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  1. Mugged in Southend

    Someone tried to mug me last night. After living in the town for over 30 years this is the first time this has happened to me. I was walking back from Herbies near Southchurch Park when I sensed two youths were following me on the other side of the park railings. They had hoodies on and I felt...
  2. Napster

    QPR/Southend 1959

    Dirty QPR/Southend game fascinating report from the QPR papers from a 59 game http://www.indyrs.co.uk/2009/07/when-the-referee-threatened-to-abandon-the-game/
  3. davewebbsbrain

    Essex FA

    The U14 football team my son plays for had a game abandoned by the ref in late November 8 minutes before the end of the game because the opposition manger threatened the ref and the ref wasn't going to accept being threatened. We all heard the manager threaten the ref so we know it happened...
  4. superblue24

    Southern Rail Unions

    time to get them abolished, they are taking the ****! the odd strike here and there when it is right to do so is acceptable in my opinion (although unions going on strike when the average Joe is not able to is an unfair privilege in my opinion) . What Southern workers are doing is a)...
  5. Are we Shrimpers tin pot?

    Afternoon lads, Had a big of a barney in the boozer last night with a some muggy Leicester City. It all started off civilized, bit of banter over water-down lager, fruity's and brass, but after returning from the khazi, the soppy mug started giving it large - calling Southend tin pot. I told...
  6. OldBlueLady

    Squatters on Royal Terrace

    As most of you will know, the Royal Terrace is considered one of the jewels in the crown of Southend-on-Sea as a resort, its guest houses have long proved popular and we've promoted one on here in the past, as a Southend supporting owner. Recently, squatters moved into a vacant property that...
  7. RHB

    England fans abroad

    The current crowd disturbances in France always seem to involve England supporters in some way or the other. Either as victims or aggressors our fans are never out of the headlines. Once you give a dog a bad name it never goes away and that, again, seems to be the case in France. What annoys me...
  8. Rattus Norvegicus

    Relegation Issues

    Well, with 41 points so far and another 19 games to go it would take a collapse of a monumental scale for Southend to be any where near the relegation zone come the end of the season ............. the fact that we have been up in the top third of the table for much of the time is a fabulous...
  9. Mad Cyril

    Black Friday

    Has anyone knocked someone to the ground or threatened them with a hammer to get a bargain TV or Playstation 4 yet?
  10. Southend, Wembley, Bristol Rovers and Sainsburys -

    All Some interesting similarities between ourselves and Bristol Rovers BR average attendance 6600- similar to our 6024 BR last game of season 11,000- similar(ish) to our 9000 BR are building a new stadium hand have sold their stadium to Sainsburys who are dragging their heels (see below)...
  11. Grant Shapps

    So nothing about this despicable ****? Not surprising I guess, the tories of SZ wouldn't want this story to gather momentum. Several major media outlets aren't running the story either. Strange eh! So he lied about having a second job while a fully paid MP. But in defence of that lie...
  12. Roy and Wayne.

    Roy is an utterly amazing old duffer.Selecting WR as captain was the worst kept secret of all time then Roy straight faced insisted he would drop Wayne if he had too!Rooney our best player is being threatened he may not play but is the captain. Truly strange and incredible from Roy,Now please...
  13. Name and shame

    South upper row b seats 55 and 56 two brothers in their late fifties with scars and dyed black hair Every match seems to be the same; win ,draw or lose the abuse some players get is a disgrace, Fridays match reached a new low from the first minute till the last no player was spared with the...
  14. Online bullies

    Last few days we have been bombarded with tales of people being abused and threatened with all manner of violence,Yesterday it was revealed a young girl took her life over so called Internet bullies. The easy thing to do is stop using these sites or have a complete break from the online world...
  15. Razam

    'Football clubs who refuse to pay tax owed should be relegated two divisions'

    http://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/football-clubs-who-refuse-to-pay-tax-owed-should-be-relegated-two-divisions-8649017.html No more bank of HMRC for Southend if this goes through!
  16. Cricko

    The Nakid Truth

    Taken from: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Naked-Truth-CameronIs-he-the-worst-prime-minister-in-British-history/349274725156523 How close was David Cameron to having a week that was not a total disaster for himself or the government. I really thought he was going to make it by Thursday,But...
  17. Rattus Norvegicus

    Mark Cooper

    I see that Mark Cooper has been appointed as manager of relegation threatened Conference side AFC Telford (who nearly beat us in the F.A. Cup a few years ago). Can't remember if he was ever a permanent signing but I do remember him playing for us (Southend) as a loan player (I think from...
  18. Tangled up in Blue

    New developments in the Middle East

    I notice after the UN's overwhelming vote to recognise Palestine's state status,Israel has now threatened to build another "3,000 housing units" in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. I hope the PLO will now use their state status to take this matter before the International Criminal Court(ICC)...
  19. SupaBlues


    Am absolutely disgusted with how I have been treated tonight. Yes fair enough i shouted abuse at the lino in the first half when he flagged offside when the last touch was blatantly off of their man. But after calling him a c u next tuesday i thought that was the end of it. How wrong was i took...
  20. Ricky Otto

    The A to Z of Bilel Mohsni

    I don't know how many people have seen this A to Z of Mario Ballotelli? http://footballspeak.com/post/2011/10/24/The-A-to-Z-of-Mario-Balotelli.aspx I thought we could do a Shrimperzone Mohsni one. Add any wierd and wonderful facts or anocdotes added a couple already after googling him and...