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Mohave Shrimper

formerly Drastic™
Jan 10, 2008
Lake Havasu City, USA
1. Homicide: Life on the Streets. (Napster)
2. Six Feet Under (Drastic Sturgeon)
3. The Cosby Mysteries (Southchurch Groyney)
4. CHiPs (Tarquin Fauntleroy)
5. The West Wing (Matt the Shrimp)
6. The Wire (blues r best)
7. Hawaii Five-0 (ldnfatso)
8. Band of Brothers (steveo)
9. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (GlasgowSUFC)
10. The Sopranos (graysblue.jr)
11. The X-Files (Rusty Shackleford)
12. The A-team (davewebbsbrain)
13. Columbo (maninasuitcase)
14. 24 (Kent Shrimper)
15. CSI (Aberdeen Shrimper)
16. The Mentalist (Mr Gilbo)
17. Lassie (Clinton Baptiste)
18. Sons of Anarchy (Moridin)
19. Prison Break (Southampton Shrimper)
20. Lost (Dave of the Match)
21. Battlestar Galactica (seany t)
22. Breaking Bad (Pubey)
23. Hill Street Blues (Gt. Yarmouth Shrimper)
24. Moonlighting (shrimp to 11)
25. NYPD Blue (South Bucks Shrimper)
26. NCIS (Cricko)
27. Alias Smith & Jones (OBL)
28. Tour of Duty (canveyshrimper)
29. Twin Peaks (NumphGirl)
30. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (bluesmanager)
31. Weeds (westander)
32. True Blood (berrichone shrimper)

First Round Draw
today from 10am
Breaking Bad (Pubey) v Band of Brothers (steveo)
NCIS (Cricko) v Hill Street Blues (Gt Yarmouth Shrimper)
Tour of Duty (canveyshrimper) v The Mentalist (Mr Gilbo)
Moonlighting (shrimp to 11) v The Wire (blues r best)
Lassie (Clinton Baptiste) v The A-Team (davewebbsbrain)
Homicide: Life on the Streets (Napster) v Prison Break (Southampton Shrimper)
CHiPs (Tarquin Fauntleroy) v Lost (Dave of the Match)
Alias Smith & Jones (OBL) v Columbo (maninasuitcase)
Hawaii Five-0 (ldnfatso) v 24 (Kent Shrimper)
Twin Peaks (NumphGirl) v The West Wing (Matt the Shrimp)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (GlasgowSUFC) v The X-Files (Rusty Shackleford)
True Blood (berrichone shrimper) v CSI (Aberdeen Shrimper)
Battlestar Galactica (seany t) v The Sopranos (graysblue.jr)
The Cosby Mysteries (Southchurch Groyney) v Sons of Anarchy (Moridin)
Weeds (westander) v NYPD Blue (South Bucks Shrimper)
Six Feet Under (Drastic Sturgeon) v Buffy the Vampire Slayer (bluesmanager)
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