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  1. DoDTS

    PL Cup Third round draw

    Here's the third round draw, replays this Saturday (No. 5) ties to be played the following Tuesday/Wednesday (no.6) Tinks v Magnum PI Goughy v Shrimper1995 D.O.L.L. v The Eternal optimist Enfieldblue v Napster Gt Yarmouth Shrimper v DTS / Ldnfatso Prawn v Razam Shrimper2thecore...
  2. DoDTS

    Predicition League News Rh home todays results

    The "Roots Hall HOME Competition" starts next Saturday, whereby the top three predictors from each stand will form a team to play in the competition The scores for those selected will also count in the League and Cup replays if applicable. The fixtures and teams are: EAST STAND v NORTH BANK...
  3. DoDTS

    RESULTS Prediction League CUP Round 2

    Today is the second round of the Prediction League Cup, this is where it gets serious (well as serious as you can get with the PL) with Tinks the current cup winner defending her title against Cyril Sneer, grudge ties like davewebbsbrain v oldBlueLady, and Ldnfatso (the bad boy of the PL) v...
  4. DoDTS

    Who is in line for Representative honours?

    With England playing Scotland tonight and for some of us memories of the Home International Championship, it's perhaps time to give a thought to the Prediction League's "Roots Hall Home" Championship. After this Saturday's fixtures it will be selection time with the top three scorers from each...
  5. DoDTS

    Past Prediction Cup Winners

    So now it is time to honour the skifull, willfull and downright lucky zoners that have tasted Cup success: PREDICTION CUP 2008-09 Winner DTS losing finalist Brettie Angell Semi Finalists Ozzer, Stickyboy Junior 2009-10 Spring Cup Winner Davidvolic losing finalist Ldnfatso Semi Finalists...
  6. Multi-pack Crisps - What's Your Flava - Tell Me....

    I have yet to come across a multi-pack of mixed flavour crisps that didn't contain at least one flavour that no-one in the family will eat. Here it's Roast Chicken - I have to sneak them into the family by crushing them and using them to top Macaroni- or Cauliflower-Cheese. If you could...
  7. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 11 for Tuesday 16th April 2013

    H turner and DTS falter, Ldnfatso and malcolminmallorca take advantage, with just two fixtures to go its anybodys race and all to play for: 48 h turner 46 Ldnfatso 45 thenobster 45 malcominmallorca 43 DTS 41 DoDtS 40 Tinks 38 dannypav 38 SupaBlues 37 OldBlueLady 36 Nestudus 36 yogi bear up the...
  8. DoDTS

    PL Cup Rampant TINKS storms into the final past woefull DTS

    DTS gave his worst performance of the season, while Tinks was in confident mood the final score: Tinks 5 v 0 DTS The Final is this Saturday with thenobster v Tinks
  9. DoDTS


    Thought it worth while just to make it perfectly clear how the scoring works in the semi-final and this will work the same in future cup replays: Only four fixtures tomorrow but as normal whoever out of Tinks or DTS scores the highest out of the four fixtures plus wildcard plus Southend's first...
  10. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 10 for Saturday 13th April 2013

    With just three matches to go H turner maintains his lead, but the pack are closing Ldnfatso catching archrival DTS in second place and highest scorere of the day thenobster just one point behind them,: 47 h turner 43 DTS 43 Ldnfatso 42 thenobster 40 DoDtS 38 malcominmallorca 38 dannypav 36...
  11. DoDTS

    PL Cup Semi-final results

    Semi Final results from odays match see in form Nobster into final while Tinks and DTS fight it out on Tuesday with the final next saturday. thenobster 8 v 1 kingSHRIMPER Tinks 2 v 2 DTS
  12. DoDTS

    PL Table No.9 PREDICTION LEAGUE TABLE for 9th/10th April 2013

    A lot missing this time no doubt still recovering from Wembley fever, H turner extends his league DTS trying to keep him in his sights and a lot of bunching down the table: 45 h turner 41 DTS 37 Ldnfatso 37 malcominmallorca 34 SupaBlues 34 DoDtS 34 thenobster 34 Nestudus 33 Tinks 33 dannypav...
  13. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 8 for Saturday/Sunday 6th/7th April 2013

    h turner keeps his place at the top but its geeting close. DTS leapfrogs ldnfatso into second place with Tinks in fourth. All still to play for. 38 h turner 36 DTS 35 Ldnfatso 33 Tinks 32 malcominmallorca 32 SupaBlues 32 DoDtS 32 thenobster 30 Nestudus 30 dannypav 29 kingSHRIMPER 27 Bad Beat...
  14. Napster

    Cup Semi Final Draw

    thenobster v kingSHRIMPER Tinks v DTS
  15. DoDTS


    Congratulations to thenobster, Tinks, Kingshrimper and DTS on reaching the semi finals, the draw will be made later today and the ties played next Saturday. Here's how it went: DoDtS 7 v 10 thenobster There was just no stopping the hign scoring nobster. Tinks 5 v 4 h turner Tinks shades it...
  16. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 7 League Table at 1st April 2013

    Harvey Turner is still in the lead but his lead is cut to three points. Archrivals Ldnfatso and DTS fight it out for second place. 34 h turner 31 Ldnfatso 30 DTS 29 malcominmallorca 29 SupaBlues 28 Tinks 27 Bad Beat 27 Nestudus 27 dannypav 27 chapperzuk 25 DoDtS 25 OldBlueLady 24 Napster 24...
  17. DoDTS

    Predicition League News March Summary

    As we reach the end of March I thought it might be worth having a summary of where we are in Canveyshrimpers Prediction league: With the first six rounds of the Prediction League the present leader is h turner with 32 points followed by DTS, Bad Beat and malcominmallorca with 27 points. So far...
  18. DoDTS

    PL Table No.6 TABLE canversgrimpers Prediction League

    A bad slip up by DTS allows h turner to move five points ahead of the rest of the field, while Bad Beat and malcolminmallorca maintain their challenge while bad boy Ldnfatso move sup to fifth. 32 h turner 27 DTS 27 Bad Beat 27 malcominmallorca 26 Ldnfatso 25 SupaBlues 24 DoDtS 23 Nestudus 23...
  19. DoDTS

    PL Table No.5 TABLE canversgrimpers Prediction League

    The race hots up as DTS joins h turner at the top of the table, three points ahead of Bad Beat and malcolminmallorca Full Table; 26 h turner 26 DTS 23 Bad Beat 23 malcominmallorca 22 Nestudus 20 Napster 20 Ldnfatso 19 SupaBlues 19 Drastic 19 It's Only A Game 18 dannypav 18 OldBlueLady 18...
  20. DoDTS

    PL Table No.4 TABLE canveyshrimpers Prediction League

    Bad beat is beaten into second spot by high scoring h turner consistent DTS also caches Bb while Napster overtakes malcominmallorca. 22 h turner 20 Bad Beat 20 DTS 18 Napster 17 malcominmallorca 16 SupaBlues 16 Nestudus 15 yogi bear up the cagire 14 Ldnfatso 14 dannypav 14 Drastic 13 Tinks 13...