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  1. * ORM *

    Indonesian Drug Executions

    I may be slightly controversial here but I'm in the let's get it over and done with camp. Before the knee jerks consider these points. Unlike some other examples the full and due legal process has been fully exhausted As travellers to many Asian countries know when you complete a landing card...
  2. callan

    Is Islam compatible with British Values

    https://yougov.co.uk/news/2015/03/30/majority-voters-doubt-islam-compatible-british-val/ Interesting stuff. From my point of view Islam hasn't integrated as well into British society as well as we might have hoped, however with Labours illegal war etc, we actually haven't exactly helped ourselves.
  3. LennySUFC

    Happy one year Anniversary everyone!

    A year ago "today" (15/02/15) we lost 2-3 at home to exeter with Mark Phillips scoring as a direct result of a corner. I think this is the last time we have scored a header from a corner with the ball going from the boot of corner taker to head of goal scorer without being touched (ie what you...
  4. Stevenage Ticket Prices

    £22 in advance £24 on the day, jesus, I often drive past the place, not exactly Old Trafford, seems expensive for such a small club.
  5. Deja Vue all over again

    If you'll allow me to use the famous quote by baseball legend Yogi Bera, The players and manager might have changed, however, we seem to be in exactly the same position we have been in several times over the last couple of seasons. Going on good runs, poor runs (especially at home), playing...
  6. South Bank Hank

    Quick Links to Threads / ShrimperZone Icons

    A couple of posters asked this question so a quick recap to make access easier. Finding New Comments Easiest way to see what's happened since you last visited is to click on New Posts just beneath the Home and Forum buttons on the toolbar/SZ header. Picking up where you left off There are...
  7. Lester Bangs

    FA cup TV scheduling

    So I looked to see what game the BBC will be showing today and was surprised to see no live games on terrestrial television. I then went to the FA site and it was confirmed that the live games this weekend are: First Round Proper - live ties Friday 7 November – 7.55pm Warrington Town v...
  8. OldBlueLady

    Streaming - what exactly is it?

    As the title says really, our broadband usage has gone mad lately: July/Aug - 54.96GB Aug/Sept - 49.13GB (though the broadband was very erratic for most of this time) Sept/Oct - 75.92GB Oct/Nov - 74.97GB - and there's still almost 2 weeks to go for this billing period! Our "unlimited"...
  9. shrimperjon

    Travelling to Luton

    Taking my son to Luton for the first time in a few weeks and have decided against car travel due to lack of parking etc. so have booked on the coaches for pick up at the fortune of war. Can someone confirm exactly where it picks up and drops off please. Is it before or after the roundabout? Thanks
  10. Shrimper2thecore

    Maximum Acca Payout

    Exactly as the title says - can anyone confirm if there is a general maximum payout of accas?
  11. Jam_Man

    Jason Williams on loan to Bury Town?

    Derek Bish @BishDerek Sports editor of Bury Free Press, Haverhill Echo, Newmarket Journal, Suffolk Free Press & Diss Express. Southend fan. Views are my own. Derek Bish @BishDerek · 41m Had a chance to speak to Phil Brown himself and he's looking at possibility of #southend striker Jason...
  12. Question Scapegoats

    So why is Shaq the scapegoat for this seasons poor start ? Some of you are already criticising him heavily. You are also criticising PB for bringing him in. Question for the doom mongers then...... Why haven't you questioned PB's decision to bring in Worrall and Bolger with equal vigour, one...
  13. HMRC / Tax / Budget / Ron?

    http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/technology/willardfoxton2/100012871/did-you-spot-this-budget-gives-hmrc-power-to-raid-your-bank-account-like-wonga/ Significant change - HMRC can decide if someone had unpaid tax and then just dip into their bank account to get it. Seems pretty risky to me, because...
  14. Bentley - is he as good as we think he is?

    Don't post very often but just want to obtain some opinion. I've thought over the last few games, aside from a number of very good saves Bentley has made from distance, his position and movement for crosses, corners and free-kicks has not been good. In fact there was a goal at Mansfield and one...
  15. Time for a Q&A?

    Hasn't been one for a while and there are some serious issues to be asked. Ron said that if work didn't start in 2013, it was "back to the drawing board". What exactly does he mean by this? With Sainsbury funding the 3 stands with the 4th to be built later, how much can we cut back? For the...
  16. Uncle Leo

    World Cup 2022

    To the surprise of almost exactly no-one, it has been announced that the 2022 World Cup now won't be held in June/July. FIFA and the big clubs set for a big row over this...
  17. OldBlueLady

    What traditions do you keep at Christmas?

    As it's Christmas Eve, I thought it would be interesting to read about Zoners' family traditions at Christmas time, maybe some from when you were a child, maybe some if you have children now. As the eldest grandchild, I got to "enjoy" the strictest of my grandad's rules - no presents until...
  18. Big Bad Barry Corr

    Question Tickets for Wimbledon away. What happened to priority for SUFC shareholders?

    Having logged onto the official website tonight to check for ticket availability for the AFC Wimbledon game on Boxing Day, I see that we have an allocation of 700 odd and that is it. Priority is for season ticket holders and Blues Lottery members. No problem with the 1st obviously but nothing...
  19. Strikers Who Leave And Score Goals...

    Matt Harrold - Useless for us, only scored 3 in 2 seasons. Has since gone on to play for Wycombe, Shrewsbury & currently Bristol Rovers. Has scored a total of 45 goals since leaving. Gary Hooper - Usually 3rd choice behind Freddy & Foran (Unbelievably). Currently with Norwich in the Prem. Since...
  20. Not Exactly A Classic...DAILY HIGHLIGHTS 1

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0pvlSWTGio Corr's dodgy penalty miss & Morris' unlucky mistake...