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Life President⭐
Jan 21, 2007
Firstly it was great to see so many at the hall saturday and long may that continue.

My issues are these:

A) Why is that every week we ask for common sense in opening the west stand bar early (ie) before half time and we are told its not do-able, yet we get a big gate and all of a sudden its open. Please please please do the same at regular games.

B) Having 2 bar staff is a joke for a normal game. Saturday it was pure carnage and people just had no hope of getting beer . Either get more staff or get some kind of trolley selling beer outside in plastic bottles as this must have cost the club quite literally hundreds if not thousands in lost revenue.

C) Having pre-ordered my 3 bulmers on saturday it was a nightmare trying to get in the que for them and then when i got there i found that someone had already had my drinks away. Please leave the name tags hidden because people are taking the **** and there were no more ciders left so i had to be given 3 john smiths instead after protesting my innocence and i didnt even get the difference back as the john smiths were cheaper.

D) Last but not least . Please please please. You know that you will sell almost all of the stock so why do they not pour some drinks in advance . Do not wait for the orders and then pour as this is time consuming and unecessary.

Its got to the point where i may consider just drinking elsewhere , but would rather put money in the club so please mr brady , sort it out!


Jul 24, 2005
That sounds pretty shocking to be honest. I have been in that bar once and I couldn't be bothered to queue up. Surely the club would earn more money with a better system or more bar staff.


Moderator of Moderators
Sep 22, 2005
Southend On Sea
All valid points Tommy, you just hope that someone picks up on them .. the telly in the small bar behind the family enclosure has not worked in ages despite contact requests to the stewards, i chased Dave Jobson in the end who knew nothing about it but was then sorted in no time so perhaps drop him a note ??


Youth Team
Aug 25, 2010
i was thinking the same thing about pre pouring the drinks, it will be a lot quicker and take away alot of stress for the staff. they are all obviously going to be taken so i dont see what the problem is


May 19, 2008
The bar must have a rough idea of what there going to sell depending on the attendance, pre pouring is such a no brainer its ridiculous!