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I am looking to do a course in Computer Games Programming and need some help with my personal statement. Here it is at the moment :

Everyone wants to have the latest technology. Technology has evolved so much and it can be found everywhere you look, and there is nothing better than being on the forefront of a highly competitive market that is continually making strides towards the future of computer technology. I have a passionate interest in computing and I enjoy programming in my spare time. I am interested in the latest pioneering developments of technology and the wide range of ways in which they are used, from personal computers to life saving devices that are used in hospitals. I am fascinated with the computer games industry and the programming side of the computer games. I keep up to date with the latest programming news as I am a member of several technology and programming forums.

I have chosen to study Mathematics, Computing and Accounting for my A levels and I have also completed a Business AS course. I enjoy working with numbers and solving problems and algorithms in maths, this helps when it comes to solving computing problems and creating computer programs. I enjoy creating programs in computing because I find it challenging and I taking on a challenge. I have previous work experience, I worked for CJ Gardeners, a local accounting firm, and some of my tasks included, answering the telephone, talking to clients, entering information into tax forms and into different structures of database. I believe that I have the skills to be able to work in either a team or as an individual because during my work experience I mainly worked on my own, but I also have to work in a team.

At the weekends, I enjoy playing football for a local team, how the team can only work together when each unit links and communicates with each other and, as a result, I have developed my communication skills. I have been able to play football at least twice a week and still keep up to date with my academic studies which has required me to have good time management and good self discipline.

I have previous experience of and I am familiar with the programming language and the interface of Visual Basic .NET and C# programs and I am keen to expand my knowledge of the different programming languages and I am also interested and excited about learning the C++ programming language.

A major part of my life is my Christian faith which has taught me how to be supportive of others, and I have also learnt commitment in keeping my faith when other people have stopped. I wouldn't say I was a leader but I tend to find that my qualities enable me to have a supportive role, although I can also quietly take the lead when required and I have proved to be faithful and trustworthy. I have also encouraged people, whether in work, their faith or in ill-health.

The experience I have had from computer programming has enhanced my desire to learn more about this subject and to further my knowledge and understanding of computers.
Thanks in advance :)