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  1. Cricko

    We came to this Earth via an Asteroid- We are the Aliens.

    So newish news is that asteroids are not just rocks but lumps of ice. It is now the theory that we were a rock planet once, just lava and stuff until we were hit by an asteroid made mostly from water and this how life began here. It's a fair comment though to say we are Aliens on this planet...
  2. How is it possible?

    Dagenham spend lumps of money on their ground, Dagenham have a squad of 24 with 2 on loan, Dagenham (as far as I know)don't have massive debts, Dagenham average 2000 home crowds, Southend in comparison are a pale shadow even though we almost treble their crowd,It's bloody annoying.
  3. duncan bulgaria

    I'm liking what Sturrock is Building here .

    I don;t want to get to carried away as our best seasons in teh past 10 years have been when we have gone into a season not expecting too much , but I look at the rebuilding job Sturrock has done and I can't help thinking he has a real good side and Balance going on . This guy like him or not...
  4. Benfleet A1

    Bullies and Bullying

    Now bare with me good readers, this is going somewhere but I want to give it some background first. When I was a kid I was bullied, bad. My first taste of it was at the grand old age of 4 years old at nursery school where a phycotic 5 year old used to attack the entire fraturnity. He would rip...
  5. danburyshrimper

    Pre-Match Thread Looking positively solid

    ....................................MILDENHALL............................. FRANCIS.............M'VOTO.............HEATH...............WHITE ................................CHRISTOPHE............................... .......GRANT...................MACCA..............MOUSSA...
  6. Ron Manager

    Lloyd Owusu

    Just remind me lads and lasses - Lloyd Owusu is possibly one of the worst lumps of a striker we've come up against in recent years isn't he? Just that there's a rumour he's signing for Adelaide over here in the A-League and I've been telling people how awful he is. Can anyone assure me my...
  7. bomma77

    Our most fouled player of the season

    Would love to see the stats for this, but I reckon Antony Grant would be up there. He seems to have lumps kicked out of him every game, and how Oakley of Leicester stayed on the pitch after cracking Grant's nut open beggers belief.
  8. Thorpe Groyney

    Deal Or No Deal Contestants

    Is it me getting old or are the people on Deal Or No Deal nowadays the most annoying, stupid, moronic bunch of up-themselves wannabe tossbags you've seen this side of the solar system? All they go on about when it's some person's turn is "You're so lovely, it's an amazing experience, I have to...
  9. duncan bulgaria

    Garlic Bread !!

    My pal at work was telling me that he ordered a pizza the other night with a few of his chums and sat down to eat it , all the lads tucked into the pizza as you do , and then they opened up the garlic bread box only to discover that there was no garlic bread in the box and it had been replaced...
  10. Floyd at the 02?

    no idea if this is bollox? guy told me that a stage rigger told him floyd will play at the 02 next year................with roger waters? if true the tickets will go in minutes which means the fecking touts will charge me large lumps. still its worth it.......................max i will pay...
  11. South Bank Hank

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 3 Colchester 3

    If it can ever really be said that we scored (twice!) too early, then it could be said about this one. After the midweek heroics against Leeds, it was always going to be difficult to raise ourselves a second time in such quick succession. With the visiting Ewes enjoying a rest during the week...
  12. CC51DAS

    New Bond girl hails from Colchester

    Bond girl Gemma Arterton was born with six fingers on each hand Gemma Arterton, the new Bond girl, has disclosed that she was born with six fingers on each hand. By Matthew Moore Last Updated: 6:18PM BST 07 Oct 2008 Gemma Arterton, the new Bond girl, was born with six fingers on...
  13. seany t

    Keeping some perspective

    I can't wait for tomorrow, it should be good. Well, except for the Roots Hall tea, but that's a given pain I will continue to bear until my memory starts working on match days. But I do find it odd that from the depths of despair 3 days ago we now have about 150 posts regarding our new arrivals...
  14. CC51DAS

    Would we be better off to finish 6th ?

    Some reasons why we might do better to finish 6th A - the atmosphere at packed Roots Hall is usually at its best on a Friday ( probable date ) night . This might be the most lucrative option too B - We would get extra recovery time before the second leg . Our small squad has been...
  15. duncan bulgaria

    Views on players at Chelmsford

    After reading some mixed views on last nights performance's here is my take on the players on show last night and whether they will make the first eleven this season. Keeper- bit unlucky to conceaded 3 as pulled of 4 very good saves, would like to see him again. Hunt - i get frustrated with...
  16. Every game a cup final - no. 1 Leicester City.

    "this is going to be a tough game, although we have a good following going into this one, the original allocation of just over 1000 has sold out and the extra available has been taken up, 200 of which had been sold by 9 20 this morning, great support!" above from Leicester City forums - and...
  17. One hell of a fight

    Allright, this season has gone totally pear shaped. Yes we have had extreemly bad luck...but we have lacked that little bit of extra quality. The hardest thing to accept is we've been beaton by cr*p teams who rely on big lumps up front and set peices - unfortunatly thier unattractive game...
  18. Uncle Leo

    Five go mad in Sunderland. Or have a few beers anyway...

    Here's a review of Saturday in Sunderland, courtesy of Statski.... I think when the fixtures came out at the start of the season the away day trip to Sunderland ranked high upon peoples away games to do. One hell of a way to go for 90 minutes of football but seeing The Shrimpers playing in a...
  19. On way home...

    ...well, only just out of Elland Road car park actually.  Oh, the joy of having a wireless network card! Where do I start?  We were unbelievable.  I don't know how the f@ck we lost that and it was quite possibly the most unjust defeat I've seen in nearly 11 years of watching Southend.   Dennis...
  20. Kenny

    We went into the valleys and slayed the giants

    Wow, as the hangover has lifted it has finally sunk in that we bloody did it! Although I always followed the Blues fortunes since childhood I didn't really see many games, even when I started work at 17. I actually started to goto to every home game from the middle of 98/99 onwards so...