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  1. RHB

    Football boots nostalgla

    While I was watching Iceland and Hungary yesterday I was fascinated by the various colours and styles of football boot today's player wear. It also got me thinking back to what my first pair of boots looked like. When I went to infants school you weren't allowed to play organised football until...
  2. A letter to the man blow-drying his balls in the gym

    open letters
  3. Smiffy

    Adidas Consortium Kegler

    I'd like the thoughts of the Adidas lovers on here, on these babies.. HERE Next question is, where the hell can I find a pair of size 9's?
  4. BoyWonder2

    FAO Mr Peter Clarke

    I know some people on here have good connections at the Club, and that some Club officials read this forum so I was hoping this will get passed onto Peter Clarke if at all possible. Clarke, First of all, I was the bloke in the white adidas jumper in East Reds that had a pop at you, and others...
  5. BoyWonder2

    Football Boots

    Guys and girls, I need your help on what football boots I should get next. I'm looking at Adidas Predators as I always wear them. Tried Nike Legends before and didn't like them at all. I've narrowed it down to 2 choices. Please bear in mid, I'm a goalkeeper and the kit I wear it red top, black...
  6. Thuggish behavour

    In the coach after the game alongside us was a Dad and his two sons. Now when the Dad wasn't looking his son who must have been about 8 at most started making gestures at the coach, everybody just laughed. Suddenly the dad starts making "come on then" gestures at the coach like some wannabe...
  7. Possible New Kit Design?

    Someone posted a few weeks back the info that we would be getting a completely new kit design and possible new kit manufacturer as of next season, Believe it was as a result of the AGM. http://www.footballshirtculture.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1022&Itemid=26 These are the...
  8. EnglandShrimper

    Favourite Trainers...

    Adidas Gazelle. http://www.trainerstation.com/adidas-gazelle-tanmaroon-suede-trainers-p-1006.htm Go... l
  9. Mad Cyril

    Best trainers in the world.

    Who makes the best pair of trainers in the world? Please specifiy genus and species. For me it is Adidas Rod Laver. Note, I'm assuming no one here is an elite athlete so I am talking about 'street' performance. No bolleaux about pronation, shock absorbtion, traction etc. please. Also, note...
  10. DTS


    Without meaning to cause offence to anyone wearing this label I have really noticed Lonsdale seem to be every where but worn by loads of tramps. My old work mate Ben had a pair of Londsdale trainers about 2 years ago and I thought they were ok. First time I had come across them. However last...
  11. YouTube clasic footy / scooter vid

    Adidas advert Just found a class advert on youTube which features both footy Beckham, Ballack etc & scooters. This should appeal to all the SZ posters who used to be mods or scooters boys.
  12. BlueJ

    New Club Kits

    Just seen this on another forum Link Here. Personally, I like the new adidas kits, especially the new liverpool home and european shirts, but many other brands seem to be copying the current nike style kits with the manufactures logo being almost on the shoulder of the shirt, and as we've...
  13. shrimper4life

    When did Adidas take over reebok?

    Just curious as i only just found out that next year's liverpool kit will be manufactured by Adidas after Adidas has taken over reebok. Anyone know when this happened and if all other teams wearing Reebok this year will wear Adidas next year?
  14. Steel 'Baller Bands'

    If anyone is interested, I have 10 Adidas steel 'Baller Bands. These are the next generation of the rubber wristband that went nuts last year. These are really stylish in silver and have coloured Adidas logo's embossed on them. They are all also individually numbered. They are dead rare over...
  15. Mad Cyril

    Online sports shops.

    Can anyone recommend some good online sports shops? I have been looking for a new pair of Adidas Team Mundial astroturf boots (discontinued but still available) all over the place without any luck. Cheers
  16. Hockley_Blues

    Chelski make record losses

    Courtesy of BBC Sport. If and when Abramovich leaves, I can seriously see them doing a Leeds.
  17. Chav: The Movie

    STREETS rapper MIKE SKINNER is being lined up to star in a new movie that celebrates chav culture. As Britain’s leading urban poet and unofficial spokesman of the chav lifestyle, Mike is ideal to take a main role in Chav: The Movie. Like the 1979 film Quadrophenia which was set in the Sixties...
  18. Napster

    Guardian match report

    Harewood gives Hammers the edge Stuart James at Upton Park Wednesday August 25, 2004 The Guardian On a day when West Ham suffered yet another loss to their north London rivals, they were fortunate not to also be on the receiving end of a humbling defeat on the field as they struggled to...