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  1. Tommy2holes

    E cigs

    Finally brought myself a decent E cig last week and haven't had a normal fag since. Found it a bit strange at first puffing on a fruit flavour but I'm loving it now. Can't see me going back. What are other people's experiences of them. Despite the being perfectly legal and harmless they are...
  2. Smoke Bomb Bans

    So as far as I have gather from possible unreliable sources (Twitter) Southend have banned 7 people who stand at the front of W because they were near where the smoke bombs got set off. I have also interpreted that some have now been taking of that list of 7 if not all... With a lack of evidence...
  3. Main Page

    Often useful information on the main page, but I think it has been acknowledged that most people go straight to the Forums and never see the front page. There is a large area at the top of the forums occupied by the SZ banner(s). Would it be feasible to use a few "lines" of that to run a...
  4. Cricko


    Hi people, all my normal slaves are busy today...tut tut Mr Wallace etc :winking: So lets see if we have any bright sparks on here who can sort me out a Zone banner we can use today and tomorrow to reflect the day. Over to you guys ..get your skates on :smile:
  5. manor15

    FIFA and UEFA could ban Greek teams

    After 3 incidents of rioting and large scale fighting in top division fixtures, the government want to pass new laws to be able to fine clubs involved in future violent incidents. FIFA and UEFA's response? That would be government interference, which is against their rules, and they would ban...
  6. Our current squad for next season

    I've removed players who's contracts are due to expire, and those up for transfer. GK: Dan Bentley - 2016 Ted Smith - 2016 DEF: Ben Coker - 2017 Luke Prosser - 2015 (+ option until 2016) Cian Bolger - 2016 (+ option until 2017) Mads Ibenfeldt - 2015 (+ option until 2016) MID: Ryan Leonard -...
  7. OldBlueLady

    "Sexism in football"

    Seems sexism is the new racism in football, are authorities really saying they would throw people out for what most know is just a bit of banter? I've walked round the pitch many times and have had the "get your tits out" thing chanted, it's part and parcel isn't it? And I'm pretty sure the...
  8. sufc4life21

    North bank

    Is it possible to have north bank for home fans for rest season as it looks stupid with handful away fans behind the goal! Can't we put them in North West corner.......
  9. Unofficial Sceptre League Forum

    Hi All, Even thou there are quite a few of you already on the site I wanted to promote the Unofficial Sceptre League Forum for anyone that plays or involved with clubs in the Sceptre Sunday Football League. The address is www.sundayleagueforum.co.uk and its free to sign up and has been running...
  10. londonblue

    Portsmouth Sending Off

    The guy has been given a 7 game ban. Was it really that bad? I wasn't there, and the highlights didn't seem that bad? BBC
  11. Will it make any difference with PB banned from TL

    I don't think so, same as most managers on the TL ranting and raving makes any difference, just a bit of theatre
  12. Bullard: Bully or Bantermeister?

    There has been talk on here of new loan signing JJ O’Toole potentially causing unrest in the changing room because of his ‘track record’. Given Jimmy Bullard’s ‘banter’ / verbal attack on a fellow celebrity in I’m A Celebrity… and his subsequently being voted off, when does banter go too far...
  13. Things you wouldn't have done only if you knew....

    Things you would never have done if only you had known...... I will kick it off with "I would never have eaten danish bacon if i'd known" http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/10/13/sex-animals-banned-denmark_n_5975828.html?1413199994
  14. fbm

    TFI Monday

    I bet the Mods all breathe a sigh of relief after a weekend! There always seems to be a plethora of arguments, provocative posts, insults and subsequent banning orders, which seem to be all the time now whether we win or lose (more when we lose, obviously). It does all get a bit tiresome...
  15. Your football manifesto

    What things would you change in football? No matter how big or small or weird. Can be around the laws of the game or something else... Three things I'd do: 1. Put the camera at Wembley on the other side of the pitch 2. Ban animated advertising hordings 3. Onions must always be served.
  16. davewebbsbrain


    Is there an issue with the Shrimperzone banner at the top of the page? It's disappeared for me and just displays a photobucket image
  17. Blueronron

    Has their been a major banning order on SZ

    Have to say enjoying reading views in here without the stupid and petty abuse. Has there been a major banning order on some posters because they have seemed to have gone away or is it because we are winning again? Either way much better site without the rows , if banned well done mods in a...
  18. Tangled up in Blue


    http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/aug/01/conservative-voters-ukip-coalition-poll A new poll suggestst that 30% of Tory voters would like to go into coalition with UKIP after the next election. No suprises there then.It won't happen though. With only one or two MP's, (and hopefully...
  19. manor15

    Group A - Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon

    Group A, the group of the host nation, and possibly even the favourites. It seems that the draw has been kind to Brazil, and they will be expected to qualify from the group easily. The battle for second place and qualification to the next round will be close, with all three of the other teams...
  20. Against League 3 Protest at Burton

    This email came from the 'Against League 3' campaign. Let's get ourselves heard in particular in the 3rd and 33rd minute. Let's also make sure the banner is there so it can get on Sky.Hi guys, First of all I cannot thank you enough for all of your support since this petition was created just 3...