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  1. What car would you liken to what Football Player

    When I was watching the Manure v Barcelona game I was impressed with Tevez and when the commentator came out with a classic “that boy has got one heck of an engine” it made me think, if I likened him to a car what would it be? IMO, I would say that if Tevez was a car he would be a...
  2. shrimperman

    Northampton - from an ex-exiled shrimper!

    Evening all, I don't post on any messageboards anymore but browse from time to time and use to post on here a bit. Anyway, I've been away travelling for a year or so, Swansea was first game since being back, and today my second. To maybe give a bit of perspective I thought I'd leave my thoughts...
  3. Yorkshire Blue

    Bermuda - my new favourite sports team (after England)

    Not only have Bermuda given the world Leonard Goater, Dwayne Levercock but their women have a cricket team as well. They didn't fare so well against Seth Afreca, when they lost in just 4 balls, they have now conceded 94 runs in extras against the Dutch women's team.
  4. Football Manager Live

    Thought i'd give you guys an update on the game as i've been testing it now for 2 months. Since I last posted, they've added a ton of new features to test that'll be included in the release version. The new Match Engine seems Ok... More of a fixed FM08 Engine now but still a little bugs to be...
  5. Matt the Shrimp

    Just got back

    Well, it's about the only time I get to start a "just got back" thread, so I thought I'd do it. Actually, I got back 30 minutes ago - one of the few redeeming features of tonight. Random thoughts from the game... * The approach to the ground... blimey, it's like something out of Mad Max -...
  6. Yorkshire Blue

    First test v Sri Lanka at Kandy

    I hear Agnew reckons there will be a fair bit in it for Harmison or Anderson, based on the nets. Having been out to the middle this lunchtime I'm not so sure. Whilst the square is nice and green and the nets had a green tinge, the pitch they are going to use doesn't. I haven't been able to do...
  7. J

    One of the best Night's For England International Football?

    Well? On One hand, i think this is one of the best possible things that has happened to england, and the fa. For once, these ****s, who are overpriced, over sexed, molly coddled, **** takers, who are not fit to wear the shirt, may finally think to themselves what a shower of **** they are...
  8. DTS

    Who would win in a fight?

    First he angered Matt Harrold by impyling he was ****, then he incurred the wrath of the whole primate world by implying Franky "The Gorilla" Banks didnt deserve a second testimonial - But now he has really gone and done it.... Ldn Fatso's (aka Steve the Slagger) one man mission to annoy the...
  9. seany t

    Who's our best player?

    It's been an interesting year for the side, with the talisman now gone and several new players coming in. Just wondered who people think is currently our best player? Obviously form comes and goes and performances are subjective, but my gut feeling is that Bailey really is a class act. He has...
  10. TrueBlue


    Right my birthday my 22nd is the 25th September and we are playing Blackpool away now I am looking for a good Limo company to take me and a few choice friends to the game, stipulation I dont want some fussy company I want to take a crate of me own beer on there and maybe the bit of the naughty...
  11. TrueBlue

    London Road

    6 Police bikes a van and fire engine just gone down London Road in Leigh anybody know whats going on?
  12. Winkle

    A very funny story!

    This is tale I heard from a few years back from a work colleague who used to be an Ambulance driver in kent, it still makes me laugh to this day. I will set the seen as he told me! He was called out to an emergency where a Kneighbour had heard cries of help coming from the garages next door to...
  13. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    LAST MINUTE DRAMA AS BLUES HELD What a day my 7 year old daughter decided to insist on making her Roots Hall debut. I think it was her insistence on sitting in the front row of the East blacks that made this a fairly painful (and wet) experience. On the pitch the first half wasn't much better...
  14. Davros


    We are proud to inform you about an upcoming new feature. The season after next season (at the end of March) there will be a brand new and more challenging youth system in place. HT-Tjecken gives you the big picture in this editorial. One of few things remained untouched since Hattrick started...
  15. If we are going to get out of this

    Those of you who are used to my posts will know that I hate negative posts and knee jerk reactions to things. The problem with football is it is so emotive that there is rarely any middle ground in peoples attitudes towards their team. It is always "world beaters" or "sack the...
  16. The Watermill Wino

    Maher all set for Walsall

    Captain Kevin Maher has been cleared to play tomorrow against Walsall at the Hall. Playing through the pain barrier, he will taking his place in the heart of the Shrimpers engine room, he's due to have surgery on monday and hopefully would still be able to play whilst it heals. Sodje...
  17. Matt the Shrimp

    Family Fortunes

    The following are ACTUAL answers given by contestants on "Family Fortunes"         Name something a blind person might use - a sword     Name a song with moon in the title - Blue Suede Moon.     Name a bird with a long neck - Naomi Campbell     Name an occupation where you need a torch - A...
  18. Winkle

    Doing my head in

    Very short message, downloaded a track from a certain music engine that rymes with (time & wire, Jazzy dee, get on up) at the begining is another song which i can only here the last 4 seconds of, but i dont no what it is, yet i used to have the track years ago...... can anyone help...
  19. lee_sufc


    I have a Ford Escort Finesse (1600 Zetec Engine) which is due for a cam belt replacement. I can buy the cambelt as I get discount from Ford but what I want to know is how much I should be looking approximately to have someone fit it. I have had a variety of quotes ranging from £80 up to £200...
  20. What if...

    What if Petts could be converted to a right-back? His tackling would keep the opposition at bay. His engine would take a load of the defensive duties and whoever plays in front of him on the right of midfield could get on with the job of attacking without worrying about the slot behind him. My...