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  1. Meaningless Stat

    What is it with this obsession by the media of a manager's "win percentage"? Don't they realise that this figure only shows part of the story. An example (if indeed we should need one):- Manager A. 20 games as manager, Won 10 Lost 10. Win % 50%. Manager B. 20 games as manager, Won 8 Drawn 8...
  2. Yorkshire Blue

    Brexit to create 30,000 jobs

    Great news, my patriotic friends! The great Brexit gamble is set to create 30,000 British jobs for British* people! The EU have only 24,000 of these jobs currently so that's one in the eye for Juncker and his cronies. These jobs are set to come about in the civil service to implement the...
  3. Tommy2holes

    Can we sneak a top 6 spot?

    After a great win today, and a win that's put us in the cluster outside the play offs. Is it possible we can finish top 6. There are a lot of factors. We need players fit and injury free and we definately need to have a good transfer window. There are probably 3 or 4 at least that need to be...
  4. duncan bulgaria

    Today was our best 11 IMO

    I personally feel that brown had his best 11 players out there today and it just goes to show, it's been a long time coming but that 11 are capable of holding their own and beating most teams in this league . It's a no brainier but Ranger is the key to where's we finish this season - IF he...
  5. British Land - New Stadium

    Very rare for me to post something, but hopefully the start of some positive news... ahead... sometimes! Last night I attended a networking event in central London for building contractors, developers etc. The regional development Director from British Land, confirmed directly to me, they are...
  6. AndyT

    Question Bury v Southend : Last Season

    Probably just me, but I never realized until the other night that our game at Bury last season resulted in them being deducted 3 points for fielding an ineligible player and we jumped above them in the league to finish 14th. Question is, why didn't we get the three points!?
  7. DoDTS

    Prediction League Play-Offs

    Who is going to be promoted via the play-offs will be decided by the scores gained in No. 1 Fixtures for the New Session which starts Tuesday (4th October Southend v Leyton Orient etc). The twelve involved are as shown below, if any finish level on points at the end of the six fixtures whoever...
  8. Cricko

    Zone Update It's that time again folks..sorry and all that

    It's always best to ask people for help when the club is playing syhte...said nobody ever, until now. I was late last year so apologies for that... I am getting in early now before the thoughts of *****mas and kids get locked into you all. As I am sure you are all aware by now this site is...
  9. RHB

    The Great British Bake-Off

    Great British Bake Off: BBC loses rights to Channel 4 - So says the web headline. Love it or loath it the program is a fabulous viewing success for the BBC. Will it work as well on CH4? I don't know.
  10. "French" family refuse 5 bed house !

    This family from Cameroon has mugged off this country in grand style,mum dad and ten children demand 6 bed roomed property at the very least. The father even managed to blag £28,000 grant to study mental health ! No wonder those in Calias are desperate to get here. Britishtaxpayermustpaymore.
  11. southend_aussies

    How many games does Brown have to end the rut

    The question is pretty simple. After Ron had a little meeting with Phil, how many games does he have before changes are made? Currently the team has lost seven of their last eight matches and is currently on a six game losing run. I know it is one game into the season but last years finish was...
  12. Should British Police be armed.

    With news that German police have shot dead an axe wielding Afghani, who attacked people on a train, coming so quickly after the murders in Nice. Is it time we had more armed police in Britain. By all accounts had the lorry in Nice managed to continue a bit further down the road he would have...
  13. Start 'em young...

    Meanwhile, in the Deepest Recesses of the Scottish Highlands an innocent child is being indoctrinated.....
  14. Question

    Do you think if British land have brought the collage we will now get thing moving on cloud Fosset farm land .Also its just a thought if British land do put the money up to build this new stadium .Do you think Ron will give them a stake in SUFC to get much needed money in the transfer market...
  15. Who will be the crock this time ??

    The club will surely continue with their usual sign an old injury plagued on the downward spiral player probably chucking a 2 year deal in his direction,like the many before it never works. Currently they are trying to persuade Noel to remain:stunned::nope: Who do you reckon will be the next...
  16. DoDTS

    Shrimperzone Play-offs - Final Positions

    Who is going to be promoted via the play-offs will be decided by the scores gained in No. 1 Fixtures for the Play-offs starting with Portsmouth v Plymouth tonight. The twelve involved are as shown below, if any finish level on points at the end of the six fixtures whoever finished highest in the...
  17. Research on Policing at Football

    Dear all, Given that research is finding a more sanitised and gentrified culture of British football (see: https://www.academia.edu/18862556/Football_Fans_Views_of_Violence_in_British_Football_Evidence_of_a_Sanitized_and_Gentrified_Culture) , I am hoping you could spare a few minutes to share...
  18. Napster

    Kane Hemmings

    Just been nominated for Scottish player of the season for his good season at Dundee. We had him on trial in 2013. http://www.tamworthherald.co.uk/Fulford-Striker-bounce-Rangers-FC-heartbreak/story-19508615-detail/story.html
  19. londonblue

    Another Icon of British TV Dies

    Ok, not human, and possibly not as tragic, but it's still worth mentioning. I grew up loving those adverts. BBC
  20. Our own Worst Enemy

    I wonder how many of us actually thought we'd finish in the top half of the table when the season began? have we as fans got carried away by the period of good results we had towards the end of the year and early part of this year? it its arguable that Wycombe deserved to be promoted off the...