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ex-Youth Teamer!
Nov 24, 2006
I've sent my e-mail in as per Ron's instructions, and I'm encouraged by the number of other SZ people who have done the same. Is it worth us posting our letters in this part of the forum in case there's anyone out there who may be looking for some inspiration or some idea as to the sort of thing that might work? Here's mine, for what it's worth....

Good Morning,

I am writing to add my voice to those who support the relocation of Southend United to the Fossetts Farm Site.

I have been supporting Southend United for 25 years now, and have never felt so proud as I have in recent years as the club have climbed up the football league under the guidance of Steve Tilson and Ron Martin. I have lived in the town throughout all of this time, and I feel an immense sense of pride when I realise the groundswell of support that the success on the pitch has created in our town. Not only that but I have a young son who loves his Saturdays at Roots Hall watching Southend United, and has also benefited from the excellent "Football Schools" that the club puts on during the School Holidays.

There is, however, a bit of a problem with all of this, our beloved Roots Hall is creaking under the pressure of the crowds that the team are now attracting.

This is one of the main reasons I am totally behind the proposed relocation. We are finally getting a playing team that we can be proud of, and the new stadium would surely extend this to a home and a club that we can be proud of too. I'm not just talking about the die-hard supporters, but the town in general, and the recent increase in interest in the Club proves that the people of the town will come to the party! One of my abiding memories of recent years is the tens of thousands of people who lined the seafront for the victory parade when we won promotion.

As a local businessman I am also saddened at times when things that could (without a doubt) improve the town and the life of those living here, are rejected by planners.

Which brings me on to a question I've often pondered about the Fossetts Farm site and the surrounding area: How can Southend United not be given permission to build there? A few years back Southend Council built the Garons Tennis centre; not a small building. Then Waitrose appeared, and now B&Q, Comet et al. All in the same area of land where Southend United want to build their stadium. How do these large corporations manage to quietly, without fuss, get their stores approved and built, yet Southend United appear to always have to face an uphill struggle to achieve their dream; something that would be a huge benefit to the entire town?

I have visited many of the new stadiums that teams around the country have built and in most cases you can feel the buzz about the place. Southampton and Swansea are two examples of grounds I have visited recently where the supports are justifiably proud of the facilities that have been built.

I fully support the Stadium proposals and can tell you that in talking to people in the town from all walks of life that I honestly haven’t come across anybody who has a problem with it. Surely this was reflected in the unanimous vote that the council(s) gave the plans in the first place.