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  1. Uncle Leo

    Wimbledon 2017

    Thread to talk about this year's Championships. With a polite request that people who do not like the sport **** off out of here and don't waste everyone's time by posting on here saying how they hate tennis/Andy Murray/grass/life/Robinson's fruit barley.
  2. RHB

    Andy Murray becomes world number one

    Andy Murray becomes world number one after Raonic withdraws from Paris Masters. A quiet way to get there I suppose, but they all count. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/tennis/37882467
  3. Jessica Ennis-Hill

    Retires from athletics. So that's the first entrant of Strictly 2017 wrapped up then. :smile:
  4. * ORM *

    Putting the Great back into Britain

    For those doom merchants after Brexit UK Retail Sales showing huge positive growth.UK GDP back in line with expectations. UK manufacturing had one of its biggest monthly jumps in 25 years. UK consumer confidence up. The pound starting to show signs of strengthening. Britain doesn't need Europe...
  5. Doping

    The Sunday Times are going front page with a doping scandal story that implicates PL stars, tennis players, boxers, crickers and cyclists. https://twitter.com/richard_conway/status/716371675286282241 It doesn't sound good, but also the Doctor involved doesn't have the cleanest of records himself.
  6. londonblue

    Davis Cup 2016

    Off to a good start this weekend. Well done the team. I couldn't watch the last two sets of the match yesterday because I took my son to his tennis lesson, and then had one myself straight after, but from what I could see (the match was on in the club house) Murray looked out of it in the fourth...
  7. londonblue

    ECL Wildcards

    So the president of Barcalona wants top clubs who fail to qualify for the Champions' League to be given wildcards like in tennis: BBC What an idiot. Apart from the obvious: that this is moving further and further away from a Champions' League, he seems to have completely missed the point of...
  8. Ref Watch ..... Millwall H JPT

    As we try to preserve our 100% record in all cup competitions against Millwall, the man in charge of tomorrow's match needs little introduction. It will be Simon Hooper from Swindon refereeing Southend for the seventh time in his 8th season as a League referee. On Swindon’s books as a junior he...
  9. Uncle Leo

    Davis Cup Final

    Elements of GB's run have been covered in the Wimbledon thread but now Andy Murray is on the verge of almost single handedly winning the competition, I guess it deserves its own one. Apologies for those who won't read The Daily Mail, but Martin Samuel does a good job here of summing up why...
  10. Ref Watch ..... Peterborough (H)

    The man in charge of tomorrow's early kick off will be Simon Hooper from Swindon refereeing Southend for the sixth time in his 8th season as a League referee. On Swindon’s books as a junior he was released at the age of 16 and turned his attentions towards refereeing. He also represented...
  11. Uncle Leo

    World Athletics 2015

    Be it Olympics, World or even the Euros, the week of top class track and field competition is one of my sporting highlights of the year. (Realistic) hopes... Jess Ennis and Katarina Johnson-Thompson (love her Twitter bio) having a battle royal in the heptathlon. Bolt beats Gatlin Our women's...
  12. Braintree Friendly

    If anyone is going to this game best you arrive early as parking could be an issue. Apparently a group of gypsies have parked up in Braintree's overflow carpark as well as parking on the near by tennis club.
  13. Ref Watch .... Wycombe at Wembley

    Well, this is the 54th and final Refwatch of the extended season. Ten years ago, we were in the League Two Playoff Final. The referee in charge on that occasion, Martin Atkinson, was refereeing a European Champions League semi-final a couple of weeks ago and in a week’s time he will be...
  14. Worst people in the world

    It's these lot, isn't it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPnnxc1Dfm0 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muggle_quidditch I can get my head around them taking a ball game from a fantasy book/film series and playing it in real life, but what is with the broom stick? Why add an element of 'i'm...
  15. Elena Baltacha

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/tennis/26488401 Has been diagnosed with liver cancer at the ripe old age of 30. :stunned: Here's hoping she pulls through.
  16. DTS


    Lads Can I pick your brains a second. Long story short but I always have £100 at the start of the football season I a betting account and I see what I can turn it into. One season I took £500 out of the account before losing the rest. Normally I get nothing. Last week I opened an account...
  17. danburyshrimper

    Celebrity top trumps

    I 've just come back from holiday in Turkey & 2 (sort of) semi famous people were staying at the same place for the same week. I got beaten in the table tennis final by Burnley + Welsh Int'l Brian Stock ...( although he did admit he has his own table tennis table in his triple garage at...
  18. Mad Cyril

    Best Swearing.

    What is the best bit of swearing you have heard. For me it was when a mate, apoplectic with rage was ejected by the proprietor of the archery/sports shop near Priory park for having the nerve to touch a tennis racket. "That ****, he's a ****ing ****"
  19. Evening Echo

    Rawreth A stretch the gap at league summit to 10 points

    RAWRETH A team beat two-man Thorpe Bay B 9-0 to move 10 points clear at the top of the Southend Table Tennis League Premier Division with just two games to go. More...
  20. Foxy!

    Woke up to watch the tennis this morning and heard an awful racket outside. OPened up the curtains and was confronted with this scene.