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  1. Shrimpersfan

    Home kit on club shop

    Just noticed on online club shop that the main sponsor (i'm right in thinking it's Martin Dawn, right?) Is missing and has been replaced by a # related to nut allergies. 1. WTF? 2. I assume if i buy a shirt that it won't have a big # across the front?
  2. yogi bear up the cagire

    Lucky dip!

    To celebrate (commiserate?) my arrival at the big 70, the wife and I decided to return to see the family towards the end of the year. Originally, I found a cheap flight out of Lourdes for the 15th November and was warming to the idea of seeing our quick return game against the Bantams. That...
  3. Question Club Shop - Sponsor Transfers

    The club shop have previously re-transferred an InsureAndGo logo for me free of charge as it was wearing away. Does anyone know if they still have these or if they only have Martin Dawn now?
  4. Mark Stevart

    Kit makers and sponsors for next season

    Can any 1 confirm who are making next seasons kits and are we being sponsered by martin dawn plc again
  5. Tomorrow is the Judgement Day

    One more dawn One more day One day more Until the season's efforts come to fruition or go to waste. I suspect labour productivity in Southend may be a little lower than normal today!
  6. Question Will the players stay Friday night in Carlisle??

    With the prospect of a very long trip up North to Carlisle at the weekend will the players go up on Friday and stay over or is it up at the crack of dawn on Saturday for the long journey up there. Surely its better to go up the night before but with money tight........ Anyone know??
  7. Youth squad match

    I saw the under 18 youth team kick there season off on sataday with a 1 1 draw against Gillingham .Also noticed that they were sporting the new home strip without a sponsor.Does this mean the Shrimpers Trust no longer sponsors the youths . Kit looks good without that god awful Martin dawn logo...
  8. Enough is enough

    Look even for those most optimistic fans they must now accept that we are now in high summer and therefore the fact that we are not 'on site in spring' at FF (as promised by RM before the Hull FA Cap game on national radio) must equate to that all is still not well re FF. May I make a...
  9. DoDTS

    PL Cup 1st Round Daw tonight - its NOT too late

    The first round draw of the Prediction Cup will be made tonight about 7.30 pm and everyone who predicted last night will be in the draw. If you missed predicting last night then it's not too late to be in tonight's draw, Simply before 7.00 pm tonight either: A) reply to this thread B) send me...
  10. Question Companies House latest

    Probably not much relevance to this is but let's face it Ron doesn't normally do something for nothing, unless the nothing is pay tax. Geoffrey King Now all over the place as he has just been appointed as director of an additional number of Ron's companies (he's already on the board of SUFC &...
  11. Jedi Shrimper

    Best Albums of 2013

    What are your favourite albums of 2013? My top 10.... 1. Kurt Vile - Wakin On A Pretty Daze 2. Steve Mason - Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time 3. Ghostface Killah - Twelve Reasons To Die 4. Public Service Broadcasting - Inform-Educate-Entertain 5. Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer - Can't Stop, Shan't...
  12. fbm

    How I met my other half

    I'm frequently asked how I met my partner Dawn, so here is the full scoop. http://sowhogetscustodyofthenectarpoints.blogspot.co.uk/ Enjoy.
  13. Firestorm

    Martin Dawn

    Were the subject of a Striking off petition under section 1000 of the companies act An objection has been received by the registrar so the action has been suspended. http://www.formationsdirect.com/Companies-Act-2006-Sections-1000-1034-Strikingoff-dissolution-and-restoration-of-companies.aspx...
  14. The Guineas

    Going to both days this year and can't wait. I've gone for Dawn Approach in the 2000 but am having some real tornado angst. The 1000 is a minefield. I've been on Certify until she got banned, and big break until she was pulled out. I was certain I would have hot snap, then thought about just...
  15. Godolphin drug scandal

    There goes my four Dawn Approach/Certify guineas/derby/oaks doubles. I wouldn't advise that he goes back to Dubai in a hurry. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2013/apr/22/godolphin-horses-banned-positive-steroid Took these antepost bets last year and got great prices. Really hacked off.
  16. fbm

    Leigh-on-Sea Malt Teasers Whisky Tasting Society

    A couple of months ago, my partner Dawn, her brother Mark and I decided we wanted to learn more about whisky tasting. Mark has set up a website here http://www.leighmaltteasers.co.uk/about_us_2.html This Friday, 4th Jan 2013 at 8pm in The Broker pub, Leigh Rd, Leigh-on-Sea, we will be...
  17. Medway Blue

    Exiled Shrimpers - Living Abroad

    So since I found out that I'm moving abroad myself in half a year's time, it has dawned on me that there are quite a lot of internationally-exiled Shrimpers on SZ. I've always known the fact, but never really thought about it until I found out that I'll be joining your ranks in supporting Blues...
  18. Cricko

    Charity Raffle Prize Winners

    Hi all, part of our fundraising for the Graham Jolley Charity Football Tournament in June is a Raffle, although we will of course be selling tickets on the day, a few Zoner's who cannot make the day have asked if they can buy tickets on-line or elsewhere.The draw will take place on the day in...
  19. Kevin Hogg

    Thank you...

    to the wonderful people who stopped (along with a group of scooter boys we virtually blocked the motorway) on the hard shoulder of the M25 near Brentwood and gave me a lift 21 years ago this weekend. After a frantic couple of hours (I missed the minibus to Bury) of pure panic, I was handed a...
  20. fbm

    Easy and simple recipes

    Guys (and Gals), My partner Dawn and I both love cooking and frequently get asked for our recipes. We have therefore decided to launch a food and recipe blog called The MaD Cookbook which we intend to update weekly. The link is here - http://themadcookbook.blogspot.co.uk/ and please feel...