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  1. Cricko

    The site

    So this is it how it is people.. We have just upgraded to our last Vb4 security and the add on Modifications we use to enhance the site are no longer supported. In the short term it is not a problem for us, in the long term it is....It will be a year maybe before we have to actually leave Vb...
  2. Question New Club Song

    I was so impressed with the post 50 years ago today about Billy Best ,and mentioned in a thread about how the Kop always got behind Liverpool when they were down with their song YOUR NEVER WALK ALONE.That it came to me from the title of the thread that just maybe we have our own Sergeant Pepper...
  3. Shrimpers are Magic

    Slipped Disc - now that f-ing hurts!

    Who's had one? I have and it's the most intense pain I have ever experienced. Currently seeing a physio who used to treat the Saracens and he's hopeful of some kind of recovery - if you do a office job then take my advice and take up pilates - you don't want what I've had, trust me! Be...
  4. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Who has the best ever voice?

    Was thinking earlier when a Karen Carpenter song came on the radio. That was one lady who I think had a truly wonderful and unique voice. Yes, in many ways when you hear her sing it can make you feel sad even if she is singing a happy song given what happened to her at such a tragically young...
  5. Floval Flyer

    Next Season - New Signings for 17/18

    OK, who would you like to see come in during the summer, and what positions do we need to improve, or cover? I'll start with a GK; Lawrence Vigouroux, Really impressed when we played Swindon, they have been relegated so am sure he will be looking to move on? Heard he's a bit 'temperamental'...
  6. Tangled up in Blue

    England vs Lithuania

    First half was about as much fun as watching paint dry.Apart from Defoe's goal and Hart's comical mistake.
  7. RHB

    Two things I want to know.

    There are in fact loads of things I want to know, but for the moment two of them are driving me mad.... 1. What is that strange container thing for on the Cliffs along the seafront opposite the casino. It's painted in red white and blue? 2. The A130 slip road down to Howe Green was resurfaced...
  8. Barling Magna

    Oh No Doctor! It's starting again....

    The expectation..... the nerves...the fears....the hopes raised......the dreams.....the palpitations.....the joy....the ecstasy....the pain....the shock.....the desolation......the anger......the fury...........the relief.......the wry smiles........this roller-coaster of lows and...
  9. Blacks

    Can some one help me out here please as im dimmer then a dimmer switch thats been turned off. You have black hair or black cars or black paint so called because well its black but why do we call black people black when they are brown,all answers gratefully taken on board.
  10. SUFC_Ross

    Rent deposit

    Received a letter from my old landlord saying I wouldn't be receiving any of my previous deposit back, I'm not a bad tenant at all however I knew I would be charged for some minor repairs and redecorating as quite frankly I was too lazy to paint a flat I was leaving, however on this letter, it...
  11. Shrimpers are Magic

    Some Happy News

    One of the murderers of Lee Rigby lost two teeth whilst being "restrained" by prison officers. Hopefully someone will cut off his thumbs next. Who's says prisons are too soft? Lets hope the murdering scum is in lots of pain and in constant fear for his safety.
  12. DoDTS

    No. 12 HALF-TIME Points and Tables - MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE

    THIS IS THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE SEE ALSO THE SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) Is the magic of the cup dead? well waiting for the goals to go in this afternoon was like watching paint dry. However GBJ certainly took advantage with 9 points out of a possible...
  13. Hunt back for Bradford. Injured players update.

    Noel Hunt is back at training and he should be ready to play a part in the Bradford game. Weston and McLaughlin are both suffering bad ankle bruising and are still in pain when pressure is put on the ankle. Deegan, Worrall and Timlin are almost back, but will not be risked in the behind closed...
  14. Our ticketing system - why is it so complicated

    A little bit of light relief . Our ticket system has one main purpose- how difficult can it be? I am a season ticket holder and last week bought tickets for last night’s match for myself and two friends , also season ticket holders. I bought them on the phone and was told they would be...
  15. manor15

    Official Match Thread Southend United vs Barnsley

    655368462525689856 655368462542467072 Wordsworth for Deegan the only change, Worrall not on the bench so presumably picked up an injury which may explain Timlin playing through the pain.
  16. RHB

    Jack Wilshere: Arsenal & England midfielder suffers hairline fracture

    Poor old Jack Wilshere appears to be one of those players who just can't avoid injury. It just seems to follow him around. I wonder if he is very unlucky, or do Arsenal's medics and coaching staff have to accept some of the blame and pain? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/33801783
  17. Coca cola the £5 bottle!

    2 litres of diet coke in most shops around £1.50 in supermarkets around £1 ,in the club box a cool fiver! £300 for the box £100 bar bill The pain for a friendly ! Still we have tried it and whilst great fun was a tad expensive,shudder to think if we had food as well ,we would have required a...
  18. OldBlueLady

    Advice needed on repairs to porch

    In light of Pubey's latest request for advice, I am posting in the hope of someone being able to help us with the little problem we have with our porch. Basically, the old wooden side panels, doors and columns are all being replaced on 23rd with uPVC. The top part of our porch is still the...
  19. Pubey's DIY thread #23151

    So I'm planning to take a week off work in August to paint our house. Picked out a nice colour (Dulux Weathershield Sandstone) which is a standard waterbased masonry paint. At the back we've got a mixture of cast-iron downpipes, a PVC soil pipe and some other guttering down pipes. The previous...
  20. Pre-season game Vs Grays Ath

    Havent seen this mentioned anywhere, so might aswell spread the word. £6 a ticket & kids free is Cheap as chips. I think Grays are planning on turning it into a bit of a fun day, so the usual bits & bobs for kids I suppose, bouncy castles, face painting, games etc.