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  1. Bielzibubz

    What Gets Your Musical Juices Flowing and Why?

    Simple really. What's your favorite style/genre of music and why. For me it's grown remarkably the past few years. Being an old soul boy I have always loved the jazz funk, soul and dance anthem classics from the late 70's, 80's and 90's but now being involved heavily in the local Internet radio...
  2. Ref Watch ..... Bury A

    Matches against Bury in recent years have been close. Our last five matches at Gigg Lane have seen three 1-1 draws and a 1-0 apiece. Our last four home matches have been draws. The referee in charge tomorrow is Tony Harrington from Cleveland a third year League referee. His first couple of...
  3. danburyshrimper

    Waste of pace

    I popped along to Braintree v Lincoln last night in the Conference ( crazy to think they are only 1 league below us ) It was a really entertaining match , both team playing excellent football + was a breath of fresh air after Saturdays painfully frustrating game at Roots Hall. The biggest...
  4. Double delight !

    Congratulations to Cauley for his first league goal hopefully with plenty more to come. Secondly, Phil Brown has done a magnificent job at the club,Phil has one hand tied to his back yet has produced a fast flowing play it on the floor team who now must be genuine play off hopefuls or even...
  5. Ref Watch ...... Burton A

    As we look to improve on our miserable record of one win in six matches against Burton, we have, for the third League match running, a second year ref with a below average card count. This time it's Tony Harrington from Cleveland. His first season went well enough and this season seems to be...
  6. Positives & Negatives

    What are your positives and negatives so far this season? Positives; - The football being played is brilliant to watch & a complete contrast to the last few seasons. I applaud what Sturrock did, but the entertainment factor was missing from his style of football, whereas so far it's been very...
  7. fbm

    I wonder how long it will be...

    ...before people will get to the same place that I am in, which is a complete indifference about anything football related apart from the results of SUFC? Cricko's post yesterday about falling out of love with football is totally understandable, as was True Blue's response about not being so...
  8. blues_r_best

    Even Bigger News than the Ipad 3

    SimCity V!
  9. shrimpereeee

    Sturrock's style of play

    Let's face it, under PS our success isn't based on free flowing football that is pleasing to the eye, but instead, sticking to a game plan that is based on hard work, clearing our lines, hitting Dickinson or the corner flanks and sending in early crosses. After all the opposition can't hurt us...
  10. Tony Yeboah

    This was written by Peter Ndlovu in an online newspaper column. --- This month our regular columnist Peter Ndlovu recalls an unsavoury incident from the African Cup of Nations. Things have been quiet this month so when I sat down to write this article my mind went blank. Although the following...
  11. smudgster

    Southend against the cuts

    Before the game against Gillingham i and several others will be handing out fliers advertising a march through southend protesting against the government cuts and the attack on the welfare state. These cuts will affect everybody including SUFC who will be hit by the knock on affect of people...
  12. Learn from Ricky, Sturrock

    Passion, flair, nice football and a team with a smile on there face Lets put the youth team out at Rotherham Saturday at least you get to see some passion and some free flowing moves not hoofing it and hoping for the best. well done ricky!!!
  13. Uncle Leo

    The Sideshow is over

    Ryan Sidebottom has retired from international cricket. Never again will we see his flowing locks in a Test or ODI. Not one of the greats, but a fine player on his day and he always looked angry. CHeers Sideshow.
  14. manor15

    manor15's Football League Round-Up: Week 1 (7/8/10)

    Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the football season, and in particular the brand-spanking new npower Football League for the 2010-11 season. After a summer of World Cup action in South Africa, the country, well at least a small part of its', eyes switched to Carrow Road on...
  15. Slipperduke

    Greek Tragedy For King Otto

    South Korea 2-0 Greece EURO 2004 SEEMS AN AWFULLY LONG TIME AGO It’s hard to believe that Greece ever caused the European superpowers such headaches. Granted, they were never blessed with a generation of superstars, but they always had their composure, their organisation and their ability to...
  16. Blackpool Must Remain Frugal While Aboard the Gravy Train

    The moment that the seasoned Brett Ormerod poked home Blackpool’s winner against Cardiff City in the 43rd minute will no doubt go down in the history of the club and town, but it stands to reason that the club now has an important decision to make in its history. Ian Holloway, the charismatic...
  17. TrueBlue

    SZ Battle: BLUEBLOOD vs TrueBlue (Part 3)

    Tonight will see the 3rd match between me and BLUEBLOOD in our 12 month epic match series, the score in the series after 2 games are 1-1 with BLUEBLOOD taking the first spoils in January but then myself striking back after a 10 leg unbeaten run to win in Feb January - BLUEBLOOD February -...
  18. Lord Football

    On the pitch...

    No, not us...... Anyone remember the sunny days when we were good, and Ron used to come out on to the pitch, hair glowing in the sunlight, teeth equally gleaming and armed with a mircophone. He'd tell us how we were going to be going places together. How great "we" were. He was uncle Ron...
  19. duncan bulgaria

    who have we got that is gonna step up to the plate ??

    ok so imo and obviously stating facts ,we are in a terrible run of form , one which for whatever reason i can see us continuing as we just have no cutting edge , no quality in midfield and a terrible defence ........you can try and defend what I have just stated but we are a poor , poor side ...
  20. Slipperduke

    England Preview

    WHAT’S THE MAIN FOCUS FOR ENGLAND? Here in the UK, we’re all still stuck in the mire of what has inevitably been dubbed ‘BridgeGate’. You might think that weeks of press speculation, pages of gossip, one sacking, one resignation and one very publicly snubbed handshake would be enough to satiate...