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seany t

May 11, 2006
I can't wait for tomorrow, it should be good. Well, except for the Roots Hall tea, but that's a given pain I will continue to bear until my memory starts working on match days.

But I do find it odd that from the depths of despair 3 days ago we now have about 150 posts regarding our new arrivals saying "Great purchase. Championship quality. Tilly's amazing"

I'd like to think that as a general rule on here, I'm more towards the "I'd trust T&B with my football club / girlfriend / Mario Kart lap time data in whatever they decide" end of the scale, so Ron's statement comes as no surprise to me when he says the backroom staff have been trying to improve in specific, concentrated areas rather than just getting in 3 lumps of averageness to fill the gaps. It's almost a shame he's felt the need to have to come out and say such a thing to please some of us lot given the teams track record, but I digress...

However at the same time, we all need to bear in mind that these players will unlikely be at their finest tomorrow, and it's not always a good idea to base our preconceptions of a player on a computer simulation or friends advice. Some will be slightly unfit, others settling in, a few lacking communication and understanding with many far from sharp. Now I know that goes for both teams, but Peterborough have built on a strong foundation, whereas we are experimenting with a new left hand side and goalkeeping hierarchy.

All I'm saying is, give these guys a few games and remember that Tilly has also signed Foran, Bailey, Eastwood, Ricketts, Francis et al. If tomorrow one of the new signings is utter tosh, bear in mind that many of our current first teamers also had rocky starts. It's all very well thinking that promotion is now on because we've signed 3 new players with decent backgrounds, but also keep some perspective that we, nor T&B, have truly seen what they're capable of yet. We still also need to bear in mind that they may turn out to not exactly be the best thing on Tilly's National Record of Achievement, but are still a Blue until he decides otherwise and as such deserve as much support as any of the others.

It's great seeing the increased optimism on here and dialogue between the club and fans, but just remember it's going to be many weeks before we truly know how good a side we have (and if anything like last year, sometime around March). Hope and expectation are great things, but so is remembering that Rome wasn't built in a day 3 months into it's construction.

I'm really excited about tomorrow*, and especially the prospect of drinking Otter ale again in The Spread, but more importantly I'm really excited about where this lowly club is aiming for and the people taking it there. And they need our support, perhaps more so than the players do...

* and admittedly slightly bored at work, hence this mammoth slightly Russell Crowe-esque post.
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