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  1. Villa holiday !

    Just returned from Quesada in Spain,the villa we rented was utterly superb. Anyone interested go onto "owners direct" This place had the following 5 bedrooms 6 bathrooms Outside bar with booze on tap Snooker room Pool room Darts Hot tub Pool Table tennis TV room with surround sound Sleeps...
  2. Ricky Otto

    Help me with my work xmas quiz so I can win some booze

    1st part of quiz is things associated with christmas: Examples Clue: Country Answer: Turkey Clue: Washing up liquid Answer: Fairy These are the clues I need answers for: Undercover Police Sphere sphere belongs to mrs rose P45s Main Tempo is behind you Bright...Northern...City...
  3. Magnum PI

    Memory Lane Luggy's Bar

    Not sure if anyone has seen this before. A rather youthful Mr Sturrock with booze on tap. pic.twitter.com/ePzvw4zZng
  4. Pre match boozer

    Coming over to game next Saturday from Ireland and wondering where would be best place to go for a few beers before the match. Congrats on the play offs.
  5. fbm

    Front page of todays Echo Wed 19th Feb

    Can't link to it online but if anyone fancies buying a copy they can see what my weekend was like. The headline is "Girl Lucky to be alive after booze dare." Basically my partners eldest daughter, 16, was nominated in the facebook Neknominate thing to drink a pint of Vodka and stupidly did. If...
  6. Viva Las Vegas !

    What a brilliant place to visit ! I loved every single second and want to go back ASAP,Never dreamed of using firearms but what an buzz to fire pump shotgun,Uzi machine pistol and the desert eagle,Blew me away and can now understand why America love their guns. Seeing David Copperfield perform...
  7. Question Am i alone.

    Am i the only person on this board or indeed the whole world that can have a good time without alcahol or pubs? Dont drink alcahol because,1/ i dont like it and 2/ if i did find a tipple i like i would prob be a drunk as i have a bit of a addiction problem. Any one else out there not in need of...
  8. Tarquin Fauntleroy

    Answer needed

    Hey Chaps, I'm sitting here, totally off my face on strong booze, high quality chas and some decent acid and I've just seen an old Top of the Pops which had Terry Wogan on it poncing around in his ridiculous rugpiece. Has this **** ever had hair or has he always sported a syrup? Anyone who...
  9. Has anyone got any footage of Roy McDonough?

    Hello everyone, As you may, or may not know, I have just finished trawling through the blood, booze, birds and early baths of Roy McDonough's career for a highly-entertaining biography, which is being published in August. To help promote Red Card Roy I am trying to get hold of any old footage...
  10. Custard Splat

    Memory Lane Greatest Zone post/thread ever!

    Inspired by Pubey's thread about greatest posts of 2012, just spent some time hunting out some of my favourites from years gone by. Some cracking stuff out there... I'll kick off with a couple of gems... ****les adventures in Leyton (couldn't qoute so follow link!)...
  11. Cricko

    Good Blog from Old_Holborn

    Taxing Festive Cheer - a new lowI do hope you all enjoyed the festivities over Christmas. Perhaps, like I, you drank a fine wine with friends, or smoked a cigar with your Cognac to celebrate one of the few remaining holidays the taxman allows us revenue producing drones. No sooner have we put...
  12. Smiffy

    iPhone/Android App Idea - Your Thoughts Please...

    To cut a long story short, for my day job I crunch data for 1000's of Independent "corner shops" such as Costcutter, Londis, Premier, Spar etc It got me thinking of an idea for an iPhone/Android App... I would like some feedback on the idea please chaps... Basically the app would be able to...
  13. Mad Cyril

    Question City Xmas dinner venues.

    Ahoy Can anyone recommend an Xmas dinner venue ideally between Fleet Street and Bank that caters for groups of around 15 and is priced around £20-25 a head without booze? Cheers.
  14. Rusty Shackleford

    Gay men kicked out of boozer

    I was listening to this homo moaning on Radio 5 this morning: Gay couple 'removed from Soho pub for kissing' I missed the start of his interview with Dame Nicky Campbell and assumed that he was talking about being ejected from a pub for copping off with some sort, which seemed to be an over...
  15. Onion_Bag_Dave

    Asbo for teenager after booze-fuelled rampage

    I know this isn't directly linking to us as a club, but Ryan Hall kicks someone when they are on the ground, and allegedly goes inside to get a bottle which he DOESN'T use. Whereas... This guy has punched five different people in and around Wickford High Street in just 24 hours...
  16. southend4ever

    Russell Brand - Like or Hate

    The bloke is starring in a new film released. He is banging Katy Perry (fair play/jealous?), He has wasted a lot of his life on drunks and booze (good lad/stupid?), He only talks about drugs and sex (funny/thick ****?), He has banged loads of women (ruthless little c**t/sterling job?) He...
  17. Lord Football

    It could be worse. We could be Grimsby.

    Now, we thought it was bad here. This taken, complete with gratutious swearing, from a Grimsby forum think almost sums up the feeling in our little corner of Essex..... but not quite ;) Now I'm as optimistic as anyone when it comes to this **** of a football club, but after this...

    PL Weekly Points Round 45

    Well over a hundred points scored today, though Christ i'm sure we'd swop them all for 3 from the match .. i've searched the house for booze and discovered half a bottle of Jack Daniels, so in the words of Tarquin Fauntleroy ... toodle pip !!! 15 Dave the Shrimper 15 ol blue eyes 15 The Big...
  19. Slipperduke

    The Price Is Wrong

    I think it’s time to have a look at that Fit and Proper Persons test. The existing document focuses heavily on issues of past fraudulent behaviour, but that’s not good enough. Given everything that has happened at Portsmouth and the horrors that David Sullivan and David Gold have inherited at...
  20. No beer in bar's !!!

    Anyone know wots happened to the Booze ? West only weak Carling. , or tinned Bitter. East no Beer exept carling again. Trust bar ditto. Wot's happening.