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  1. West stand ticket help

    Hi all, I need to book a couple of tickets for my parents for Saturday's game. Been a while since I've been to RH and normally I sit in the South Stand upper but it's looking pretty busy up there so might go for the west stand. Roughly where is a good area in U block that means you're not...
  2. Massimo Giovanni

    missing member

    I am trying to send message to ORM but the system shows him as not existing? is he on a ban? left? T MG
  3. Kevin Hogg

    Post a pic!

    It occurs to me that not being Man Utd or Arsenal - we all probably know or recognise plenty of SZ posters but have no idea who they are - re clever profile name game. So, post a pic and we will probably all recognise a few that we argue/banter with!
  4. Question how much do you think the events of this month?

    How much do you think the events of this month may have influenced RM and PB on transfer targets.Its been a bad month when you think about it first the Ranger ban ,followed by the injury to McLaughlin,then the loss to Sheff Utd and the cancelled game against Bolton and the last minute equaliser...
  5. Usain Bolt loses a Gold

    Oops, he ain't going to be happy. The fastest man ever (probably) has lost a gold medal due to Nesta Carter taking a banned substance. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/athletics/38744846
  6. So

    So can I post now? Just warn me then ban me? I just want to post please. I have a moan and a wing, but don't attack people like Rigs** thanks
  7. RHB

    Sepp Blatter: Former Fifa president's six-year ban upheld after appeal to Cas

    Good! That's one less corrupt arsehole to influence world football. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38205918
  8. What's Phil Brown like?

    Well he's quite a character as you will see from these two video's a while back that are entertaining and well worth watching. O.K. some of the players have changed, and I'm not going to even go there about the new stadium bit in the first video, it's been done to death. He's certainly a natural...
  9. Fireworks.....ban them !

    Recent news stories show thugs aiming these mini bombs at police and children,in fact anyone . Must be time to ban the public from buying the bloody things...keep them for professional shows. How many people are injured every year,far too many,the noise at any time of day scares animals and...
  10. yogi bear up the cagire

    Lucky dip!

    To celebrate (commiserate?) my arrival at the big 70, the wife and I decided to return to see the family towards the end of the year. Originally, I found a cheap flight out of Lourdes for the 15th November and was warming to the idea of seeing our quick return game against the Bantams. That...
  11. Adam Barrett Banner

    I understand this is with a member of TBV, it would be great to see it at games. I understand that a number of kind people donated funds to the zone to ensure it was created so I would guess they would like to see it more often
  12. PB Sent Off

    After PB was sent off near the end yet again so soon after coming back from a 4 game ban will he suffer a similar fate???
  13. The Eternal Optimist

    Question Wot no carrot tops?

    Just a quickie, do we have any "gingers" in the 1st team playing squad? If no, there lies the problem! These rusty nuts are like five leafed clover. I reckon we need to get Ron's son down to Boots and Laces to kick a few balls. He fits the bill and better still, he has a Kevin Keegan perm...
  14. Floval Flyer

    Question Forum Names - Why and What?

    Apologies if this has been done before, but to lighten the doom; how about we explain our user names?? FLOVAL FLYER Back in the day (early 80's) I used to race BMX, I rode under the SE Racing banner in the 'Cruiser' division, on a Floval Flyer - 30 years later I managed to buy one and restore...
  15. RHB

    Just in case you want to know

    It's been a long hot summer so far and there has been some pretty strongly felt feelings posted on here, especially in Chit-Chat. As with all things, strongly held views can sometimes manifest themselves in a heated way. I've just reminded myself of what some of the SZ basic rules are, and I've...
  16. Ron ought to.....

    Seriously think Ron ought to ban PB from speaking to the press for the next few weeks. Maybe use Horton to issue some basic non controversial board sanctioned statements before and after matches. PB needs to keep his head down and his mouth firmly shut and concentrate on coaching. The era of...
  17. Are we Shrimpers tin pot?

    Afternoon lads, Had a big of a barney in the boozer last night with a some muggy Leicester City. It all started off civilized, bit of banter over water-down lager, fruity's and brass, but after returning from the khazi, the soppy mug started giving it large - calling Southend tin pot. I told...
  18. BrettieAngell


    Some complete ****ing tosser was clocked doing 154mph on the A11 and as a "punishment" he received a 56 day ban! Should be 2 or 3 years IMO. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-36963826
  19. Banning orders

  20. Napster

    Myles Weston

    Looks like he's joined Wycombe, judging by Wordsworth's tweet. Anthony Wordsworth ‏@a_words_4 4m4 minutes ago Gonna miss the banter with @mylesweston used to have him on toast everyday. I'll have to leave that down to @MarcusBean now. Good luck mate