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  1. Westcliff Shrimper

    Graham Coughlan

    Bumped into our Assistant Manager on Hamlet Court Road - GC was getting his haircut - and was able to have a quick chat (would have been longer, but Mrs WS wanted the mushrooms I'd been sent out to get). Brief highlights: * Was delighted over the result on Saturday, but being a defender, was...
  2. Rattus Norvegicus

    Graham Coughlan

    No particular reason for this post only it occurred to me that he has been a good "servant" to the club and has been there for quite a few years now. :thumbsup: Played well for us I thought and now quietly goes about his business as being assistant manager and rarely gets a mention on here (and...
  3. At Training Today.

    I had to go near the training ground today, so popped in as the time was right. It was 8 versus 8 on a short pitch. Very intense and fast as usual, with some cracking goals scored today. Coughlin was taking training today with Phil Brown looking on and even making up the numbers on the pitch...
  4. Ricey

    Striking Coaches

    This seems to pop up from time to time about our strikers not having an actual striking coach. Graham Coughlan taking striking drills and having PB as our manager who is allegedly a defensive expert, who should take our strikers for the drills? Have we ever actually had a coach who would work...
  5. Napster

    Nice piece on Coughlan

  6. Shooting Practice Today.

    I was passing by Boots & Laces today and couldn't resist popping in to watch the end of training. All I caught was the very start till finish of shooting practice. G Coughlan must have seen my thread a while back where I said shooting practice was basically rubbish, with hardly any routines...
  7. At Training Today.

    They had a very full on intense training match. The hardest working in my opinion was Jack Payne, although his shooting needs working on, and Gary Deegan who was my star of the show. He looks like he's busting a gut to get into the team. Best goal was from McLaughlin. Unfortunately, Kevan Hurst...
  8. Jam_Man

    Coughlan signs 3 year deal

    Part two of the good news. 629697193457393664 Good to see, but not something to get excited about. Was hoping for player news.
  9. Yorkshire Blue

    Mike Marsh

    Sacked from that joke club that is Liverpool. Awaits comments that we should re-sign him.
  10. Pak Power

    Latest Rumours Coughlan to Plymouth

    after all the hype about Dan Bentley. Graham Coughlan is being targeted. Should we be worried? http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/Graham-Coughlan-honoured-linked-Plymouth-Argyle/story-26597993-detail/story.html
  11. Phil Brown says we need a 20 goal striker, Lol.

    Just listened to Phil Brown and he said it's unforgivable to miss so many chances this season. He said we need a 20 goal a season striker. Some of us have been telling him that 2 months ago. He said until he finds one, the players in the final third have got to start putting the ball in the net...
  12. All Change

    went to see the boys training at B & L today. PB was drilling them over a specific way of playing. He had them sat down on the grass and showed them, using a scaled down pitch with 11 blue cones and 11 yellow cones set out in 4 3 3 formations, how he wanted them to play. he talked and showed (by...
  13. We Are Top Of The League........At Being Caught Offside

    According to Opta Stats, before yesterday's match. Sadly there were several offside decisions against us yesterday with Barry and Kevan the main culprits. On many other occasions, our players in forward positions knowing that were offside, had to let the play go by them and couldn't challenge...
  14. rlb999

    Graham Coughlan

    Fair play to this bloke for sticking around and effectively accepting a demotion. He's worked under 2 different managers with 2 very different styles and must have learned an awful lot. Well done to SUFC too for retaining him - consistency is important. As he's the first team coach, he must have...
  15. Shrimper

    Backroom Staff for 2013/14

    Southend United ‏@SUFCRootsHall42s The Club can also confirm that the backroom team for the 2013/14 has today been finalised. Southend United ‏@SUFCRootsHall7s Dave Penney has joined as Assistant Manager, Graham Coughlan has become First Team Coach & Bob Shaw takes over as Head of...
  16. Ron's Masterplan?

    I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Dave Penney has signed as Assistant Manager and that we have kept Graham Coughlan in a newly created post, First Team Coach. At a time when we were again late in paying our tax bill and some players, this appointment was , for me, quite a shock. In Brown...
  17. Napster

    Dave Penney

    95% deal done. Will be Assistant. Coughlan dropping to first team coach Head Scout on way.
  18. onlyonekingkevin

    PB lines up replacement for graham coughlan ???

    Paul Brown has said he is hopeful to announce a new member of staff , that will help with recruitment of players. weather this is to be Paul Browns assistant or not is unclear , but things dont look good for Graham . personally i would like to see Jimmy Bullard come in .
  19. Ricky Duncan

    Any ideas if he will stay in the Brown set up? I guess Brown will bring his own people in at some point. Pretty sure he was with Sturrock at the Green Man (or else an incredible looky likey). This got me thinking why he wasn't with the main team party? Hopefully only a case of me adding 2 and...
  20. palexander


    Thought it was nice of Brown to let Coughlan lead the team out at Wembley. The cynic in me thinks it might have been a bit of a 'deal' from Sturrock - i.e. "I'll step down and not manage the team at Wembley, but you have to let Coughlan lead them out". Either way, was a nice gesture for...