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  1. RHB

    10th annual Dave's Joke of the Edinburgh Fringe competition

    The full list of shortlisted jokes: I’m not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change. Ken Cheng (Winner) Trump’s nothing like Hitler. There’s no way he could write a book. Frankie Boyle I’ve given up asking rhetorical questions. What’s the...
  2. RHB

    Original songs and the best cover versions

    Quite simple really, you probably all have some favourite music from your past which others have then recorded as a cover version. Some covers have become more 'famous' and that is the main driver of this thread. I'll kick it off with Handbags and Gladrags. Originally recorded by Chris Farlow...
  3. Personal Nicknames

    Does anybody have nicknames for players that are not used by anyone else? I have a few & wonder if anyone else does also. Mine are as follows: Bentley - F.E.K - (This stands for Future England Keeper) Atkinson - Will I At. Cliffiord - The big Red card. Laird - Pasty Prosser - Rodney...
  4. Evening Echo

    Newport County 3, Southend United 1

    JUSTIN Edinburgh easily got the better of his former Southend United side at Rodney Parade this afternoon, guiding Newport County to a well deserved 3-1 win. More...
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    Universally popular footballers

    Surprised Barna hasn't linked to this already http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2013/feb/26/universally-popular-footballers-team-likable-players What would be your nominations for universally loved footballers? To make it interesting no Southend players allowed, otherwise it would be a...
  6. Mad Cyril

    Interview disasters.

    After a final interview last week I thanked the interviewers for their time and left certain that an offer would be forthcoming. Unfortunately I trod on a discarded ice lolly outside the building and slipped over in clear sight of hundreds of people. I'll let you know if I get an offer. Any...
  7. Cricko

    Round 1 Heat 12

    Heat 2 today is between. Kurt Cobain - Blue_Wes v Rod Temperton - Napster Once again over to you lot.
  8. Cricko

    Draws and Results

    Ok Chaps and Ladies..Here is the draw for the first round....Heats start Tomorrow the 6th. 2 Heats per day discounting weekends. Please remember YOU must post at least a video or some copy as to why your nominee is the best (the content can be from wiki or anywhere else)..Anybody failing to do...
  9. Post-Morcombe

    Doesn't go out until tomorrow, but I thought I'd let you lot have an early peak.... As usual feel free to agree/disagree, or go nothing at all :)
  10. Stats

    Question Blair Sturrock and the rat tail

    My first game of the season yesterday so first chance to see the great pretender. Question? What on earth is going on with that Rat Tail? He looks like he should be working on a pikey fairground than wandring around a football pitch. Perhaps the club can use this as a marketing tool and...
  11. manor15

    SZ Lookalikes

    Dave of the Match Rod Stewart
  12. Mad Cyril

    Video games of distinction.

    Feel free to post a top 10. In no particular order... Elite - C64 Zelda a link to the past - SNES Zelda the ocarina of time - N64 Goldeneye - N64 Metal Gear Solid - PS Paradroid - C64 International Karate - C64 Super Mario World - SNES Pro evolution 5 - PS2 Sega Hot Rod - Arcade
  13. Cliff Pavilion

    Are things THAT bad?

    We celebrated our manager's sixth year anniversary (with a win) last night. I know that it's been said many times but to not only have stability but to have a passionate, talented, local manager for so long is an incredible achievement for this football club. One that must never be...
  14. OldBlueLady

    Revelling in it 27/8/09

    Got this this morning, surprised not to see anyone else posted it while I've been at work today. Nice to see some recognition for the fans at Hull :clap: Revelling In It This week starring: Simon ‘Swampy’ Francis Lee ‘ASBO’ Sawyer Alan ‘Play it cool’ McCormack Lee ‘Porcelain’ Barnard...
  15. Sean 2

    The Fishing Thread.

    This is it. There must be loads of fisherpeople out there. Me, i've only just began getting my rod wet. But i gotta say, fishing is so goddam addictive. I used to think it was so simple, how wrong i was. It can be as easy or as technical as you want it to be. If you believe all the hype then...
  16. Yorkshire Blue

    MLB Thread

    Pitchers and catchers are beginning to report for training but the big story is A-Rod.
  17. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Question Help or advice needed please??

    About 4 months ago we had to call out Dyno Rod due to our outside drains becoming blocked. They came out, unblocked the drain after about 2 hours of jetting it through and charged us £150. All straight forward and acceptable. This morning a chap knocks on my door asking if he can get access to...
  18. Musicians that "lost their way"....

    Listening to a bit of Rod circa early 1970's and it's superb. Since about 1976 or so he's just sheee-ite. So I give you the following who lost it big stylee. Rod Stewart. Stevie Wonder. Any more?
  19. BNP Award Nominations 2008

    http://vice.typepad.com/vice_magazine/2008/11/london---bnp-aw.html THE MIND BOGGLES" AWARD: Mr Darren Charles. Activist. Membership suspended 20.9.05 (inappropriate tattoo). Suspension lifted 27.09.05 (WHAT WAS IT? A Dr. DRE TATTOO?) BEST EMAIL ADDRESS: Mr Tim Rudge...
  20. The Big Dady

    Help For Heroes

    Thought I would post this up as I feel it is in aid of a really good cause, even if it appears on the Col Ewe site. Colchester United announced that they will be holding the "Game of History" Celebrity v Army football match on Sunday November 2 The people behind the celebrity Soccer Six...