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  1. overseas shrimper

    iFollow today

    Seeing as video of our game today is not available on iFollow I'm wondering if it is being televised somewhere. I can't find anything though.
  2. Sandbach Shrimper

    Too much football over Christmas?

    There's been a lot of talk over the last week about the festive fixture schedule and whether we play too much football in this country, with managers complaining, particularly those from the top Premier League clubs (who ironically have the biggest squads). I do have some sympathy with them...
  3. Lost posters

    Mods, i understand some Zoners have had their accounts accidentally deleted....is there not a back up of the data somewhere on the server?
  4. RHB

    Pre-Match Thread Gillingham FC vs Southend United Checkatrade Trophy

    As the match thread from Saturday has now ambled towards this game we might as well have a pre-match thread for it. Gillingham twice in close succession two seasons running at the start of the season, it's just not fair somehow. Is this the match to blood youngsters, or will PB field the same...
  5. Jermaine McGlashon - Signed boots

    Dear all, we are Cardiff City fans and my son has won a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor boots signed by Jermaine McGlashon. He was very excited to win them but sadly they are too small for him. They are great boots so we wondered rather than them sitting in his bedroom whether any Shrimpers fan...
  6. Uncle Leo

    Boris Johnson interview

    Not sure which thread this should belong in, but it needs to be on here somewhere. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-40358825/boris-johnson-struggles-in-interview
  7. Weekend break

    Me and the Mrs are thinking of a little weekend break around the 12th - 15th May. We live in London so fancy somewhere a bit country but where you don't need a car or bike to get around. Any tips?
  8. RHB

    New Years Honours list

    I think it was Ricey who said somewhere that gongs are given away like sweeties these days. Now I've had a quick run through this year's list there are some 'famous' names that do come into the 'Really?' category for me. I'm not going to name my 'really?' candidates as it's still the season of...
  9. Nearly..RIP OZZIE....but not just yet!!!

    Just got out of hospital,spent 6 nights in intensive care,then another 7 in a normal ward. Sadly i fell 5-6 meters from a building site here in Germany,will be trouble now coz they did not have scaffold put up. I woke up on the floor,in bad pain down my right side,no one saw me fall,but heard me...
  10. OldBlueLady

    Trust AGM & Adam Barrett Q&A

    Best attended AGM in years, no doubt due to the guest speaker last night. There were a few Zoners there. Nothing controversial in the business part of the meeting though there was discussion about charging non members to come into the Shrimpers on matchdays and providing a matchday "village"...
  11. Who actually signs the players ?

    Ron or Phil or another?? In fairness to Phil he must have better contacts surely?? We know Ron went over previous managers and signed "veterans/injured/one last pay day types/....has he been involved with the current crop who fit the criteria? Anton and Nile have hardly kicked a ball,it seems...
  12. fbm

    Previous Player Syndrome

    So, is this happening because it's easier to sell to a player the idea of a switch to a club where he has already been as opposed to somewhere completely new? Thoughts?
  13. manor15

    Latest Rumours Sokolik the only trialist to be offered a deal

    Say the Echo. A good player in there somewhere but not sure he's an improvement on what we've got and he was far from convincing for me last night. Murray could have been a cheap option, hoping this means we've got another striker target lined up.
  14. davewebbsbrain

    Any Solicitors on SZ

    I need some advice from a Solicitor regarding damage to my property. Basically there is a flat in my Cul de Sac that is owned but rented out and managed by a property company. Some work was done at the property over xmas to the fence and the front garden, which was concreted over. The concrete...
  15. manor15

    Latest Rumours Jack Payne

    We've got a Dan Bentley one, so why not Jack? Phil on BBC Essex says that he got an email from Jack and his agent this week and it now looks as through he'll be off at the end of the season. Shame, as for me he'd be better off spending a season here and can easily see him ending up sat on the...
  16. Yorkshire Blue

    Champ Manager 01/02

    As mentioned on the what you're reading thread, I'm playing Champ Manager 01/02 - available for free download here 2 and a bit seasons in I've only Dean Holness, Carl Hutchings and, somewhere in the reserves as his contract has still to expire, Danny Gay from my original squad GK Ben Foster...
  17. yogi bear up the cagire

    Totally beyond belief????

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-35773649 No, this is not about the veracity or otherwise, of these leaked papers..........it's a more important question than that. We live in a western democracy........freedom of the press and all that b******s. So, from that point of view and...
  18. DoDTS

    This weekend

    This weekend please bear with me. I have to go away for a few days (not sure about internet connection) and I have been having laptop problems (hopefully solved now). I will send reminders to those that haven't predicted later tonight, I will try and send last reminders on Saturday, and...
  19. TrueBlue

    The Barrett Banner

    Been thinking about this and I think we should all chip in and the zone should get a large banner made up in honour of Adam Barrett a bit like the John Terry one as Chelsea, with a picture in his typical Adam pose with a some writing Would anybody be willing to donate to this? Would have to...
  20. Southminster_Shrimper

    Parking For ColEwe

    Not been to Colewe before (well apart from the Zoo) so having read that no parking restrictions are put out quite late for side roads, is there plenty of industrial estate parking usually available for a fee?