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  1. Any of you bored should watch this

    Hi fellow shrimpers, my brother made a film few years ago which features heavily around a southend supporter, a comedy feature film which makes reference to Orient and follows his journey on making it back to getting in his team - there are 4 parts to it and it really is funny - situated in...
  2. Yorkshire Blue

    Training ground car park DJs

    Kevin Richardson wanted out at Watford and took to blasting ‘Please Release Me’ by Engelbert Humperdinck from his car stereo when he arrived at the training ground. What songs should Shrimpers past and present play as they arrived to training?
  3. manor15

    England youth call-ups

    Interesting breakdown of players called up from u16 to u21 level and which clubs they are with here: https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/which-clubs-own-englands-future-make-three-lions-youth-squads-revealed?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral Only ourselves, Charlton, Fleetwood, Coventry and...
  4. adwebb16

    Football Manager 2017

    Football Manager 2017 is released on 4th November 2016 - www.footballmanager.com Big release video yesterday detailing the new features; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrVy4Z6F5CA I used to play the PC version avidly until about 4 years ago and it almost became a little bit too complex for...
  5. chrisblore

    Mark Gower

    Signing for Swansea on a free transfer - SMS Not exactly the shock of the century is it?!
  6. TrueBlue

    Bet Fred held up!

    Betfred in Rayleigh help up this evening by person or persons in balaclavas What's it coming too! Also that's quite a newish shop would have latest security features! However they don't have any security glass there
  7. RHB


    There is a 'Shop' tab between 'Blogs' and 'Chat' which I have never thought to click until now. When I did, I got this message from vBulletin: Rootshallbloke, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient...
  8. LägerBomb


    Hi everyone, I recently wrote an article for www.thesetpieces.com about how much I hate timewasting. Having seen a lot of it by smaller teams over the last few years I hope it might chime with some of you. Most of you will recognise the reference to Timlin dribbling to ball into the corner at...
  9. Cricko

    Zone Update The Zone Features-Did you know this exists?

    Having a chat with Ken today, one of things that stood out to us was the hundreds of things some members do not realise exist within the forums. It would be great if people added to this thread about features they are aware of so others can have a better experience on here. Ok I will start...
  10. Cricko

    Zone Update How to use the New Features.

    Hi all, the Zone will be offline for a short period tonight as we do some upgrades on the server and add some of the Plug-ins people have requested on the other thread. Edit: A "How to use" the new features is posted later in this thread.
  11. Is it possible to get Blues Player commentary on Android?

    Hi there, I know a lot of people moan about Blues Player commentaries but I must say I have never had a problem with it. Occasionally drops for a few secs, but that is just as likely to be my wifi. My question is about commentaries on Android devices. Has anyone managed to get live commentary...
  12. Hawkwell Blue

    Pre-Match Thread Friends of Katie Cricket Match

    This Sunday will see the 7th Friends of Katie Cricket Match in memory of my late daughter Miss HB who died at Little Havens in 2008. The game is at Little Baddow Cricket Club at 2pm and features my Southend XI (including a number of Blues' fans) against a Little Baddow XI. We have a Pampering...
  13. DoDTS

    Shrimperzone period drama - coming soon

    Episode 1 Southend United Building for the future 1929-30 What are we going to do for the next couple of months? Now this isn’t for everyone (if it’s not for you please switch off now) but for those that like the historical stuff, coming soon to Shrimperzone in episode form is: SOUTHEND...
  14. Evening Echo

    Friday's Echo features 12 page pull out on Southend United's play off clash at Burton

    FRIDAY’S Echo will feature a 12 page pull out on Southend United’s play-off clash at Burton Albion. More...
  15. manor15

    Cauley Woodrow

    Features in this month's FourFourTwo with a letter describing him as one to watch and a talent for the future with the writer saying he scored in a 5-1 rout against his team and "was everywhere". Clearly he saw something we didn't, though it's not that difficult to look good in a 5-1 win.
  16. How to spend $100,000

    A 33-year-old man has spent five years and $100,000 in an effort to look like his hero - teenage pop idol Justin Bieber Toby Sheldon is a songwriter from Los Angeles who has used Bieber's youthful features as the inspiration for numerous surgeries, including face fillers, a chin reduction and...
  17. Ayrshire Blue

    iOS 7

    Anyone else updated. I'm not too sure on it in all honesty. Some of the features seem a step backwards.
  18. Shrimperstrust

    Junior Blues Website Now Online

    Following on from the re-launch of the Junior Blues their new website is now online. On the website you will find news of all the 'Partners' signed up to the Junior Blues along with information how to join up. There will be regular features and competitions posted, and this week if you join...
  19. Blues player

    Just wondering if people thought that the Blues Player is worth the £40 ish a year? I won't be able to get to any games probably this year, but would still like to support the club. Basically, what are the best features in your opinion, and would you pay £40 for a years subscription?
  20. We're in the Football365.com's End of Season Awards!

    "Press Release Of The Season: Ron Martin's rambling, self-indulgent waffle as Southend dismissed Paul Sturrock and replaced him with Phil Brown." http://www.football365.com/f365-features/8726277/F365-Awards Long live our Supreme Leader!