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Life President
Jan 21, 2007
Well i dont really know where to start.

Yesterday was the worst day i have had since i got battered by thugs by liverpool street in 1998 and had a face like sloth (not much has changed ) and my arm was broken and resembled a piece of string.

I was left wondering what was more painful.

Firstly i get to the ground for happy hour and surprise surprise there is still no f*cking draught beer in the west despite the offical webshite stating the draught and bottles will be available in the east and west. They have even taken the pumps away and unlike the east where you can drink in peace before and after half time in the west where you are treate like a 3rd class citizen and fans were even being threatened with being thrown out for complaining.

On to the game and i have to say it finally dawned on me that we are stuck at this level to stay . We played a team that had yet to win a game and brought 60 odd people including the fans team and directors. Yet a team that poorly supported has come to roots hall played quite badly and just taken 3 points with ease.

Shortly after morcambe scored and dashed off for a quick pee and surprise surprise we score!

Go for a beer at half time and there was a little bit of argie bargey as the gestarpo decided to start threatening people with eviction for moaning. Didnt even know the game had kicked off and started trotting back to my seat and surprise surprise missed our second goal.

That should have been the catalyst for us to go on and win , but in truth is just got worse and the inevitable 3rd goal shows us for what we are. A poor team in a very poor league.

In left roots hall dispondant and i would like to say thanks for the mrs for letting me drown my sorrows buying me a curry and generally putting up with my semi drunken ramblings.

I was going to post last night but i was to angry and ****ed .

Im still angry and i have cancelled my season card standing order. I was thinking about it before as i am about to start a new job were i have to work 3 weekends in 4 and our displays just made up my mind.

Cant be bothered to do pringello other than barker 7 grant 7 everybody else 3

The only thing that would cheer me up this season is Ron martin leaving the club for a new owner to come in or at the very least Fossetts getting under way.

Very very unhappy that the team i love and support is just folding in on itself.