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  1. Shrimperstrust

    Event Race Night - Saturday 5th March 2015 - In Aid of Alzheimer's Research and the Trust

    The Trust will be holding a Race Night on Saturday 5th March 2016 in the Shrimpers Bar, Roots Hall, first Race at 7.30 pm. With 8 Horse/Dog Races and novelty race if times allow, this is a great event for all the family, with Cash Prizes for each race plus chances to win Bottles of Wine...
  2. Clapton fans in trouble again

    Violent clashes at Thamesmead Town v Clapton on Tuesday night. Report in the Mirror: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/shocking-footage-shows-violent-clashes-6196973 Also in the Evening Standard...
  3. Mad Cyril

    Your weird food phobias.......

    That vinegary stuff that comes out of tomato ketchup bottles if not shaken first...... The 'eye' in tomatoes has to be removed....... Baked beans and Chips in the same meal.... Milk that is not ice cold and straight from the fridge....
  4. The Watermill Wino

    TZ Thanks you, Morecambe.

    TZ Family. Thank you for all your support over the last few weeks which have been trying at times to say the least for the Wino home, your kind words and support are really touching xx. Thanks to Del, Ken & Fran, Trevor, Kerry, Rich,David and Carol, Allan, Joe and of course shrimperzone gang...
  5. Shrimperstrust

    Event Race Night - Saturday 28th February 2015

    The Trust will be holding a Race Night on Saturday 28th February 2015 in the Shrimpers Bar, Roots Hall, first Race at 7.30 pm. With 8 Horse/Dog Races and novelty race if times allow, this is a great event for all the family, with Cash Prizes for each race plus chances to win Bottles of Wine...
  6. danburyshrimper

    Celebrity team talk

    Just heard that Jeremy Kyle has been released from the club + we are looking at potential other celebrities for trials during pre season. James Corden as Smiffy has been mentioned after his famous stirring team talk to the England football team, and maybe we could get Delia in after a couple...
  7. Cricko

    Friday night beer deal

    Sharon at the club has asked me to inform you all that they have a "special offer" this coming Friday night.. Three bottles of Moretti for the price of two.(this excludes half time orders).
  8. Smiffy

    Breaking News Pint offer for Saturday

    DRINK OFFER: A pint of Fosters is £2 (usually £3.20) for Saturday's match against Port Vale in all fans bars between 1pm and 3pm. Good to see the club continuing to offer deals. However, there is an issue here. It's all well and good for those with access to the East getting a proper pint for...
  9. Pre-Match Thread v YORK

    Bottles of Sol 3 for 2. Justin Beiber tribute act. New CM player. What can possibly spoil the day. My guess at the team SMITH CLOHESSY , CRESSWELL , BARKER , STRAKER HURST , WOODYARD , LAIRD , MARTIN or TOMLIN ASSOMBALONGA , EASTWOOD SUBS : BENTLEY , COUGHLIN , SPICER , PAXMAN , MARTIN or...
  10. TrueBlue

    Drink offer at the club

    from the club.... Its a start I guess but SUFC have a long way to go till we see offers like at Morecambe if they really want to entice people into the bars before games
  11. FarmdogSUFC


    What are peoples opinions on Spicer? Early days I know but jurys still out IMO. I do rate him, just feel that he would suit a 3 man midfield rather than 2. In pre season, I really liked the look of him. Thought he liked to get the ball moving, ran with the ball, looked for the wide man, made...
  12. Cricko

    Charity Raffle Prize Winners

    Hi all, part of our fundraising for the Graham Jolley Charity Football Tournament in June is a Raffle, although we will of course be selling tickets on the day, a few Zoner's who cannot make the day have asked if they can buy tickets on-line or elsewhere.The draw will take place on the day in...
  13. Aldersh*t

    Never really had a dislike for them but now cant stand them The mugs that throw bottles at us from the home end into the away end, hope they are coming to Roots hall. All over there forum is a real hatred for us, so lets see how many they bring to us in a months time. We seem to be the club...
  14. New bathroom

    As my bathroom is looking a little worse for wear, and at the weekend one of Mrs Mk's perfume bottles fell off the bathroom cabinet and smashed a great big crack in the sink, has anyone got any idea how much it is to fit a new one? Don't need a khazi as that's in a seperate room.
  15. Tommy2holes

    Beer rant ....

    Firstly it was great to see so many at the hall saturday and long may that continue. My issues are these: A) Why is that every week we ask for common sense in opening the west stand bar early (ie) before half time and we are told its not do-able, yet we get a big gate and all of a sudden its...
  16. 'Happy Hour'? last night

    Really don't want to put a downer on last night but the Club really needs to get its act together on the promotions side. I thought the £1 a pint idea was a good one and the timings right, £1 a pint 6-6:45 which then means you've got a crowd in with an hour to go before kick off who will then...
  17. londonblue

    Tenerife Cost of Living

    I've just come back from 10 days in Tenerife. On the first day my wife and I took a taxi to the supermarket to buy a few bits for lunch. One of the things we bought was 4 5l bottles of water. Each 5l bottle cost 0.79 Euros. How much does the same thing cost here? Also I noticed diesel was about...
  18. Ref Watch Shrimps vs Shrimpers

    The man in charge of our first ever match away to Morecambe is Chris Sarginson from Staffordshire. He is a thrd year referee who will be refereeing his fourth Southend match and his second of the season. His last Southend match was on New Year's Day at Oxford, which I didn't see but as we won...
  19. Tommy2holes

    The worst day ive had since 1998

    Well i dont really know where to start. Yesterday was the worst day i have had since i got battered by thugs by liverpool street in 1998 and had a face like sloth (not much has changed ) and my arm was broken and resembled a piece of string. I was left wondering what was more painful...
  20. Question Happy Hour in Roots Hall bars on Saturday vs. Morecambe

    So it's £1.90 for all pints and bottles of lager from 1pm - 2pm on Saturday. Who will be rewarding the club with their custom? http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/AlsoInNewsDetail/0,,10444~2146496,00.html