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  1. Not SUFC related but vote Bowers!!!

    All I know a few on here go down to Bowers often when they can, so let’s behind them and support them in this great competition to win a fantastic prize that will help them progress as a club. https://www.buildbase.co.uk/pitch-in-your-support assume no issue that this stays in Southend...

    Does ANYBODY.....

    .....that is UNDER the hill/three quarters+ decent/uninjured/uninvolved with the courts, want to come to our club whilst it is under the control of a manager with a bad reputation and a Chairman blindly supports him?
  3. Neil Harris

    Caretaker at Millwall after Holloway unsurprisingly sacked
  4. alman_sufc

    Hey everybody!

    Hello I have been a quiet member of the forum for a few months now, and suddenly realised I have never posted anything, so no better place than this thread to start! I was born in Southend to a familys-worth of SUFC fans (Mum, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, Grandparents etc) and have been an avid...
  5. TrueBlue

    DayZ early release on steam...

    Downloading the Alpha release as it supports the developers and its hard enough for PC games makers but has anybody else played or playing it right now? thoughts?
  6. Benfleet A1

    Oh Dear Oh Dear

    This is just delicious. I can barely wait for the excuses for this little gem. http://nopenothope.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/nick-lowles-supports-former-bnp.html?m=1
  7. Napster


    After a bit of miscommunication between Ryan Murrant and me on twitter, where he thinks the Fan Experience Co is some kind of visionary, despite a) it being done in the US for years and b) GK doing it years before in other areas, I acknowledged yes he's right, it is important and yes it's great...
  8. amsemp

    Latest Rumours Phil Brown spotted at Crystal Palace u21 game tonight

    Mate of mine who supports Palace just text me to say Brown is there. The two centre backs currently playing are Ryan Inniss and Alex Wynter. He reckons they're both class, but Inniss is apparently the better one and is 6ft 5 so would be a decent loan signing!
  9. Napster

    Hinckley United

    My mate supports Hinckley. They also have a crap chairman who doesn't pay wages. I've seen them play. They are awful but they have to field kids because the seniors aren't paid. anyway they've just broken an unwanted record...
  10. Kevin Hogg

    Phil Brown's Blue Army.

    A new era starts today. Anyone who actually supports Southend United will be wishing him well!
  11. DTS

    Are there any genuine local Shrimpers that cannot make Wembley.

    I was just thinking that I cannot think of anyone who I know who supports us that is no going to Wembley. Dont get me wrong if you live overseas etc fully understand. I was just wondering if anyone is going to miss it as they have for example a wedding. I was within a day of having to have a...
  12. Me and my son

    Hi First match I can remember going to is Southend vs Chelsea at the hall sometime in the mid 70's - Went in a Chelsea supporter and came out a Southend United fan The decades since then I've been going very sporadically until the last two seasons where I have been taking our football mad son...
  13. pickledseal

    Parent Text App: How to text your children...

    I'm intrigued by this for a variety of reasons... I don't have children, but spend all day every day communicating with young people. Texting is a powerful force and so often communication takes place between parents and their children in this way. Indeed, even at 27 often I will text my own...
  14. CC51DAS

    Question Teams u hate just because u know someone who supports them who's a total to$$er

    I'll start with Wolves. Once worked with a guy who was really up himself and called himself a Wolves fan even though he didn't know half the names of the team. I once gave him a lift to the Midlands for a business conference and he spent the whole evening moaning that he was travelling in a car...
  15. Amazing stevenage fans...

    as your gonna miss us next season thought id leave you a video to show you how we outsung you although we lost much love stevenage have fun in league 2 and no decent away supports going your place... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFdcNJTvAbA&feature=feedlik
  16. LulzSec from Wickford

    Just a thought --- when we went to America and we lost the Zone when the servers had a DoDS attack and were crippled, could that have been a trial run by the computer nerd from Wickford ? Anyone know if he supports a rival football team ? (I don't mean an attack by Dad of Dave the Shrimper)
  17. West Stand

    I've had enough of people in the west stand now, all i hear every game is he's rubbish so is he's, well if you dont like it f**k off!, you moan about supports not being loyal when all you do is slate the players for 90 minutes. Get Off Their Back!
  18. DTS

    Where do you see Spartan in five years?

    I will go for a big fat balding woofta who supports Crawley Town and goes out to clubs dressed in leather and lears at all the young lads thinking he is part of the crowd...But very much like on here he is a joke.
  19. DTS

    Genuine Southend fans to have played for the club.

    Reading a few other threads there has been debate about if Barrett was a true Southend fan etc. We all know Barrett supports West Ham and Tilly's first love was Leeds. Does anyone know or recall a player who was a genuine regular Southend fan who ended up playing for the club rather than...
  20. pickledseal

    Bobby Robson (RIP) & Liberia: Football's Legacy of hope

    Saw this two page spread in yesterday's Sunday Mirror (can't find anything more than <this>, and found corresponding article on CAFOD website. It doesn't quite explain where all the shirts came from in this article but they were the ones left at St James' park: Liberia: Football's Legacy of...