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  1. Gifs of the Goals

    I'll be creating gifs for every Southend goal this season (that get put on Youtube anyway), you'll be able to find them at http://southendgifs.imgur.com/. Enjoy! If you want to use one of these gifs in your signature, let me know and I'll make you a slightly smaller one. Latest Goal - McQueen vs...
  2. Lee Boyce article that may be of interest ;

  3. Old reader but new poster!

    Hi all, there I was getting annoyed at all the new years resolution talk when I realised that the one thing I definitely SHOULD make an effort to do this year is to contribute to this site rather than simply relying on the contributions of others to get me through my commute/lunchbreak! First...
  4. Your New Years Resolution for the Blues?

    I want to see some more Essex derbies with Coldchester United and our London rivals, West Ham United.
  5. New Years Resolutions

    So come on then. What's yours? I've made 2: 1. Don't drink during January (and no I'm not doing a ****ing dryathalon, thanks for asking. A charity can't just come along and take over an idea that people regularly do. Movember is a good idea, but this 'dryathalon' isn't) 2. Get out of bed...
  6. Desktop Wallpaper

    Having scoured the interwebs endlessly for a decent SUFC background to no avail, I decided to make my own. Feel free to use it, I am aware the resolution isn't great.
  7. Razam

    Interesting Article On New Stadiums

  8. Smiffy

    Play-Off Visual Display? - Ideas?

    So, as we are almost nailed on to be involved in the Play-Offs. What should we arrange to add a bit of noise and colour to the two, hopefully three games? Do we want those individual flags like we have had before v Donny & Chelsea? Bam-Bams? Card display? I think it is time to think outside...
  9. Smiffy

    Logo Design Needed!

    As part of a slight re-brand and re-launch of The Blue Voice, we have decided we need a new logo. So who would like to design us a new logo, to go on our new website/flags & future merchandise etc? It would need to include the text "The Blue Voice" and "S.U.F.C" but other than that be as...
  10. blues_r_best

    Football Manager 2012

    Just been announced http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stoveU0utQ4& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iTXka94ePc& http://www.computerandvideogames.com/315372/football-manager-2012-announced-first-details/
  11. Breaking News Sainsburys article found in Property Week

    Found this article this morning, might finally be getting some progress on FF. Sainsbury’s has long been a friend of League Two football club Southend United. The supermarket is hoping to take over its stadium at Roots Hall for redevelopment as a store. What could go wrong for the Shrimpers...
  12. CC51DAS

    Breaking News NASA in a flap over Nicky Bailey's penalty

    Just spotted this on the web. Its from NASA's website. Looks like Nicky could be in deep **** now :clap: News NASA Aids Forecasters Tracking Iceland Volcano Ash Plume 05.05.10 Click to enlarge The visible ash plume from Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano was captured by NASA's...
  13. J

    Has it been paid yet?

    Well? Where's the statement.. why are we still waiting for this resolution????!!! Am i right in saying, that said within 24 hours, yesterday. SO that would make it no later than tonight?
  14. Tangled up in Blue

    Blair: Gaza's great betrayer

    It's more than a year since Israel launched its immoral attack on Gaza and Palestinians are still living on the verge of a humanitarian disaster. So what has Tony Blair done to further peace in the region? Virtually nothing, argues the historian Avi Shlaim Comments (98) Buzz up! Digg it Avi...
  15. New Years Resolutions

    So what are they? Mine is definitely to put more extra effort in at work, which is probably coupled with my aim to break the addiction of SZ, and aim for quality not quantity.
  16. New Season Resolutions

    Have you got any 'New Season Resolutions' for the coming 09/10 season? Could be to go to more games, travel away more, buy more merchandise etc etc. My own personal one is to not be too vocal against the management. Tilson has proved himself time and again and whilst I'm still not 100%...
  17. New Season's Resolutions

    What resolutions should the players,management and chairman be making for the new season? I will start the ball rolling with:- Macca - " I promise not to argue with the ref!"
  18. DTS

    What the **** has Mrs DtS done to my laptop.

    Left home today and my footy manager was running fine. Come home and not only has she managed to delete my game she has some how made the font on footy manager go really small???? Can someone help me to increase the size of the font in the game my eyes are getting sore looking at this...
  19. Vange Shrimper

    New Years Resolutions

    Anyone making any to start tommorow?
  20. Dave of the Match

    My New Years Resolution

    I've thought long and hard, and have decided on my New Year's resolution. 1024×768.