. GIBBO

    Orient 2nd leg Home Game LONDON WORKERS

    Shrimpers As the 2nd leg is on Sky and kick off moved to 7:15pm it's going to be impossible for me and fellow shrimpers to make the game, Is there a pub where all the shrimpers watch the game? as I tend to be stuck on Millwall land all my my self!! :sad:
  7. pickledseal

    IT in Schools

    I've ribbing my mates in the ICT Dept as they face the latest Gove initiative criticising the teaching and curriculum of ICT. I wondered what Zoners thought... If you are a recent worker were you adequately equipped, are workers that join you ready to deal with the needs of the work place? Or...
  8. Brother and sister in lift romp

    http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/3792109/Brother-and-sister-in-lift-***.html The photos are brilliant!! [/SPOILER]
  9. Earliest you have been sick after work.

    I have just seen an obviously worse for wear young office worker (male) being sick on Lombard street in the city. At 18:30 on a Tuesday evening that is quite some going. Can anyone beat this?

    Elvis hammond. Foward replacemant for patterson.

    Elvis Hammond 31 would be a good replacemant for patterson on loan till the end of season from woking. Experienced player scores great goals gets into great postions and 100% worker,m.o.t match at woking in plenty of games.Worth a look at paul sturrock i think 1 out 1 in replacmant till end of...
  11. Pointless rants

    I don't come on SZ half as often as I used to. Partly because I'm a conscientious worker, but mainly because we keep having the same tired debates week in week out. So, my rant is this. Which 'rant' topics would you like to see banned from the board? I'll start off with: - We've got no money...
  12. The General

    Drugs problem in 4 local pubs

    Courtesy of: Echo online FOUR Southend venues face having their licences reviewed after police found evidence of cocaine use. Traces of the Class A drug were found in a series of police searches of pubs and bars. It is believed customers had taken cocaine in toilet cubicles. The four...
  13. southend4ever

    Russell Brand - Like or Hate

    The bloke is starring in a new film released. He is banging Katy Perry (fair play/jealous?), He has wasted a lot of his life on drunks and booze (good lad/stupid?), He only talks about drugs and sex (funny/thick ****?), He has banged loads of women (ruthless little c**t/sterling job?) He...
  14. Aberdeen Shrimper


    I was having the age old debate yesterday with a couple of work colleagues ….to wet shave, dry shave of not bother. I am a white collar worker and have regular meetings with clients and vendors so have to be clean shaved pretty much every day and for me there is nothing that compares...
  15. Lessons in PR by Geoffrey "The Spin" King.

    Lesson Number One: Trying to sell a player? Make sure they know we think he's crap. That's right, you heard. There's no need to wax lyrical about what a hard worker he is, or how much he brings to the team morale. Some of us think he's crap and that's all they need to know. That way, you see...
  16. Jay_Shrimper

    Youth Worker

    Anyone here a Youth Worker or in a job of a similiar profession? Looking for information from someone that actually works there first hand. PM me please.
  17. Slipperduke

    Fergie Must Quit

    I have a dream. I have a dream of Rome, May 27. I see Rio Ferdinand lifting the Champions League trophy, I see Wayne Rooney throwing his shirt into the crowd, but most of all, I see Sir Alex Ferguson leaning into a camera crew and, above the roar of the crowd, giving them the scoop of their...
  18. Firestorm

    part time footballers

    There is a discussion on a scottish non league forum I visit ,about legislation which may well force clubs to pay minimum wage to part time players for match time, travelling and training. http://news.scotsman.com/scotland/Minimum-wage-rules-could-be.5163059.jp whilst this may not have a...
  19. shrimperman

    Key Worker Housing

    Guys and girls, I am considering a change in career and have been offered a position in which I would be entitled to a key worker subsidary. I've dipped very briefly in researching how much I would be entitled to but was wondering if anyone on here takes advantage of such entitlements? Does it...
  20. CC51DAS

    Its time Lionel Sharples Penrose got more recognition

    Here is a sample of his work : The Colchester Survey, 1931–38TOP Penrose, the man The Colchester Survey, 1931–38 Down syndrome, other aneuploidy,... Paternal age effects Mental illness, 1939–45 The Galton Chair, 1945–65 The Kennedy-Galton Centre,... LITERATURE CITED...