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  1. FA People's Cup Finals

    The finals of the FA People's Cup were held at St. Georges Park over last weekend. There were no less than 18 different categories and my lad Stephen Lovell from Great Wakering played in the Adult Male Disability category with his team Westcliff United. To get to the finals day they had already...
  2. EEEP from a players perspective!

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41839083 I found this an interesting. I initially clicked on it because I thought 'It really is, Finley Burns cost £175k' but it wasn't what I thought at all. If a player needs to move to a lower category academy for whatever reason, the new club could be...
  3. DoDTS

    NOMINATIONS for the Prediction League Awards 2016-17

    Here we are the nominations for the very prestigious "Stanley Victor" awards have been made and the tension is raised for the Awards night next Tuesday 9th May 2017 when th winners will be announced. The four nominated in each category are listed below in alphabetical order. The Nominations...
  4. RHB

    New Years Honours list

    I think it was Ricey who said somewhere that gongs are given away like sweeties these days. Now I've had a quick run through this year's list there are some 'famous' names that do come into the 'Really?' category for me. I'm not going to name my 'really?' candidates as it's still the season of...
  5. Forever A Shrimper

    2 Euro Tickets for Sale - Round of 16 - Winner of Group A vs 3rd Place C/D/E

    Category 4 - £60 for both for any fellow shrimpers. Text me on 07828607460 as I don't check this too much!
  6. fbm

    The Poll - Worst ever SUFC right back - VOTE HERE!

    Guys, This is the actual poll for the worst ever right back that has played for SUFC. Please note the rules again - the nominations have been made on the basis that the players must be SUFC permanent signings and must have made at least 10 appearances. Bear this in mind when making nominations...
  7. Strutty the Shrimper

    Sort of New

    Hey everyone. My name is Andrew and I joined Shrimperzone back in 2013 but sort of forgot about it as I was busy with Uni work etc. Anyway, I have been supporting Southend since the age of 6 (I'm now 22) and sit with my parents and friends in the East Stand Yellow. Also, I have a blog where I...
  8. Crawliano


    Hi all, I had a BBQ yesterday and I've got about 5 days to get shot of a load of meat (burgers, sausages the usual). What I don't want to do is just lob it all down the tip, I don't have any room in the freezer and I don't particularly want to attempt a new take on the Atkins diet. So what I...
  9. shrimper loz

    Category 1 tickets for sale

    Is anyone still looking to buy tickets? I won two tickets for the game on Saturday through the sky bet Twitter page, which is great but I had already bought tickets sitting with my family. Obviously I would rather sit with them so I'm looking to sell the two that I won. They are category 1...
  10. shrimper loz

    Shrimpers Trust News Tickets for sale

    Is anyone still looking to buy tickets? I won two tickets for the game on Saturday through the sky bet Twitter page, which is great but I had already bought tickets sitting with my family. Obviously I would rather sit with them so I'm looking to sell the two that I won. They are category 1...
  11. GregStarz

    Wycombe Pricing

    Ive been speaking to a few Wycombe fans and they really aren't happy with their ticket pricing, sounds like their cheapest tickets are around £40+ which is equivalent to our category 4 tickets. I didn't realise you could charge different prices? Oh and they aren't happy with Ticketmaster...
  12. fbm

    Pause for breath...

    So the mighty Blues have no game this week and we have bumper news stories breaking about the London Soccerdome. It's always interesting to see stories about our club that are newsworthy on a national basis and I think it's also quite interesting to see the slant that us Zoners put on it...
  13. Napster

    Time for a new Battle of?

    Who fancies a new Battle of? What category? Films, music, TV, books, games...
  14. Southend United cartoons....

    Really like these Stan Chow prints: http://www.thestanleychowprintshop.com/category/football Which Southend players would you like to see in caricature/cartoon form? Efe Sodje? Luke Prosser + headband? Goater + smile?
  15. Ref Watch ....... Stevenage (H)

    As we look to preserve our unbeaten record against Stevenage in all competitions, the man in charge of tomorrow's match is Chris Sarginson from Staffordshire. He is a seventh year referee who will be refereeing his seventh Southend match and, for me, he falls into the "lucky to still be there"...
  16. Evening Echo

    Southend United's academy is granted category three status

    SOUTHEND United Football Club’s academy has been confirmed in Category Three following their recent Elite Player Performance audit. More...
  17. RHB

    Prime Ministers again

    I tend to remember Prime Ministers by stuff that happens/happened on their shift. I also think that they are defined as successful if not too much bad stuff happens. Although not everything that has occurred news-wise whilst Cameron has been captain has been his fault directly, he has...
  18. Blimey... Roots Hall is the 60th largest Football Stadium in the country

    Always a sucker for a list I found this... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_English_football_stadiums_by_capacity Roots Hall is the 60th largest football stadium overall and 4th in league two behind Portsmouth, Plymouth, and Oxford. So in our league even humble Roots Hall puts us in the...
  19. TrueBlue

    Millwall - not such a money spinner

    Spoke to the club earlier and it looks like the Millwall game will be a Category C game which means SUFC are going to have to shell out Thousands... yes THOUSHANDS of pounds to pay for policing - to top it off Millwall are going to want their share of the gate money (as per cup rules) just shame...
  20. Ricey

    ShrimperZone 2013 Awards

    Just a bit of fun. It's coming to the end of the year and we always used to have something like this so I thought I would get it started again. Just a few categories, so use this thread to post your final votes for each category and discuss things if your struggling. The Categories are...