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  1. RHB

    Desert Island Discs

    Ok Zone Castaways, now is your opportunity to share the stuff that the castaways on Desert Island Discs do each week. Pretty simple really, you have to choose eight recordings (usually, but not always, music), a book and a luxury item that you would take if you were to be cast away on a desert...
  2. Strykr

    plug time again

    Hi all, plug time again I'm afraid, :blush: New album out this friday! I know some of you are into your retro synth. Just popped a teaser track up on youtube if anyone wants to check it out. Cant seem to embed the vid link, but here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJkdA9GDPsw...
  3. Spaceman Spiff

    Injured players returning

    Now our injury/unfit list is reaching the point where it's probably longer than the list of fit players, I'm losing track of who's expected back when. Any help greatly appreciated! Turner Expected back ?? Ferdinand Injured?? Coker January 2018ish Wordsworth...
  4. Tommy2holes

    Pre-Match Thread Gillingham v Southend

    The game is technically our closest this season barring a nightmare on the QE2 bridge. As we all know it is a hell hole of the highest order with a death trap of an away stand. £20 seems very steep to me for a ticket. It would be nice to get back on track with a win a cox goal and a 15 minute...
  5. manor15

    Next season

    With us now out of the play-offs and yesterday showing how shallow our squad is, it got me thinking as to where we could end up next season if we don't make the play-offs this year. We've got quite a few players out of contract, a few who are getting older and some who might be angling for a...
  6. Youth Unbeaten Run Continues.

    SUFC U18s are now unbeaten in nine matches and have moved up to second place in the EFL Youth Alliance South East Conference table after beating Cambridge 4-2 away. Great comeback as well, as the Blues were 2-0 down at half time. The best goal was probably this one.....90+4: Imani Matthews cut...
  7. January transfer window

    The rumours have started already ahead of the January transfer window - http://the72.co.uk/70128/millers-and-blades-track-southend-midfielder/
  8. DoDTS

    This weekend no. 6

    I have to go away for a few days, not sure how long and don't think I will have internet access. Therefore: I doubt I will able to send reminders on Friday or last reminders on Saturday. I don't know if I will be able to post scores and tables on Saturday night I will be back on track as...
  9. Uncle Leo

    Improving the Olympics

    Pubey and I have both been listening to a podcast featuring Malcolm Gladwell where, among other things, he comes up with a suggestion for improving the track and field - namely, moving event such as high jump to a smaller arena where spectators can focus on that event, rather it being lost in a...
  10. Rio 2016 Olympics

    There will be no Russian track & field athletes at Rio.....I can sense a Russian boycott of the games on the cards here. Shame, the Olympics is supposed to be above politics, but if they can't win fairly, then what else can you do?
  11. RHB

    The Brennan B2

    I'm thinking of investing in a Brennan B2 and moving our entire CD collection onto it. http://www.brennan.co.uk/ The starting model is around £380 and whilst that isn't mega money it's enough to make me ask if there is anyone on the Zone that has got, or used, one. Alternatively, does anyone...
  12. OldBlueLady

    Michael Timlin - the missing heartbeat of the side?

    I honestly believe that Timlin missing is one of our biggest problems. He and Lenny work best alongside each other, and in an orthodox four man midfield, they are amongst the best pairings in the division. Both cover defenders where necessary and both track back and tackle, which other CMs...
  13. Rattus Norvegicus

    Christmas C.D. for Phil Brown

    A group of us S.U.F.F.E.R.S (Southend United Fans For Ever Resolved (to) Support) were thinking of making a compliation C.D. as a gift to "orange one" for Christmas. Any suggestions for tunes to include on this 20 track disc? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Albatross...
  14. Question Half time tune?

    Been bugging me for a while, but does anyone know the first song played at half time today that sounds liked whistling with a dance track behind it. Can't for the life of me find it and Shazam won't catch it because of the announcer talking over it all the time. Thanks in advance!
  15. Rusty Shackleford

    The Clock Ticks On

    From Mark Steyn: The world divides into those who sincerely believe in that "Coexist" sticker and those who think it's a delusional evasion. After all, if it weren't for that big Muslim crescent "C" at the front, you wouldn't need a bumper sticker at all: That peace-symbol "O"? It's Muslims...
  16. RHB

    Being 65 is cool!

    I was sent this today by another oldie mate from the Colonies. I thought it worth sharing. I am over 65 and the Armed Forces thinks I'm too old to track down terrorists. You can't be older than 42 to join the military. They've got the whole thing ***-backwards. Instead of sending 18-year olds...
  17. Freddy Eastwood - Thanks for the memories

    Hi, I've been trying to educate my young glory hunting Chelsea rent boy colleague on the meaning of real football. Part of his education was to show him the Freddy Eastwood goals collection with the 'thanks for the memories' soundtrack. However the only copy I can find is a horribly...
  18. Uncle Leo

    World Athletics 2015

    Be it Olympics, World or even the Euros, the week of top class track and field competition is one of my sporting highlights of the year. (Realistic) hopes... Jess Ennis and Katarina Johnson-Thompson (love her Twitter bio) having a battle royal in the heptathlon. Bolt beats Gatlin Our women's...
  19. Mad Cyril

    Hadleigh MTB track.

    Does anyone else here use this?
  20. Mad Cyril

    Getting a towbar fitted

    Can anyone advise a reasonably priced local supplier/fitter? Use - to take bike rack and eventually to tow a dinghy on a trailer....