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  1. Cricko

    Zone Update We keep on rocking

    We have lived for 17 years now as one collective ShrimperZone....We have seen many sites (God bless them) trying to support SUFC as we do on The Zone, We have faced them all off, or rather you have, to make this site one of the best outside the Prem.. Most of those Prem sites are either owned...
  2. Cricko

    The site

    So this is it how it is people.. We have just upgraded to our last Vb4 security and the add on Modifications we use to enhance the site are no longer supported. In the short term it is not a problem for us, in the long term it is....It will be a year maybe before we have to actually leave Vb...
  3. David Milliband

    Dave the socialist trousers a whopping £425,000 yearly salary as head of refugee international charity ,from every £800 raised he pockets one pound,the charity has a staggering 12,000 employees ! Dave who loves to preach about the poor and needy also pulls in another £81,000 per year by renting...
  4. SUBBlue

    Adverts that you hate

    Sorry to start the day on a negative note but just had to share this. I had the misfortune to see this ad whilst eating breakfast just now. Hate the advert, so annoying. Hate the bird in it, want to give her a Chinese burn. Hate Go ahead bars Anyone else got an advert they despise...
  5. londonblue

    Another Icon of British TV Dies

    Ok, not human, and possibly not as tragic, but it's still worth mentioning. I grew up loving those adverts. BBC
  6. They're watching you....

    So I comment on a thread about camper vans by Mad Cyril, i log onto Facebook and what do I see? Adverts for hiring camper vans.....:unsure:
  7. Greebosan

    Help needed - business advert

    Hi all, Anyone out there any good at designing adverts for a small business? Would need to be about A5 in size. PM me for details. Thanks in advance.
  8. OldBlueLady

    Adverts on SZ

    Hi all, am suddenly getting a load of adverts from "Jump Flip" appearing on the right hand side of SZ at times, there's an arrow and about 4 adverts for perfectly ordinary stuff. You can "send it back" to the side or "close" it but it doesn't stop it re=appearing. Cleared my cache and cookies...
  9. Mad Cyril

    80s Lager adverts.

    Were these the best adverts ever? I watched a few last night and loved the way Paul Hogan was walking around the Tower of London with a pint of Fosters in his hand.
  10. TrueBlue

    How about Battle of....

    The TV Adverts????
  11. OldBlueLady

    Random word links in posts

    Guys, I mentioned this within a thread but just in case none of you have seen it, I wondered what is going on with the fact that some random words are appearing as if they are linkys (I never have worked out how to do them) and when you hover over them, they link to "text enhance" adverts. Take...
  12. Jam_Man

    Insurance premium differences - New customers and existing customers.

    Firstly I accept Ive been stupid and lazy, I took out insurance with Direct Line years and years ago and as it auto renews have never done anything about it, havent even opened renewals. However I saw the ginger rottweiller Anne Robinson ripping into some insurance bod last week about new...
  13. Football Attendences

    I am doing research into football attendances so would be grateful if people could fill in a survey via this link http://kwiksurveys.com/?s=OMHLHN_614b280e Thanks. P.S. Sorry for the adverts with in the survey just ignore them.
  14. Cricko

    Question ShrimperZone V.I.P's & Fund-Raising

    Hi all, due to the spiralling costs of running the Zone and having lost a recent sponsor we are looking at ways to bring some funds in. An idea we are thinking of is creating V.I.P Zoner's at a cost of £12 per year..This would mean you would appear in another colour on the Zone and in the lists...
  15. Jedi Shrimper

    Worst/Most Annoying TV Adverts.

    For me it's those ****ing Microsoft adverts, you know those ones where they set up a shop in some poor unsuspecting sod's home to shame them into buying a new computer. As if they're saying "******** here thinks her current pc is 'ok', WELL IT'S NOT, BUY A NEW ONE OR YOU WON'T BE UP TO DATE AND...
  16. Cricko

    Breaking News ShrimperZone Sponsors

    We are pleased to announce that we have a New Sponsor joining The Zone. FBM and his company FWG are still our main sponsors and we are very grateful for all his help and support over the years and long may this continue. After heavy negotiations we are please to bring on board a company you...
  17. Matt the Shrimp

    The Force is strong with this one...

    Superbowl adverts are some of the most expensive advertising spots to buy on US TV - and companies therefore usually push the boat out when putting together their commercials. Here's Volkswagen's effort from this year's Superbowl... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BgZ8Ba8TxM Their "making of"...
  18. SamuraiBlue


    To Shrimperzone members, My hair is falling out. I will have a shiny head in the next few years at this rate. Does anyone have any experience of products that have helped prevent balding or even helped with regrowth? Seriously, I would prefer to keep my hair. Can't believe any of the adverts...
  19. Cricko

    Site Sponsorship

    The Directors of the Zone would like to thank FBM for once again continuing to be our main sponsor of the forums for the next year..This is greatly appreciated and goes along way towards the running costs and the implementation of all upgrades and keeps the Zone moving forward... Thanks very...
  20. manor15

    Half-Way Point

    We are currently half-way through the South Africa World Cup 2010. So sit down, take a break for 15 minutes, watch some ITV adverts that aren't being played over an England goal, and thank god that ITV don't commentate the adverts. Number of games: 32 Number of goals: 68 (2.1 per match) Number...