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  1. Uncle Leo

    Cheating Aussies

    This deserves a thread of its own surely. Now we're not squeaky clean of course - plenty of suspect behaviour by England players over the years - but this is something else. Smith will be sacked in the next day or two, right? And what exactly is a ****ing 'leadership group' anyway?
  2. Meetings tomorrow

    From CP's twitter - Ron is to meet with all members of the footballing staff tomorrow. Let's hope they tell him exactly what they think of PB!
  3. Yorkshire Blue

    Our next manager

    With the current incumbent's contract effectively expiring exactly 6 months' time, it's time to look forward to see in what direction we should go. The new manager will need to reshape the entire squad. Of Saturday's starting XI, the youngest player under contract for next season will be 32...
  4. Medicals

    Given we seem to sign quite a few crocks over the years what exactly do medicals cover. Turner signs - might be a good player but we don't know yet. Why doesn't a medical tell him to go away until he is match fit and then we start from scratch. Tony Allen
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    The Southampton blueprint

    This is an excellent article on Southampton's success. As recently as 2010 we were playing them in the league. Since then our paths have diverged as they have established themselves as a top half Premiership side. Whilst I think it unlikely that we'd have had quite the same success had we...
  6. RHB

    Sheffield United and Lenny

    The Echo is reporting that there has been an interest from a Championship manager speaking directly to PB regarding Lenny. PB stated that it would take a substantial bid for the club to be interested and he really wants to keep him. The Echo believes the interested club is Sheffield United...
  7. Did Fortune also score his 100th career goal on Saturday?

    Was looking at the Wikipedia entries for Cox & Fortune. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Cox_(footballer,_born_1987) Including his 4 goals for Ireland, Cox's goal on Saturday appears to have been his 104th career goal. Add up the stats at the bottom of his Wiki page (do it manually, don't...
  8. York-shire!

    So a great result last night and, bearing in mind that our last two away victories were at Sheffield United and Barnsley (I think), can anyone confirm exactly how good our recent record is in this vast county ?
  9. Napster

    Elliot Benyon

    signs for Wealdstone http://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/wealdstone-sign-former-torquay-swindon-11368364 Wealdstone have signed Elliott Benyon from Hayes & Yeading United. The experienced 28-year-old striker was United's Player of the Year last campaign as they...
  10. IloveShrimp

    Browns Comments

    Southend United manager Phil Brown: "The season is petering out into nothing. I’m very disappointed at today’s performance without the ball. “The second, third and fourth goal were just unacceptable defending. “Harsh words have been said in there. “We lacked...
  11. Excuses excuses!

    PETERBOROUGH United manager Graham Westley has blamed the club’s stewards for Chris Forrester’s late penalty miss against the Shrimpers. Forrester’s spot-kick was saved by Blues goalkeeper Daniel Bentley at London Road on Saturday. But Westley felt the position of the stewards did not help...
  12. Helmand

    456 British soldiers killed in action for what exactly ! The Taliban now control 65% of the province,whilst Afghan commanders flog their weapons leaving their troops high and dry,drug cartels controlled by the Taliban all fight over the £2 billion pound a year opium industry,the generals now...
  13. Tangled up in Blue

    The EU referendum

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-35150356 I see that Michael Heseltine has warned of a Tory "civil war" and that the Tories would be a "laughing stock" if Cameron allowed a free vote for his Cabinet Ministers on this issue. Funny, I seem to remember Harold Wilson doing exactly that last...
  14. RobM

    Found in Corringham

    ...an SUFC scarf. If the owner can tell me where exactly and when, I'll see it home.
  15. southend_aussies

    Next month will tell us where we are

    The next month of fixtures, in my opinion, will show us exactly where we are as we head into the New Year. Today - Wigan (H) - 5th 12th December - Bradford (A) - 6th 18th December - Bury (H) - 9th 26th December - Colchester (A) - 19th (but position doesn't matter in a rivalry) 28th December -...
  16. RHB

    Pre-Match Thread Oldham Athletic v Southend United

    We are one day away from another FL1 game, this time with Oldham Athletic. So far we have threads discussing ticket price stitch-ups, the referee and the Official site's bias towards selling tickets for Col U at the expense of the Oldham ones. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, now is the time to ramp...
  17. Jack Bridge

    Am looking for some genuine feedback from the 'Zone' on Jack Bridge. Have never seen him play and, as the U21 will be playing on Tuesday afternoons, am not expecting to see him any time soon. Am just curious exactly how close people would consider him to be to the First XI? I've heard/read...
  18. It seems for us exiles the game is online

    Firstrow.eu are showing the game in their footy links, this is of course not exactly a given that it's online
  19. RHB

    Boris - Good or Bad

    Now that Boris has his feet under the cabinet table is there an inevitability that eventually he will decide who joins him there? The more I see of the man, the more I think he has a very carefully planned career path and all the bumbling Boris stuff is pure smoke screen. Exactly what is his...
  20. * ORM *

    If you could turn back time

    No not a Cher appreciation thread and not actually a turn back time. If you could relive one childhood day exactly is it happened (without changing the outcome/future) what would it be and why ? I did childhood because marriage, first baby, first girl/boy bed (though that might apply to some...