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  1. Sacked managers

    Bye bye Henning Berg after 57 days, and quite stupidly Forest sack Sean O'Driscoll after a 4-2 win v Leeds with a very realistic chance of a promotion. I put money on Mancini being dumped before the end of 2013.
  2. southend4ever

    Man City - Mancini & Balotelli

    Hi All, A few questions... Come the end of the season if you were in charge of Man City would you sell or keep Balotelli? If you owned Man City, would you keep Mancini or release him? AND What do you think the Man City owners will do? Will they replace Mancini and can you see Balotelli at...
  3. fredheim_holm

    Official Match Thread Southend vs. Oldham - FA Cup 2nd Round

    Line ups: Southend 31 Daniels 02 Clohessy 03 Gilbert 06 Bilel 12 Ferdinand 15 Phillips 23 Barker 04 Hall 08 Timlin 19 Kalala 22 Dickinson Oldham 01 Cisak 02 Mvoto 03 Black 05 Diamond 04 Wesolowski 08 Furman 11 Adeyemi 19 Lee 10 Simpson 20 Scapuzzi 32 Kuqi subs: 01 Morris, 05 Coughlan, 16...
  4. Carlos Tevez

    So I was just interested in finding out the ShrimperZone opinion about Carlos Tevez and what happened with him last night. I'm slightly biased about this because I've got him in a Fantasy Football game and need him to be playing but anyway I'm feeling slightly sympathetic towards him. Mancini's...
  5. Sandbach Shrimper

    New Season Predictions

    With the new Premier League season starting tomorrow, what are everyone's predictions for the top 4, bottom 3 and top scorer (along with any other predictions you'd like to offer)? Here's mine: Top 4 - Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool Bottom 3 - Wigan, Swansea, QPR Top scorer - Javier...
  6. Slipperduke

    Nothing To Love At City Either

    I was delighted to see Manchester City lose this weekend. How appalling is that? It made me feel dirty. It is a truly sad man who takes pleasure in the misfortune of others, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to feel anything other than contempt for Roberto Mancini's men. They were well...
  7. southend4ever

    Man City

    Roberto Mancini has promised City players and fans that he will bring one new face in before the January transfer window closes. Tevez and Lescott are currently arguing over who is going to get it. I still remember playtime at school, a bit of footy, sneaking a quick cigarette & fingering girls...
  8. seany t

    Italian meal?

  9. Slipperduke

    City's Glaring Vie-error

    When Kenny Dalglish ruled the roost at Anfield, Liverpool were the dominant force in English football. He maintained their superiority during his tenure with a very simple transfer philosophy, and it's something that Manchester City would do well to emulate. 'Always be sure to sign better...
  10. The French Re-Vieira

    Roberto Mancini must be feeling in a charitable mood… offering to re-home an aged war-dog like Patrick Vieira certainly caught a few people off guard. The France captain spent the summer being linked with a return to Arsenal, and then August being touted as a shock move for Redknapp’s Spurs in...
  11. Football Managers Are For Three Years, Not Just Until Christmas

    It'll be a lean Christmas in the Hughes household this year. Well, not exactly, but Hughes will be without a job as of this evening. Rumours of his dismissal spread like wildfire before and during the game, Roberto Mancini's odds coming in as low as 1/6 and the board made the ominous...
  12. canveyshrimper

    Mark Hughes

    Sacked by Manchester City and replaced by Roberto Mancini.
  13. sufcintheprem

    If I was recruiting for Sunderland

    I would be using all my contacts to get Roberto Mancini to come and have a look. Failing that, I would give Houllier a call. Failing that, Big Sam would be my man. This chairmanship business is a piece of cake.
  14. Slipperduke

    The battle for succession at Stamford Bridge

    With Avram Grant deposed, the battle for succession at Stamford Bridge is on and there's only man that I want to see given a chance in the hotseat. The enduring bone of contention with Chelsea is that, with limitless funds, they've spent five years building up a very good, but very workman-like...
  15. Slipperduke


    You would think that, as the single most important match of their history looms up on the horizon, Chelsea might try to put a lid on the gossip and focus on the football, but nothing is ever that simple at Stamford Bridge. Faced with a choice of either (a) clarifying Avram Grant’s future or (b)...
  16. Slipperduke

    Liverpool Not Out Yet

    Liverpool fans must be feeling numb by now. There's only so much bad news you can take before you end up rocking backwards and forwards in the corner of the room, dribbling on your shoes and the weekend defeat to Barnsley was the final straw for most long-suffering Reds. Never has there been...