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  1. yogi bear up the cagire

    Dream on?............

    Sadly.................or rather happily, there is no graph this year, to see how we were doing in comparison to last season. So, as I'm still in the recovery room from my weekend, working in Toulouse, I thought I'd amuse myself by checking back on what has been required, in previous seasons, to...
  2. Tangled up in Blue

    EDL march halted by the Police

    http://gu.com/p/3xjnc "They shall not pass" indeed.First time I've heard of a "static demonstration."
  3. Gary Neville

    Couldn't put it better myself Oliver Kay On Thursday 3rd February 2011, @OliverKayTimes said: A 1,000-word tweet dedicated to Gary Neville, the great overachiever ... There was, it is fair to say, a lively response last night when, in tribute to Gary Neville, I called him "one of world...
  4. Crawliano

    Zone Update I can hear something coming from the Southend region...

    It sounds like laughter, laughter at another's misfortune... Almost like a few Southend fans have found a goal allowed, then disallowed, then allowed, play starts and then halted only for the goal to be disallowed again hilarious. Couldn't happen to a better bunch of lamb lovers. HA HA HA...
  5. Napster

    Ronnie O'Suillivan

    Then came the brilliance, and after potting the first red in frame three O'Sullivan halted proceedings to ask what the prize for a 147 was, only to be eventually told there was no additional purse and only a £4,000 sum for the highest break. He potted some outstanding balls in his maximum...
  6. manor15

    Where did it all go wrong?

    Nobody could disagree that Southend's 2008-09 season went wrong over the Christmas season when the Blues only won 4 games out of 19 from November to January. However after that bad spell the Blues form improved and there was a serious possibility that with a bit of luck and some good form that...
  7. Sussex Shrimper

    Just watched the game on Sky+

    I was otherwise occupied last night watching The Fratellis (who rocked, btw), but I've just watched the game having managed to avoid the result up until then. Coming through London Victoria at around midday today I spotted in the distance a group of fans waving blue and white flags, singing...
  8. duncan bulgaria

    Wiggy's team for next season

    Wiggy i can understand your frustration at the lack of signings last season which ultimately lead to our current position in now being in league one, but in all honestly what would have been your squad for this season just gone and also next season. what you have to bear in mind is the fact...
  9. Bird Flu

    Now that Bird Flu has reached Europe, the threat of a Pandemic is very real... And although its believed people are overestimating the death toll, such a pandemic would result in a ban on large gatherings of people... Such as football matches. Anybody know what the likely occurance would be in...
  10. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    BLUES DRAW BLANK BUT STOP THE ROT Prior to tonights match, my own view was that it was imperative not to lose again so any sort of result would be a positive.  This was aside from my own optimistic opinion that we would win a comfortable 3-0 of course. Chesterfield are one of the divisions...
  11. Bob Cratchitt

    The Hospital Development has been

    canned. It appears that the new Diagnosis Unit to be built at Fossetts Farm has been halted by the Department of Health, as they feel it would not be value for money.