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  1. Shrimper

    Effectiveness of Substitutes

    Something I noticed was that this season in the league we have just 1 goal according to the programme from our substitutes in the league, that being McGlashan in the 4-2 win against Fleetwood. Obviously, you wouldn't expect a defender to contribute offensively so you could look at those...
  2. danburyshrimper

    Waifs and strays fc

    How about we take a chance on Steven Caulker ? Like most of our squad he will need managing carefully , but having Caulker and Kiernan as our central defenders would be quality and would allow Anton Ferdinand to sit deep midfield and play in Phil Brown's cherished "Ivan Campo role " ...
  3. Southend and the premiership

    I know this is only a fantasy at present,but who knows what the future and a new 22000 seater stadium may bring.I myself would be happy just for Southend to make the championship and consolidate our position there,but from there one day maybe not in my life time we just might make it into the...
  4. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Question 2016 - How Was It For You?

    Not spotted a similar thread so thought I'd start it for a bit of quick reflection before we properly get going with 2017. Have seen something similar I think in previous years and always find it interesting - we all have a common bond in SUFC but outside of that all have different lives with...
  5. londonblue

    Name the England Manager Quiz

    Try this: BBC 81% for me. Would have been higher if I was able to use a mouse properly!
  6. Phil Brown on 5 Live

    He said earlier that the costs of policing a game is included in the tickets and Saturday wasn't policed properly. Most interesting was when he said he's in favour of standing and used to love standing under the lights at Sunderland
  7. Yorkshire Blue

    Silverwood named as Essex coach

    Those of us thinking a new broom was needed will be sorely disappointed that this opportunity has been missed, but I wish him all the best. My sources tell me he has some very different ideas to Grayson and that the delay was because the club were aware how terrible it would look appointing...
  8. 2014-2015 Last Player Standing

    The rules: 1. Add one point (to only 1 player) and remove one point (to only 1 player) 2. You must give a reason 3. You can only play once a day 4. You must copy and paste properly and correct mistakes 5. Avoid being repetitive (using the same reasons and voting the same way) - spread the...
  9. Save Grassroots Petition

    Good afternoon. Some of you may have seen the @savegrassroots account on Twitter to force the Premier League, through broadcasting fees, to properly back grassroots football. Costs of everything are going up every year and local governments can no longer fund it. 100,000 people hung up their...
  10. Embedded tweets

    Embedded tweets would be a really good feature for the board I reckon - I think it can be done. A lot of what gets discussed on here comes from twitter so it'd be good if tweets being mentioned could be properly embedded. Then people can click on that tweet to link back to it, see who actually...
  11. Pathetic Shooting Practise At Training.

    Shooting practise with the forwards needs a total change in my opinion, and there currently should be more time spent on it. They are rolled a ball and they try and beat the keeper. Dave Penney normally does shooting practise. There is no instruction from a former deadly striker about balance...
  12. Big Brother - Loanee edition

    This week is going to be slow... so a round of Big Brother to brighten it up!! Loanee special edition Simple rules: Everyone starts with 10 points. Every day every poster can +1 to one player, and -1 from another. Once a player gets to 0 he is evicted. Last player standing is the winner 1)...
  13. Top Five Regrets of the Dying

    As below.... What might your biggest regret be? NB superblue24 - Regret #2..........
  14. fbm

    The Great Divide

    Blimey, what a week! We've got people who used to hate Ron now not hating him as much and maybe even liking him as well as people who gave him the benefit of the doubt before who think he is now the spawn of the Devil. We've got what maybe was a well intended gesture and an injection of a...
  15. Guv thinking left hand/right hand?

    Teachers are morale low; they get told to teach basic 3 Rs & then have to spend 40% + of their time doing ofsted stuff instead of teaching. NHS told to treat patients properly and be ward hygienic/basics & then spend fortunes on new computers and "managers" that don't do any of the basic stuff...
  16. Bielzibubz

    Drink & Driving - Absolute Zero Tolerance - Yes, No?

    No need for a poll as the choices are quite simple. Should there be an absolute zero tolerance on alcohol. Should the law be reduced to 5 milligrams per unit of blood down from the current 35? Now I don't drink (I'm allergic to alcohol + love driving) so I have a somewhat biased viewpoint but...
  17. onlyonekingkevin

    My mate thinks Watford may be eager to bring Assombalonga back asap

    not sure if he is just fishing , but i have been informed that watford have been keeping a very close eye on there little boy and looks like we might not be able to extend his loan :unsure: . im yet to see him play properly , but from what i have read he sounds class and hes are top goal...
  18. Ticket Office Phone Line

    The Ticket Office Line isn't working properly. I've been getting cut off for the last 45 minutes. It's a bit of a joke, has anyone else had any problems?
  19. Crawliano

    Alan Partridge

    Is anyone else really loving the fact that Cook Pass Babtridge really has come back to the fore? I love the guy. Watched the entire videography over the last couple of weeks and what Coogan did with that character was nothing short of awesome. A complete dick yet you somehow found yourself...
  20. Freddy to leave Cov

    http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/coventry-city-fc/coventry-city-fc-news/2011/10/06/freddy-eastwood-to-find-another-club-92746-29548632/ Dunno how long he has left on his contract. L1 clubs are interested, but put off by his wage demands.