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  1. Phil's ban due to waiting for fixture frustration!

    i think I've heard it all now. In yesterday's BBC Essex Sport interview re signings and his touch line ban, Phil said the ban was due to a lot of frustration, including "waiting for the fixtures to come out"! We could all be banned then. He really does talk some rubbish at times.
  2. Hello from Al

    Decided to join in on the chat after being a fan since I was about 8 I reckon, when I first went to a game. Looking forward to hearing all the banter. Shame we've not got much to play for this term now the play-offs are out of site but high hopes for next season. My wife's a Villa fan so it...
  3. The law is an ***.

    Ok, I suppose I best start saying that if you know who the slebs are who've taken out the injunction it's best (at the moment) not to reveal any names. So, I'm talking about "PJS" and "YMA" who have taken out an injunction to stop the press revealing their shenanigans - I couldn't care less...
  4. Flags/Banners

    Just wondering - what banners and flags do we have here among the fans? I'm not talking about a little 1mx1m flag saying "we're going up" - more like England flags with "Big Baz on tour" or something like that. Attach pictures if you want.....
  5. TrueBlue

    Zone Update Barrett Banner and Supporting the Zone.

    Just to let you all know that artwork has all been sent over etc... And will be delivered shortly! Would be nice to present it on the pitch to Adam or something before a game! I believe we have gone for a lightweight but strong material so it can be taken away (Ayrshire will have to confirm...
  6. Brunt !

    Disgraceful actions from an Albion fan,once captured the culprit should face 5 year's in prison and banned from every sporting arena forever!
  7. Ayrshire Blue

    VOTE: Barrett Banner

    Mods can merge the thread if they want but I think this is going to be the best way to settle the debate. One Adam Barrett There's Only One Adam Barrett Then - Now - Forever
  8. TrueBlue

    The Barrett Banner

    Been thinking about this and I think we should all chip in and the zone should get a large banner made up in honour of Adam Barrett a bit like the John Terry one as Chelsea, with a picture in his typical Adam pose with a some writing Would anybody be willing to donate to this? Would have to...
  9. Sheffield United fans' Sky bill

    Surprisingly not seen this posted anywhere else on here yet.... http://aunitedview.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/thebladesbigskybill-time-to-pay.html Any plans for some sort of solidarity protest/banner at the game?
  10. Tangled up in Blue

    Donald Trump

    Should he be banned from the UK,ignored or what? Personally, I'm not in favour of banning people just because they're (dangerous) idiots.
  11. The Zones Zoner New Years Honour List.

    Ok very simple just put forward a zoner for an honor and put why,nothing too rude as the mods will go into meltdown. POSTER OF THE YEAR. Sonic of course,came back in to the fold this year and is more bonkers then ever,gives me a run for bad spelling and grammer and every post is a gem. Plus he...
  12. Another slight dampener on the day

    I fully appreciate the excitement of the mighty shrimpers scoring and I used to rush down the front of the stand as a kid (and sometimes still do :thumbsup:), but why did a couple of lads run onto the pitch yesterday and risk banning orders ? Surely, just stay behind the barrier and let the...
  13. Please Be Careful.

    Don't get drawn into any fun with Col Ewe fans today as we don't want any banning orders. Just remember Southend United is for life, not just for ColEwe
  14. Sandbach Shrimper

    Most arrests in League Two last season

    The Home Office released its annual football arrests and banning orders stats on Friday and I was surprised to see that we had the most arrests in League Two last season with 23, even though we only had 3 banning orders. 22 of them were at home so I'm guessing the Luton and Cambridge games...
  15. Ban ki-moon

    What the hell does this guy actually do apart from jetting around the world ,staying at top hotels whilst trousering £200,000. He offers absoulatey nothing apart from his stating the obvious.
  16. steveo

    UEFA Doping rules

    I see the guy who tested positive for Dinamo Zagreb against arsenal got a four year ban. Good. However, apparently the result can only be affected if two or more players are guilty. So you could dope a player up with all sorts of stuff in the hope he doesn't get caught. He might win you the...
  17. Shameful! (and I'm not talking about the football)

    I've not seen anyone else mention this, so I felt the need to post... We arrived at Bramall Lane to be greeted by a worryingly large number of blues 'supporters' chanting racist nonsense about shooting German bombers down. (This was a large, vocal group collected around the bars inside the...
  18. Chelsea Doctor

    Is the chosen one right to ban the Doctor ? Should all medical staff be trained to know when a player is genuinely hurt or just time wasting by feigning a serious injury.
  19. TrueBlue

    Taxi for brown....

    Reported in the echo today he has been given a driving ban for speeding taking him over 12 points
  20. davewebbsbrain

    Searching Pupils at school - any teachers know the law

    My son (Year 7) came home upset today. Turns out his whole form class were searched today without the consent of the pupils. I wasn't sure of the laws on searching pupils in senior school so I looked it up. Apparently, a pupil can be searched without consent by a person nominated by the head...