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The Realist
May 11, 2005
Eastwood, Leigh-on-Sea
Well I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by some of our fan base, but listening to the coverage of the game on BBC Essex last night, I couldn't quite believe my ears, when a text was read out stating that Sturrock should "......do us all a favour, and go back to Devon, taking his son with him....."

I honestly wonder sometimes if people in this area are now starting to mate with vegetables (I mean that in the literal sense, not the derogatory one)..... Has he absolutely no grasp of the situation that our club finds itself in?

I wonder exactly what he is expecting from a side bereft of senior players through injury, a club with no transfer budget, who only 8 months ago had 3 professional players, and a host of youth players having to fill the void? I suspect he would only have been happy if we were sitting 3 points clear of Chesterfield!!

The problem, as is often the case, is that Sturrock raised expectation by getting the team to go on a decent run of form which saw us get to within touching distance of the play-offs, only to be curtailed by a horror run of injuries and form. Now some fans are obviously forgetting where we have just come from and expect us to be winning each and every week.... I suspect they also did not take into account the sensational run of form that Accrington have been on of late!!

Whilst PS is not perfect - no manager is - I think he is doing an excellent job in the circumstances and I find it hard to believe anyone could do better right now. He has a plan for next season (subject to Ron allowing him to carry it out!) and I imaging with a full pre-season, and the opportunity to alter the squad in a sensible time frame, as opposed to having 3 days to put an entire squad together, we will be a much stronger force to contend with.

While there is much doom and gloom around - not helped by the prospect of another 6 end of season games - there should also be cause for optimism. PS is giving some of the youth team a chance to prove themselves, and the likes of Ferdinand and Asante especially for me, stand out. It may be through necessity, but if he gives them the last 6 games of the season to continue to get experience and progress, who knows how well they could develop?

I can honestly say I have been hugely impressed by how he runs his ship, and while he may not be everyone's cup of tea, he certainly knows his mind, and is not afraid to make difficult decisions, and hold his hands up if he gets things wrong.

I honestly despair at times when I hear inane comments like these, and really do worry about the kind of supporter we have at our club. Of course, there was no offer of an alternative solution, just some throw away remark.

I hope and prey he is still here next season and is allowed the time and budget to build a side capable of being successful at this level, and I honestly believe Mr Sturrock is the right man for this job.