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Post-Match Thread and Ratings Tranmere Rovers 2-0 Southend United


Junior Blues Co-ordinator
Dec 27, 2007
No-one bothered? Thought I'd start it as I'm likely first one up this morning - after just an hour and a half's sleep and getting in at 2.40!

Huge disappointment, the team that played Friday was just completely absent for the first half, and some of them for the second too. It was like Gillingham away all over again, just quite shocking. With wind and rain the ball was continuously punted up in the air in a kind of lottery to see who could read the weather best, not ideal conditions.

Mildy - 7, a star again for us, November has been a brilliant month for him. 1st goal was a knock back at the far post which he went for, leaving the Tranny forward an easy tap in. 2nd goal defensive mess up by Franno, left Mildy little chance. These apart he made some excellent saves.
Franno - 4, now you know I'm not one to knock the players but honestly, he struggled to do anything right at all apart put one or two crosses in, had difficulty even controlling the ball.
Morrison - 7, good, strong performance from young Sean, challenged Barrett for corners and looked far more likely to score. One shot on target needed a save.
Barrett - 6, was in a "wrestling" frame of mind, and upset the Tranny supporters (not the only player to do so), booked
Malone - 7.5, MOTM quite a debut from the youngster. Much more confident than Herd, good going forward, made himself available, overlapped and took some decent corners. Defensively more aware too - welcome to Southend young man!
Laurent - 6, shadow of himself in the first half but came alive a bit as the match went on, some good pace in the early part of the 2nd half. Bit of afters with their goalie I think, again, the Tranny fans went berserk - cue lots of "calm downs" from us!
Macca - 7, and that's based on his 2nd half performance which was very good. Nice to see the variety of a free kick outside the box centered to him to shoot from distance, not seen one of those for ages, shame Dougie overhit the pass, he also had an excellent volley shot which missed only by a little.
Jeff - 6, another who looked a bit of a shadow, played forward more because I guess defensively we were in theory stronger, which seemed to upset the balance.
Moussa - 5, seriously off form, again. Couple of runs, particularly towards the end of the game, but prior to that couldn't pass or control.
Dougie - 5, not a vintage performance and still far too many high balls pumped forward which he could do little with. He needed the ball to feet and wasn't getting it.
Barney - 6, lot of huff and puff, but few chances. Was livid with Scannell for not passing when he was better placed.

Scannell for Dougie - 6, looked a threat, Damien though, you HAVE to raise your head and be aware of your team mates when running thru
Walker for Laurent - 6, little chance to make an impression

7, decent set, couldn't say anything was poor. Maybe a bit lenient with some Tranmere challenges and some iffy offsides given by the lino