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  1. Yorkshire Blue


    I'm sure I've missed out a few but feel free to list them below and I'll add them in and lets see if we can get the definitive list of Southend hattricks. If you've got youtube highlights I'll add those in as well Cox v Pompey (H) Sat 16 Feb 2019 3rd division Theo v Franchise FC (H) Sa 21...
  2. TBV_Dan

    Zone Update First "Revelling it in" of the new season!

    Yes, Revell's fantastic blog is back for another season! Here it is..... Revelling In It This week starring: Adam ‘sat nav’ Barrett Lee ‘the doctors friend’ Barnard Clark ‘you know Revs, you don’t half scrub up’ Masters Is it me or has time flown by since the end of last season? I...
  3. Shrimper

    My two cents

    I'm getting very irritated with the lack of news regarding new faces or even links to new faces that could potentially join Southend United. As soon as we beat Cheltenham we lost two of our key players in the season with the end of Dervite and Robinson's loans from Tottenham and Watford...
  4. BoyWonder2

    No Money? No need...

    I keep reading on here people talking about making money available for Tilson's transfer fund, and people arguing there is no money available but do we really need to spend any money on transfer fees during this transfer window? The reason I ask this is when you look at each individual position...
  5. Medway Blue

    Football Manager research - Phase 1 ratings

    For those FM fans interested, here are the ratings I have sent off for Phase 1 of the research process for FM 2010. CA = Current Ability (out of 200); e.g. Cristiano Ronaldo has a CA of 191. PA = Potential Ability (out of 200); in younger players, negatives used, where -10 = amazing potential...
  6. OldBlueLady

    Enquiry announced into Southend Utd Big Brother 2009

    News reaches us this evening of an attempt to vote twice in one day in this competition on not one, but two occasions by a well respected and apparently highly regarded member of this board. The evidence mounting up is as follows: The member stands accused of voting single mindedly to oust...
  7. DTS

    Southend United Big Brother (2009)

    Cant remember who did this before maybe the oracle that is Yorkshire Blue. Below is a list of all the players on the last day of the seasons programme. Everyone starts with 10 points. Each day every poster can add +1 and -1 from the players. Once a player get to 0 he is evicted. The winner is...
  8. Ayrshire Blue

    My end of season review.

    I was asked to write a review for college about a subject that inspired me, I didn't necessarily have to talk about how it inspired me but I just had to compile a 2000 word essay. So I chose to do a season review. Well here we are at the end of another season, although in the end we can feel...
  9. Official Match Thread Southend United V Cheltenham

    Team for the final match Milldenhall Francis Dervite Clarke Barrett Laurent Grant Macca Moussa Barnard Robinson
  10. Ayrshire Blue

    Will Freedman be here next season ?

    To start things off I don't want this to turn into another 'Freedman is overrated' thread. I was surpised to see Dougie given a start against Oldham last weekend especially as it meant we left our top scorer on the bench. So he had to come off at half time with his thigh having 'tightened...
  11. Kieran-SUFC

    TV Highlights Oldham vs Southend United

    They are up! What a cool finish by Lee Barnard! Great Celebration :D
  12. South Bucks Shrimper

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Oldham 1 Southend United 1

    Mildenhall 7 Francis 7 Dervite 6 Clarke 7 Barrett 7 Sankofa 7 Grant 7 McCormack 7 Moussa 7 Robinson 7 Sub Used: Barnard at half-time 7 Subs Not Used: Scannell, Betsy, Masters, Laurent. Southend Supporters 10 Overall a fairly average game. Not sure why we played with 10 men in the first...
  13. manor15

    Official Match Thread Oldham Athletic vs Southend United

    Team: GK Mildenhall, RB Sankofa, CB Dervite, CB Clarke, LB Barrett, RM Francis, CM Grant, CM McCormack, LM Moussa, ST Freedman, ST Robinson. Subs: Masters, Betsy, Scannell, Laurent, Barnard. Experimenting? Very Strange with Barnard dropped to the bench. Wonder why... Francis on the...
  14. manor15

    Player of the year statistically

    There has been a lot of controversy over who should be player of the year this season as no-one has really stood out but I am going to use statistics to try and find a worthy winner using games played and sub appearances, goals conceded while on the pitch, goals scored, goals conceded per game...
  15. DTS

    Question How big a job does Tilly have in the summer.

    Looking like coming 7-8 this season and I think most would agree not a bad return. It was always going to be hard to repeat last seasons sudo-sucess especially losing Gower, Mulgrew and Nicky "Back in league one" Bailey. My question is how big is Tilson's job this summer? For my mind its...
  16. manor15

    Where did it all go wrong?

    Nobody could disagree that Southend's 2008-09 season went wrong over the Christmas season when the Blues only won 4 games out of 19 from November to January. However after that bad spell the Blues form improved and there was a serious possibility that with a bit of luck and some good form that...
  17. manor15

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 0-2 Leceister City

    Steve Mildenhall 7 Didn't play badly but didn't have to much to do, couldn't have done anything about either goal really Simon Francis 4 Worst performance this year. Gave the ball away easily, no need to handball for pen (which was harsh), didn't mark at all, weak tackling, poor passing, etc...

    PL Fixtures Round 50: Saturday 4th April 2009

    Huddersfield Town vs Southend United 0-1 (Barnard) Cheltenham Town vs Leyton Ooze 0-1 (Morgan) Col Ewe vs Leeds United 0-1 (Becchio) MK Dons vs Brighton & Hove Albion 2-0 (Gerba) Oldham Athletic vs Peterborough United 1-2 (CMS) Swindon Town vs Crewe Alexandra 0-0 (no g/s)
  19. Pre-Match Thread Team and Scores for Friday Night

    Team for Friday will it look like this ?? Mildenhall Sankofa, Francis, Clarke, Barrett Scannell, Grant, Macca, Moussa, Robinson, Laurent Subs From Herd, Jeff, Joyce, Betsy, Barnard
  20. TBV_Dan

    Zone Update Revelling it in - 25.3.09

    This weeks 'Revelling It In'