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  1. Napster

    Biblical XI

    Let's have your Biblical team 2 - Garry CROSS 10- Brett ANGELL for example
  2. Tomorrow

    For me, Southend United has always been a tomorrow team. The success I have always wanted for them is forever another day away. Of course the length of the day has been of biblical proportions. However, and many will call me an optimist or a fool or both, but I think our tomorrow is about to...
  3. Tommy2holes

    Aldershot match abandoned?

    Just wondering if there is any possibilty that the match will be abandoned ? I mean its been raining biblical for days and aldershot weather forecast is yet again heavy rain. Dont want to get there for nothing.
  4. C C Csiders

    Public/Work Toilet Etiquette

    Just been to the toilet at work in cubicle 1 of 6. Someone else comes into the khazi and has 5 other cubicles to choose from but enters cubicle 2 and lets rip squits of biblical proportions. Now surely it is totally wrong to go in the bog next to someone else? There must be some personal space...
  5. Napster

    Inspirational film quotes

    Hey Rock. It's three in the morning. I went up to your house there and they told me you was here. It's a 3:00am kid. You know that Adrian, she's a good girl. Me, you know I'm sorry for both of ya. There's nothing I can do about it. Except uh I wanna tell you this once and then uh I ain't gonna...
  6. Andy_S

    Barry Fry

    Seems like we could be up against him in Pre Season, as its rumoured he's interested in the available job at The Daggers! I haven't heard anything about it myself, but their board is full of posts about him and it's supposed to have been mentioned on Sky Sports News.
  7. Vange Shrimper

    Thursday's Pub Quiz Pt 7

    Usual rules, usual people banned. Hope this one dont cause too many arguments! :) 1. Robbie Williams covered the song My Way in 2006. Which singer or band enjoyed varying degrees of success with the song in each of the following years ? a. 1969 b. 1971 c. 1977 d. 1978...
  8. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    LAST MINUTE DRAMA AS BLUES HELD What a day my 7 year old daughter decided to insist on making her Roots Hall debut. I think it was her insistence on sitting in the front row of the East blacks that made this a fairly painful (and wet) experience. On the pitch the first half wasn't much better...
  9. chadded

    S*it Story....

    If this was me, I think I'd be quite proud. Alas, it's taken from another messageboard: No personal experience of this since about the age of three...sorrryyy but I did see this story online.... Funniest damn thing that has ever happened to me. A couple of weeks ago we decided to...