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  1. New Kits - Home, Away, Both, Neither?

    As the title and the poll options say - are the new kits a MISS or a HIT??
  2. Yorkshire Blue

    Multimedia websites

    Am I just being curmudgeonly in disliking the new look cricinfo web-site with its "multimedia" focus? Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all against highlight reels showing actual sporting action appearing on web-sites, or illustrating written articles with photographs, diagrams and the like. It's...
  3. Big Bad Barry Corr

    So much love for that man. #corrgasm
  4. OldBlueLady

    Apology 50 years too late?

    For those of us born around the time of this, you tend to think "there, but for the grace of God." The deformities of babies born as a result of thalidomide is known to most of us I should think. As one sufferer says in this report, these unfortunate people all need medical care that costs, so...
  5. Denmark vs Sweden

    Saga Noren - Swedish detective from The Bridge Sarah Lund - Danish detective from The Killing Saga: - Probably autistic - Get to see her front-garden - Reasonably fit - Nice car Sarah: - Only owns two jumpers - Old face - Annoying mum - Mentally stable
  6. Firestorm

    Spot the difference

    Mancini can't see any, Gerrard has found some How many can you find ?
  7. Firestorm

    NSFW Sammy or Elvis would never do this

    Linky Or would they ?
  8. pickledseal

    NAS Server / Wireless External Harddrive

    Another request, apologies, but unfortunately I always get a good response! Been looking into finding a way of setting up a media server with music/videos on to be shared around the house without my old PC having to be on all the time - and freeing up all the HDD space on my laptop. There...
  9. News story of the year!

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/tv/2990742/DIY-SOS-host-Nick-Knowles-burns-willy-on-oven-while-nude-baking.html "The DIY SOS host, 47, then tried rubbing it with butter before plunging it into a pint of iced Pimms":D
  10. manor15


    Slovenia Manager: Matjaz Kek Captain: Robert Koren FIFA Ranking: 23 Group C Background: Slovenia's only previous World Cup campaign, in 2002, turned into shambles after their opening game saw them defeated by Spain 3-1, resulting in star player, Zlatko Zahovic, and then manager, Srecko...
  11. manor15

    South Africa

    South Africa Manager: Carlos Alberto Parreira Captain: Aaron Mokoena FIFA Ranking: 88 Group A Background: Since re-entering CAF and FIFA the hosts have won the African Cup of Nations and appeared in the World Cup twice, in 1998 and 2002. Most of their side live and play in Europe, from the...
  12. Soccer AM/MW thoughts on Tilly

    Tuesday, 27 April 2010 What goes up must come down After their relegation to League Two was confirmed at the weekend, Nobes analyses the future for Southend United. Southend fans are facing up to the prospect of League Two next season There's a thought that football, like life...
  13. MrB

    It's Friday, Pics of birds please

    This afternoon is going to be a slow one, for the first time in ages I haven't been to the pub on Friday lunchtime so I need some alternative entertainment. Random pictures of fit birds please:
  14. Hotman

    the internet, as seen in 1995

    Visionaries see a future of telecommuting workers, interactive libraries and multimedia classrooms. They speak of electronic town meetings and virtual communities. Commerce and business will shift from offices and malls to networks and modems. And the freedom of digital networks will make...
  15. Smiffy

    Emily Atack

    Would you?
  16. seany t

    Normally Katy Brand wearing a tiny corset would be a good thing, but I dunno...?

    There's something about this image I can't put my finger on which makes me despise her and her ample cleavage substantially... Any ideas folks?
  17. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Beckham's beard??

  18. Natalie Sawyer

    ...definitely up there as one of the hottest SSN presenters, is engaged to that prick Sam Matterface. argh!!! that's really ruined my day http://www.facebook.com/sam.matterface
  19. Matt the Shrimp

    Southend-on-sea world record attempt

    It would appear that last weekend an attempt was made on Southend-on-sea beach to break a world record: to photograph the most women wearing bikinis in one place. The current world record stands at 1,923. Our Essex ladies fell 1,882 short. Here are some photos of the brave 42 lasses who...
  20. OldBlueLady

    Happy Birthday to.......

    Vaaaaaaaange Shrimper - Happy Birthday Hils - here's a couple of your fav rugby boys!