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  1. Matt the Shrimp

    Shirt numbers released for next season

    Here they are, courtesy of the OS: 1. Steve Mildenhall 2. Simon Francis 3. 4. Nicky Bailey 5. Peter Clarke 6. Adam Barrett 7. 8. Alan McCormack 9. Lee Barnard 10. James Walker 11. Alex Revell 12. Damian Scannell 13. 14. Franck Moussa 15. Osei Sankofa 16. 17. 18. Johnny Herd 19. 20. Matt...
  2. number11

    3rd Test

    So, England win the toss and bat. Goes without saying this is a massive test, and England can have no excuses with a full hand to choose from. As Im sure most of you know by now, this isnt the team Id have chosen (In form Ravi or Samit Patel over Colly anyday / just about anyone who can...
  3. Stuart O'Keefe - Pushing for the first team?

    Not been mentioned much on here and something I feel deserving of its own thread. Was interesting to see the young lad in the starting XI last night, especially when there was a youngsters' friendly going on just down the road. I couldn't make the game (as with all the pre-season games)...
  4. fbm

    Why loans are so crucial

    Reading a few messages in the past, it seems that svereal posters don't fully understand the loan system and how it is so crucial for a club like ours. In the dim and distant past, sending a player out on loan practically signalled the end for him at that particular club. The same can be said...
  5. Shrimpersfan

    Up and coming posh game

    I am coming down with a few posh fans to watch the opening game of the season. A few weeks ago, I was confident we would get a few new faces in(particulrly Mulgrew!!!!!) but with only around 2 weeks until the big day I am starting to think that we are going to get taught a lesson, especially...
  6. Slipperduke

    Claude Makelele

    When Roman Abramovich first pumped Chelsea full of roubles in 2003, it sparked a frenzied shopping spree that would have put Coleen Rooney to shame. Hundreds of millions of pounds were splashed out on an array of talent, but I very much doubt if any of it was put to better use than the £16.8m...
  7. The Diamond Formation

    Is it even remotely looking like a system that could take us to promotion ?. Or is it a load of tosh that just happened to suit the Doncaster players that they have, but definately does not suit ours. It seems very boring to me, especially when there is just one striker to aim for. No wonder...
  8. number11

    2nd Test

    With it level with 3 to play this is a vital test, especially as it is often a 'result' wicket. I know Headingly seems to be a ground where selectors have often favoured a 'horses for courses' bowler, but have to say Im stunned by Pattinson's inclusion in the squad. He is having a good...
  9. callan

    School Sports Day.

    Both my kids have had there sports days this week, and both managed to contrive to come last in every event they entered. My eldest daughter was spectactularly bad and provided some real comedy moments especially when she managed to tie up some poor kid with a skipping rope in the skipping relay...
  10. A few points from last nights game!

    A few points of what i thought from last nights game.... Scannell was very good. Great feet and put some dangerous balls in the box, looks promising he will come good this season! First half kept the ball well, looked very comfortable. Players looked fit. All the players from last season...
  11. Harold Bishop Killer

    The Boss

    Mine is up her own arse, mid-30’s Aussie female who loves never better than do patronise me. The one thing I hate most in a personality. The way she conducts herself and speaks to me feels like I am back in infant school when you had to have her hand held to cross the road and they give you...
  12. sussex by the sea

    Darryl at Crystal Palace

    Went to see Crawley play Crystal Palace last night. Palace were reportedly bringing their first team squad so I didn't expect to see much of Daryl :) but in fact he played the full 90 minutes in a 1-1 draw. He looked pretty solid and seemed to get a good reception from the Palace fans...