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  1. Jam_Man

    Secondary schools in Southend

    My daughter is at that age we are looking at her next school and have been going to a few open evenings. To be honest Im horrified at the schools in the area and would appreciate other peoples views. She is a bright girl and is going for her 11+ and I think its 50/50 whether she passes it, if...
  2. markw

    Academic statements of purpose/intent

    I'm currently having to write one of these and it is definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Anyone on here every written one and can give me any pointers? all i've been given by the uni is 'about a page'
  3. southend4ever

    Friday Discussion - Academic Qualifications

    Academic qualifications are commonly felt to give a person the best chance of success in life. How far is this true? The definition of success differs from person to person and field to field. One could take economic success as a touchstone to label a person successful in life, ignoring his of...
  4. Tangled up in Blue

    Tories are losing the battle over class

    News Politics Conservatives Guardian/ICM poll: Conservatives show vulnerability in class battleTories seen increasingly as upper class, but lead over Labour widens to 11 points thanks to a rise in the Lib Dem vote Julian Glover guardian.co.uk, Monday 25 January 2010 18.36 GMT Article history...
  5. Personal Statement

    I am looking to do a course in Computer Games Programming and need some help with my personal statement. Here it is at the moment : Thanks in advance :)
  6. * ORM *

    Rambling musings when you wake up slightly hungover with not enough sleep.

    Damn, it doesn't matter what time I go to bed (2.30am) and how much I've had to drink the night before (plenty). I still wake up at 6.30 even on a Sunday and well before the alarm clock which is set for 8.30 to wake up a girl I was out with last night as she is going sailing all day today and...
  7. BaileytheQuitter

    Best broadsheet newspaper

    Thinking of starting to read a more academic paper, so just wondering, what's the best one to get? The Guardian?
  8. ldnfatso

    Michael Jackson Ticket dilema

    07/01/2009 Will your Michael Jackson tickets be worth more than the refund? Guest post by Dr Christopher Paley In offering Michael Jackson ticket holders the choice to take a refund or receive their unusable tickets as souvenirs, AEG have introduced music fans to one of the most intractable...
  9. number11

    Random Article on Youth Set up

    Was looking for something else and stumbled across this article on the youth set up in 2000. All sounds very similar to what we are hearing these days, with the 'Score' team sounding like the development deals we now have.....have things really changed that much?! Soccer: Babes to give...
  10. Slipperduke

    Evening Wasted On Pointless Big Cup

    Through, but only just. Chelsea survived a scare to book their place in the next round of the Champions League, but their progression was anything from straightforward on another nervy night for Luiz Felipe Scolari. Roma's victory over Bordeaux meant that this result was academic, but there was...
  11. C C Csiders

    Academic study

    I am undertaking an academic study entitled The Effect of Inter-Familial Sexual Relationships on Subsequent Educational Performance of Offspring in the East of England. Anyone care to mention a location I may wish to conduct some of this study?:rolleyes:
  12. Richard_Cadette

    Another masterstroke by Captain and Manager alike!!

    I didnt go to Plymouth today after what happened at Roots Hall last Saturday, the first time I have ever let the result of a match dictate whether or not I travel to an away game, but by mid morning I was feeling both incredibly guilty about not going down there to support the boys and also...
  13. Tilly spot on

    Someone has posted that we should try to avoid becoming the Champions with the lowest points total in the history of our division. Aside from the argument that that's Academic - it could simply mean we were the best of a better-than-average bunch - it got me thinking about how many points...

    Hope it's an academic question, but do you think he's on their shortlist?

    The whole SOUTHEND 1st team have been struck down by this BIRD FLU academic. Looks like it takes at least a month to recover!!! Here is some information about the bird flu: WHAT IS IT: A form of influenza believed to strike all birds, though domestic poultry are believed especially...
  16. Scunny form

    As Sc**thorpe have managed seven points from their last twelve and are in a dip and we have managed five from our last twelve are we in a slump? I feel their form is academic. We are better than them and will prove it on friday.
  17. Napster

    Top 100 Intellectuals

    No sign of SZ's Durera I'm afraid here Tariq Ali political campaigner Martin Amis novelist and critic Perry Anderson historian Karen Armstrong historian of religion Colin Blakemore neurologist and MRC chief executive Philip Bobbitt theorist of law and conflict Melvyn Bragg...